Ashland School District Distance Learning Expectations
General Expectations
  • We expect all students to be actively engaged and participating in learning each day of the school week.
  • Students should be connecting with their classroom teacher(s) or other school staff every day to receive instruction and feedback, and to ask questions. Schools will provide multiple opportunities for this throughout the school day.
  • Students should follow a regular daily routine with consistent blocks of time set aside for learning.
  • Make sure to coordinate learning blocks with your family’s schedule, keeping in mind when live teaching and support sessions may be occurring.
  • School expectations apply in a virtual classroom setting
Digital Etiquette
  • Always use respectful language toward others in the online platform.
  • Arrive early to a scheduled session to be sure that the camera and microphone are working ahead of time and that you have a good connection.
  • Focus on the task or learning at hand. Make sure you are paying attention to instruction and asking questions if there is something you don’t understand.
  • Use the raise hand or chat function if you have a question.
  • Use digital tools appropriately during instructional sessions, avoid using them to distract others.
  • Stay focused on the topic during class or small group discussions. Make sure you are participating, and also that you aren’t dominating the conversation and that you are giving others a chance to speak.
  • Mute your microphone when you are not speaking.
  • Turn on your camera during instructional sessions.
  • Avoid distracting behaviors when on video (making faces, getting too close to the camera, playing with objects in your home, eating, checking your phone). Remember that everyone can see you.
  • Make sure you are dressed (not in pajamas) and sitting up during online sessions. Look into the camera and engage with other participants.
  • Use only programs that are assigned during your school learning blocks.
  • Don’t bring or show items on screen that would not be allowed in a school setting
Creating a Safe Online Environment
In order to create a safe and effective online environment, the following online behaviors are prohibited:
  • Anything that is not Safe, Respectful, or Responsible
  • Cyber-bullying: Cyberbullying is forbidden by the Ashland School District. It is defined as the use of any electronic communication device to convey a message in any form (text, image, audio or video) that defames, intimidates, harasses or is otherwise intended to harm, insult of humiliate another in a deliberate, repeated or hostile and unwanted manner under a person’s true or false identity. Offenders are subject to school discipline.
  • Spam
  • Disruptive content, including but not limited to:
  • Profanity or Culturally Insensitive Statements or Images (racism, sexism, misogyny, objectification, homophobia, or any other form of bigotry).
  • Trolling: saying something controversial to get a rise out someone.
  • Flooding: filling the message board with unwanted or repetitive comments.
  • Derailing: throwing a thread in a discussion forum off topic so much so that the original discussion is unable to continue.
  • Excessive "signatures" to posts, including anything involving images or web links.
  • Otherwise being a nuisance. 



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