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201 S. Mountain Ave
Ashland, OR 97520
Phone: 541-482-8771
Fax: 541-482-8298
Contact: Marg Orlik-Hill
AHS Turf Field Campaign!

Your help is needed to make the turf field at the AHS stadium a reality for
Ashland teens!


Generosity of our Community
Ashland High School alum and Kansas City Royals pitcher, Jeremy Guthrie, has made a generous lead donation of $650,000 to help fund a new artificial turf field at the AHS stadium. Thank you Jeremy! 

Since that wonderful contribution, Lithia Motors has followed suit with a contribution of $100,000 and many members of our community have contributed to the effort. The Ashland School District has authorized $400,000 for new stadium lights, which are in need of replacement and are part of the field renovation. When this project is complete, Ashland High School and the community will have a state of the art multi-use athletic field that will last many years into the future!

Turf Field Project Costs
With crumb rubber fill: $1,582,000
With natural fill: $1,824,000

Currently, the community has raised $1,382,168 with funding coming from a wide variety of sources, including Mr. Guthrie, the school district, Lithia Motors and other businesses, the AHS Booster Club, and the football and soccer communities. Many things have been done to reduce construction costs by tens of thousands of dollars and the district is working hard to build this beautiful new facility as cost effectively as possible. 

A Multi-purpose Turf Field
The current grass field is so delicate that its use is extremely limited in order to make it playable for the fall football season. Because of this, it is only used minimally in the summer and fall.

The new turf field is planned to be 65 yards wide to accommodate both football and soccer games in the stadium. This will enable at least three times the number of students to use the field for athletic practices and events (football, boys soccer, and girls soccer). The field will also be used for P.E. classes, youth and adult sports, and other community events. And, because it will be a turf field, it will be far more accessible year-round for students and community members with disabilities.

Natural Fill vs. Crumb Rubber
Members of our community have expressed concerns about the crumb rubber fill that is typically used in turf fields (like what is used at the U.S. Cellular and SOU fields). This type of fill is known to get very hot during sunny, warm days, which limits the multi-purpose use of the field from the late spring to the early fall. Concerns about potential long-term environmental and health issues of crumb rubber have also been expressed in the development of the project. The School Board has researched this issue and, while it has found no peer reviewed studies pointing to negative environmental or health impacts, the Board has determined that natural fill is preferred over crumb rubber if the community can raise the necessary funding.

Natural fill has a significant practical advantage in that it does not get as hot during the heat of the day (studies have shown as much as a 40 degree lower temperature on warm, sunny days) and it essentially eliminates concerns about health and environmental impacts. Natural fill fields are also reported to play much more like a grass field than the crumb rubber, and the fill does not shed as much. We can make natural fill happen, but it requires significant support from the community because it is more expensive than crumb rubber. See the cost comparison above. If we raise enough money, we will get a natural fill field. If we do not raise enough money, we will have to settle for a crumb rubber field.

You will make this field a reality!
Ashland citizens and businesses have a proud history of caring for our children and promoting healthy lifestyles. We do whatever it takes to support our youth and provide them with opportunities to reach their potential and achieve their dreams.

This is your chance to help provide an incredible opportunity for our teens. We need your donation or pledge in order to meet our goal of building a natural fill, 65 yard turf field!

Two Deadlines:

  • February 15, 2016: We must have the money raised ($1,582,000) for a 65 yard crumb rubber field raised so the school district can enter into a contract with the selected construction firm.
  • April 15, 2016: We must have the money raised (1,824,000) for the natural fill alternative as the construction firm will be finalizing its order of either crumb rubber or natural fill at this time.

Please review the donation levels below and give generously!  
Information about our Buy a Brick campaign follows after the donation levels.
Thank you!

Ashland Club | Gifts Up to $999
Donor recognition in 2016-2017 game programs, and on a permanent donor plaque at the concessions building. Ashland Club donors will be recognized within the following dollar level categories: Up to $99; $100-$249; $250-$499; $500-$749; $750-$999. Donors of $250 or more will receive either a 4x8 or 8x8 commemorative brick – see Buy a Brick details below.                                                           
Turf Club | Gifts of $1,000 to $4,999
All of the above and an additional benefit of free advertising in game programs for 2016-2017 and one 8x8 commemorative brick with graphic/text.
Siskiyou Club | Gifts of $5,000 to $9,999
All of the above and additional benefit of name/logo on giant opening year banner to be displayed on outside gym wall.

Red & White Club | Gifts of $10,000 to $24,999
All of the above and additional benefit of advertising sign displayed on field fence for ten years, two football and two soccer season tickets for one year (2016-17 season).
Grizzly Club | Gifts of $25,000 to $49,999
All of the above and additional benefit of Scoreboard Advertising for 5 years. A total of four season  tickets  to  football  and  soccer  seasons  with  two  reserved  parking spaces for two years.
All Star Club $| Gifts of $50,000 to $99,000
All of the above and additional benefit of a custom sandwich board prominently displayed for three years. A total of six season tickets to football and soccer with three reserved parking spaces for five years.

