Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule

8:05-8:40 Breakfast Offered (Served in the Community Room)

8:05-8:40 Student Drop-off (Breakfast Served in Community Room and Supervision in the Front of the School and in Covered Area)

8:35 Students Escorted into the Building and Classrooms

8:40 Instruction Begins

3:05-3:15 Student Pick-up in Main Loop and Student Escorted to Busses (on Wednesday, Student Pick-Up is from 1:50-2:00)


  • If your child wants to have breakfast at school, they simply need to come to the Community Room between 8:05 and 8:40 am.

  • Students arriving after their classes have already gone into the classroom need to stop by the front office to check in and get a pass to class.  This system allows us to make sure we have correct attendance records and, more importantly, make sure all students are accounted for.