FAQ for Two Parent Household Families

Separations and divorce can be challenging for all involved. As a school system, we have the same priority as you, to ensure the well-being of your child. The guidelines below are generally true, although a custody agreement would supersede anything included here. There are unique circumstances that may take some problem solving. Contact your building principal with any specific questions.

Who can attend the student’s conferences?
Both parents can attend unless there is a specific legal restriction in place. This is true even in cases where one parent has primary custody or sole educational decision-making rights. There are times when a phone or video conference for one of the parents may be necessary.

My child’s other parent and I do not want to meet together. Can we have separate conferences?
No. Due to staffing limitations we are only able to have one conference per student. It is our sincere hope that both parents are able to meet together for the student’s conference. The teacher should not be put in the position of mediator or coordinator between parents.

Who receives educational communications?
Whoever has their contact information listed under parent(s) will receive communications. Both parents are entitled to be included on the registration information.

Who has access to my students’ educational records?
Unless there is a legal order specifically stating that one parent does not have access, both parents have access to records. This includes access to grades and attendance information as well as the ability to share information and speak to school personnel as appropriate.  This would include access to PowerSchool.

We are currently in custody negotiations. I would like our teacher to testify on my behalf.
If you would like to have your child’s teacher testify, it will require a subpoena. Teachers are only able to share information that they have direct knowledge of. This would include attendance information and school performance. They are not able to provide opinions regarding custody.