Championship Club | $100,000 or more
All of the above and an additional benefit of name/company logo on wall in front of visitors bleachers for five years. A total of eight season tickets to football and soccer with four reserved parking spots for 10 years.

Multi-Year Pledge                                                                                                                         
If you are unable to make a larger one-time donation, a multi-year gift will not only help make the new artificial turf field a reality, but will support maintenance and updating of the field for years to come. Your first payment this year will go toward the building of the field, and your subsequent payments will go into a dedicated fund for upkeep and field replacement. Sponsors pledging $10,000, at $1,000/year for the next 10 years will receive the field advertising bonus.

Show your Grizzly Spirit and donate at a level high enough to receive a personalized brick to be installed at the new turf field in a prominent location!

Donors at $250 - $499 
Eligible for a 4 x 8 commemorative brick, with rectangular bronze plaque
Up to 3 lines of text, 18 characters (includes spaces) on each line.

Donors at $500 - $749
Eligible for a 4 x 8 commemorative brick, with rectangular bronze plaque
Your logo or Grizz Paw Print plus up to 3 lines of text, 12 characters (includes spaces) on each line.

Donors at $750 - $999
Eligible for an 8 x 8 commemorative brick, with circular bronze plaque
Up to 120 total characters (includes spaces).

Donors at $1000 or above
Eligible for an 8 x 8 commemorative brick, with circular bronze plaque
Your logo or Grizz Paw Print plus additional characters, amount depending on logo size.

Make your donation by one of the methods below. We will contact you at a later date for the personalized information you want on your brick. 


Checks payable to: ASF Turf Field Fund

Send checks to:     100 Walker Ave
                                 Ashland, OR  97520

Click on the RED Donate button to the right.
Use your V/MC/Disc/Am Ex cards Or have your gift taken directly from your bank account with eCheck

Call ASF at 541-482-8197 to donate or for more information


NOTE: Please CONTACT ASF to let us know you are donating stock.
Stock donations do not have donor information attached. For a Stock Transfer Form, CLICK HERE.

If you are a business interested in making a multi-year pledge, or to make other business sponsorship offers, please click on this CONTACT US link to let us know your interest. We will contact you to set up an appointment to chat about details and to set up your pledge.

Sod and Turf Field Comparisons
Sod Field Turf Field
Substantial cost to maintain Substantial cost to install
Football team can only use the field 1/2 of practice time due to the field condition AHS  is the only school in Southern Oregon playing on a grass field
Very high cost for very little return with a small amount of use Minimal cost to maintain annually for larger return with extended yearly use
Requires a large amount of water, herbicides and fertilizer to maintain Large cost savings and almost maintenance free as a result of no herbicides, fertilizer or watering
Use of water, herbicide and fertilizer negatively impacts the environment Environmental impact: Product is 95% recyclable
Currently, the use of the field is restricted primarily for football Allows for year round access for AHS PE and athletic team use
In 2014, community youth teams were not able to use the field at all due to poor field conditions Allows for larger community use, from youth to adult sports, promoting healthy activities and lifestyles

Frequently Asked Questions
What’s wrong with  our current field?
It is very challenging to keep our current field in a playable condition. We pour significant resources into maintaining it and can still only use it for a handful of events each season because it gets torn up so quickly. An artificial turf surface gives us the ability to have multiple uses on our field including nearly unlimited use by AHS football and soccer teams, band, cheer and PE classes, as well as community youth and adult teams. The number of spectators enjoying the fantastic new venue will also increase as a result of more teams playing on the turf field.

Is artificial turf environmentally friendly?
The artificial turf will have little need for water, along with no need for fertilizer or herbicides. It is low maintenance compared to a grass field. The product we are considering is made of 95% recyclable materials.

Are we the first school to consider artificial turf or is this the wave of the future?
shland is the only 5A or 6A high school in southern Oregon that does not have an artificial turf field. Being the only team with a grass field leaves us at a disadvantage whenever we play on turf as the different surface affects the style of play.

Is artificial  turf safe?
Turf fields have come a long way since their inception when they were basically artificial grass laid over a hard surface. The School Board did a lot of research on the subject before voting to support a turf field. They discovered that, to date, there are no scientific/medical studies showing increased health risks with artificial turf compared to grass. In fact, vast studies show injuries overall tend to be slightly less on artificial turf.


*The Ashland Schools Foundation is the fiscal sponsor for this Ashland School District campaign.
*Photography Credit: Paul Steele and Rock Solid Photography






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