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The Y Cares schedule will support families when children are learning virtually and parents are working. In order to help keep kids and staff healthy and safe, the program will follow CDC, state, and local requirements and guidelines. For more information regarding Y Cares, CLICK HERE.  To register for Y Cares, CLICK HERE.

For more information regarding the YMCA CLICK HERE 
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ScienceWorks is excited to offer distance learning support for Ashland School District students this fall. Students can bring lunch and a laptop, and spend the afternoon at the museum with a learning cohort. Students will be able to connect to required virtual classroom sessions, followed by supervised museum exploration and daily staff-led STEM enrichment activities. 

What: Bring a lunch and laptop, and spend the afternoon learning together.
Who: Ashland School District students in grades 2-5
Where: ScienceWorks Museum
Session 1: September 8 - October 2
Session 2: October 5 - November 6
Time: Noon - 5:30 pm on school days
Member price: $700/session (billed as $175/week)
Non-member price: $800/session (billed as $200/week)

Capacity is limited to 12 students per cohort, and we will host two cohorts per session. For additional details, 
visit our website or email We hope your student will join us in September!  

Micro-Schools Support
Micro schools, Nano-schools and Learning Pods FAQ
Q: What is a micro-school?
A: Micro-schools, Nano-schools and Learning Pods are different names for parent-guardian organized, co-operative learning groups designed to serve cohorts of 10 or fewer children in a private home during school closure and Comprehensive Distance Learning. This could be accomplished by one person supporting students five days a week, or five parents could collaborate so that each parent is only “on” one day per week.
Children can be enrolled in Ashland School’s comprehensive distance learning and be supported by a micro-school.
Q: What supports does Ashland School District provide for Micro-Schools?
A: Ashland provides the same supports for micro-schools that we provide to parents and guardians under comprehensive distance learning.  Supports may include:
  • Access to Parent/Guardian training and tech supports
  • Communications from classroom teachers and the school
  • Meal delivery if unable to pick-up meals
Students in Micro-schools may borrow district technology, but individual parents and guardians are responsible for checking out and returning tech devices, as well as the cost of replacing any damaged devices.
Q: How do I let the District know my child is in a micro-school?
A: Parents/guardians will receive an email with an individual link for their child.  Parents/guardians may indicate if they are supporting their child in a micro-school and provide the following information:
  • Name of micro-school or pod coordinator(s), email(s), phone(s) and pod location
  • Permission to provide and receive education related communications to and with the pod coordinator
  • Permission to deliver meals for their child to the pod location if applicable
What ages/grades can be served in a micro-school? Do they need to be in the same class?
While it may be easiest to manage a micro-school with students close in age, pod coordinators may be able to support students from multiple schools, grades and levels. Students do not need to be in the same class to be supported in a micro-pod.
How do I connect with others interested in micro-schools?
Ashland School District cannot facilitate pod organization or creation, but are willing to provide the supports listed above. If a parent/guardian has given permission to share contact information in a class list, parents and guardians are free to use the list to network with others.


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