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Marble Season Opens At Bellview!
April 30, 2014      
Dear Bellview Parents,

Each year at Bellview School,we have a marble season to introduce students to this old-fashioned game.  This year, our marble season will begin on Thursday, May 1st and last Friday May 30th. 

While children in 1st and 2nd grades will not play “for keeps,” third, fourth, and fifth-graders will have that option, where the winner of a game of marbles will win the opponent’s marble.  They can also play for fun, where there will be no exchange of marbles.   Fourth and fifth-grade marble monitors will oversee games and help to resolve disputes that might arise.

There will be strict rules regarding transporting and storing marbles.  Marbles should be kept in a secure bag, such as a drawstring bag or fanny pack, not a glass container, plastic baggie, or plastic container with a lid.  Marbles will be played on the granite track only and should not be taken out of their containers in classrooms, hallways, or on the bus.  If a student has marbles out on the bus (a safety concern), that student will lose marble privileges for the year.  If the marbles are seen in class, teachers will confiscate them.

No steel marbles (which are really just ball bearings) or marbles over the size of a “boulder” are allowed.  Boulders are just under an inch in diameter.  If a marble can fit in a 35 mm film canister, then it is legal.  Also, please limit the number of marbles brought to school each day to 20 or fewer.

We’ve found several stores in the valley have a nice selection of marbles, although there may be more.  In Ashland, Treehouse Books, Fun Again Games and the Northwest Nature Shop all carry marbles.  The other store is Clas E. Professor in the Rogue Valley Mall, which offers a good variety, although each bag of marbles contains only one type of marble.  Cat’s Eye marbles can often be found at stores such as Rite Aid, Bi-Mart, or the Dollar Tree.  You might find that your child is interested in collecting some of the more interesting varieties as the games become more popular this marble season. 

The Bellview Child Development Specialist, Diane Berry, has a small number of marbles available for children to borrow who are unable to obtain marbles elsewhere.  

Thank you,

Max “Marble King” Schmeling &
Christine McCollom, Principal


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