What curriculum does Grizzly Online Academy provide? 

Edgenuity® is a leading provider of K–12 online learning solutions, partnering with schools and districts throughout the country to provide the tools and support they need to maximize learning and improve student success. 

What is the benefit of using this online provider with the Ashland School District rather than homeschooling?  

The benefits are numerous if this is the right fit for your student. One of those being a team of dedicated school district employees who can connect you to other resources that are within the district. We provide weekly or biweekly check-ins to answer any questions and to be an extra extension of support outside of Edgenuity teachers. The ability to connect to your community through school sports, clubs, and events just like any “regular” student.

How does Attendance work? 

Students should be logging on to Edgenuity and making progress every school day. We track attendance through “activity” on Edgenuity. That might not necessarily mean completing progress in every subject as students may want to focus on one subject per day. However, it is a benefit to follow along with the pacing Edgenuity has laid out to make sure your student is keeping on track. 

How do I contact my teachers? 

Edgenuity has a communication system built in the platform. Your individual course teachers should be reaching out to you on a weekly basis, but as questions arise, please utilize this feature within Edgenuity. You can also book virtual meetings with your teacher through their contact in Edgenuity.  

What supplies does my student need? 

Supplies are listed within each individual curriculum. The Resource Module will have a course materials list and you can also find it in the Learning Coach tab in each lesson. If materials are a limitation of your students' education, please let us know and we will provide the materials as needed. In addition, teachers can provide alternative materials and even switch up lessons to meet your individual needs.  

How many hours a day are expected to complete coursework? 

Edgenuity suggests spending 50 – 60 minutes per course per day.  It is also important to schedule brain breaks, discuss lessons, and set goals outside of Edgenuity for student success.  

How do I know if I’m staying on pace with my online courses? 

There is a pacing tool within Edgenuity that updates with how many assignments are submitted. While it is a useful tool, we don’t want your student to be hyper focused and stressed about the pacing tool. It is merely a guide to make sure you are moving along in a course. Additionally, the assignments are organized by date in the course map so you know exactly what you should be completing per day.  

What if I want to add or drop a class? 

Edgenuity allows for a two-week grace period from enrollment for adding or dropping classes. This provides the opportunity to try out a course and make sure it matches your students' needs. If you feel that a course fits this category, reach out to your Grizzly Online Academy Mentor, Becca Laroi.

What if I believe I am ahead of the curriculum?  

There is a pre-assessment feature that allows your student to test out of material they already know and advance in a course. It is important to note that his tool will pop up for every new module/lesson prior to start but will not be available if you are in the middle of a module/lesson. Three attempts are given during the pre-tests, and the highest grade will apply if passing.  


What in-person opportunities are there with Grizzly Online Academy? 

We will be offering in-person-support for students who might need a quiet place to study, need extra academic support or extensions, or just want to see their peers. Additionally, GOA students are entitled to all the same benefits of in-person learners, including AHS sports and clubs, school events and dances, etc.

How do I apply for the Grizzly Online program? 

Follow the steps on our Enrollment Process page (click here)