Certified Employee Recovery Resources

OEA members who know of public school students who have been impacted by the fires (this includes community college students whose educators are members of OEA) can apply for grant funds from the OEA Foundation to support those students. The application on behalf of the student must come from an OEA member.  The student does not have to be a student of the OEA member, but does need to be a public school student in a public school covered by OEA members. The Foundation application is on line here. We expect an increase in grant requests due to the double impact of COVID and the fires on our students this fall.  Donations to the Foundation can be made through payroll deduct, or by giving today using this link.

The relief fund committee is currently working on criteria for members that qualify to use this resource.  Please save receipts for expenses you would not have otherwise incurred so you can access this.  The relief fund is NOT taking donations as it is funded at three times it’s minimum level.  If you do want to make donations OEA is asking you make donations to the Foundation through payroll deduct, or by giving today using this link as that fund has been depleted by Covid and we expect more student need in the wake of these fires.

LCSA is assisting members now homeless or stranded due to the fires with emergency hotel costs and Fred Meyer food cards. We do not yet have a union referral agent as the initial point person to process claims, but can apply directly to the Program Director, director@lcsaportland.org.

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