Program Overview

What is the Grizzly Online Academy?

The Grizzly Online Academy (GOA) is an online learning option for students who are officially enrolled at Ashland High School. Working asynchronously with state certified instructors in classes provided by a third-party learning platform, Imagine Learning (or Edgenuity), students complete online courses and earn credits. Since the online courses are completed asynchronously, students have the ability to work around job and family commitments.


Students can attend GOA full time or part time as a hybrid student.

Full Time GOA students attend class online 100% of the time.

Hybrid GOA students must attend online school at least 50% of the time. The rest of the time, hybrid students take in person classes on campus. As long as students are taking at least 50% of their courses online, there is flexibility with scheduling.


Successful GOA Students:

  1. Check in with their GOA Mentor/Coordinator at least once a week.

  2. Check their student email account at least once a day.

  3. Log into their online classes every school day.

  4. Maintain passing grades.

  5. Earn credit towards graduation.

  6. Enjoy scheduling flexibility.

  7. Understand that participation in the GOA Program is a one-semester commitment.

GOA learners are expected to:

  • Be motivated and actively participate in their personal education plan.

  • Maintain active engagement and be able monitor their own progress.

  • Self-Advocate, ask and seek support when needed.

  • Attend regularly scheduled check-ins and planning sessions with the ASD teacher.

  • Follow all existing internet, safety, and privacy guidelines established by Ashland High School.

GOA Parents and Guardians are expected to:

  • Support their students in their personal education plan.

  • Provide a safe and effective learning environment for the student.

  • Provide internet connectivity and computer (please contact the district if you need support for either of these).

  • Support consistent attendance and participation in the program.

  • Ensure online safety through adequate supervision and monitoring.


A state certified high school teacher will be paired with the GOA students and families to provide additional academic and social/emotional support. Weekly meetings take place over zoom, over the phone, and in person depending upon the needs of the student and family.



Just because a student is completing all or part of their coursework online doesn’t mean that they are not AHS students. We are all Grizzlies. GOA Students are eligible to play a sport, be in the school play or join a club.



We will provide the highest level of academic rigor while cultivating connection, relationships and community.

We will support and ensure student safety and wellness.

Students will be supported mentally, socially, and emotionally while enrolled in the Grizzly Online Academy.

Students will have access to specialists including school counselors, special education teachers, ELD staff, and others.

Nutrition services will also be provided.