Contact your student's counselor for more information -

Madison Malot: Last Names A-D
Extension: 2115

Alec Slinkard: Last Names E-K
Extension: 2211

Bryanna Trevino: Last Names L-RE
Extension: 2117

Robert Joe: Last Names RH-Z
Extension: 2118

What classes can I take?
Check out all the available course offerings through the Edgenuity platform by clicking here.

What Students and Families can expect:
At the foundation of the Grizzly Online Program is a flexible on-line instruction that students
can master at their own pace, without the requirement of synchronous learning. Students will
complete a minimum of 50 percent of their courses on-line during which they will have teacher
support from an on-line instructor, as well as Ashland School District staff to provide pathway
planning, consultation to the family to support learning, and a space to get work done with the
help of an educational professional throughout the school day. The high school teacher
matched with your student will support you in keeping your student on track academically and
connecting them to the “in real life” opportunities that exist in the school district and our
community. As a student in the Ashland School District, they will have access to high quality
education, athletics, activities, clubs and more. All of this with the flexibility of deciding what
time of day, and the length of time each day, that your student will spend on school.
Students and families will also be expected to follow the Grizzly Online Academy Student/Family/Guardian Contract.
Click here to access the Contact as printable pdf document.

On-Line learners are expected to:
• Be motivated and actively participate in their personal education plan.
• Maintaining active engagement and be able monitor their own progress.
• Self-Advocate. Asking questions and seek support when needed.
• Attend regularly scheduled check-ins and planning sessions with the ASD teacher.
• Follow all existing internet, safety, and privacy guidelines established by Ashland High School.

Parents and Guardians are expected to:
• Support your student in their personal education plan.
• Provide a safe and effective learning environment for the student.
• Provide internet connectivity and computer (Please contact the district if you need support for
either of these).
• Support consistent attendance and participation in the program.
• Ensure online safety through adequate supervision and monitoring.

Our Guiding Principles:
• Provide the highest level of academic rigor while cultivating connection, relationships and
• Supporting and ensure student safety and wellness. Students will be supported mentally,
socially, and emotionally while enrolled in the Grizzly Online Academy. Students will have access
to specialists including school counselors, special education teachers, ELD staff, and others.
Nutrition services will also be provided.