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The Sign of the Beaver  by Elizabeth George Speare
Book Review by Bhanavi

     Whoa!  Matt is left alone for a few months, a few days, a few years?  No one really knows. Does Matt have what it takes to survive?  This story is about Matt, a 12 year old boy who is left alone at home while his father goes to get his family.  It takes place in a clearing with a cabin near a Native village.  Matt and Attean, a boy from the village nearby, learn many things from each other.  
     What I think is very interesting is that in one part of the story Matt learns to hunt the Native way. This story made me feel sad, than happy, than sad, than happy again.  I recommend this book for all ages because it keeps you waiting, and in some parts Matt reads a book, so it’s a book in a book!!!

Smoky the Cow Horse  by Will James
Book Review by Anais  age 9

     Picture yourself living out in the prairie grass defending yourself from cougars and mountain lions, fighting for your own life.  That’s what Smoky has to do. Smoky the Cow Horse is a very joyful book about the partnership between a horse and a cowboy.
    I love the part when Smoky was first born with his little wobbly legs. I also love the part when he comes across a lead stallion. He gets in a fight and has to find a new herd.  I recommend this book if you like adventure and horses.

Peter Pan by J.M Barrie    
Book Review by Aurora

     Imagine a boy who could fly through the clouds and a fairy named Tinkerbell who is like a bright, flashlight.  Peter and Tinkerbell are best friends. Peter is a boy who never wants to grow up, and he hates grown-ups. He lives in an underground cave that is under a tree in Neverland.  My favorite part is when Captain Hook sits on a hot mushroom. Hook’s crew lifted the mushroom to find a chimney.  It was funny in the illustration that the mushroom was smoking from the chimney. This book made me feel like I was in it or watching it. I recommend this book for 3rd-12th grades that love adventure and description.

A Wind in the Door by Madeline L'Engle
Book Review by Zea

     Do you believe in magic? You will after you read "A Wind in the Door".  This story is aboutr Meg, Calvin, Mr. Jenkins, Proganoskys and Charles-Wallace.  Charles is sick because Ecthroi which are bad things and are trying to kill his mitacondria or cells.
     If you start this book you won't be able to stop reading!  I hope you like this book as much as I did, because Madeline L'Engle put so much effort into writing it. I like this story because it has alot of adventure and excitement.  
     I recommend this book for readers who like sad and happy adventure books. I suggest this book for ages eight and up.

Claws! (Goosebumps)  by R.L. Stine
Book Review by Kailani

     Mickey and his friend Amanda are twelve years old and about to experience the scariest time of their lives.  Mickey and Amanda cat sit their neighbor’s cat for awhile, but Bella, the cat, gets hit by a truck and they don’t know what to do.  Amanda finally comes up with an idea to go to a place called Cat Heaven and get a look alike. So they take the bus to Cat Heaven.  The store has lots of cats, but Mickey accidently ended up in an out of limits back room.  In the back room they find the cat that looks exactly like Bella, but the clerk won’t sell it to them. So they decide to steal it.  Bad Idea!  These cats are more than they seem ….. I recommend this book for people who like action and fear.

Dawn (Warriors: The New Prophecy, Book 3)  by Erin Hunter
Book Review by Ayla

   Do you like cats, adventure and action?  Well if you do you’ll really like the book Dawn! It’s the third book in the series called The New Prophecy.  The first book is Midnight, the second is Moonrize, the fourth is Starlight, the fifth is Twilight, and the sixth is Sunset.
   In this book, Stormfur, Crowpaw, Squirrellpaw, Bramblepaw, and Tawnypelt have just arrived home from the long journey back from the sundown place, but they didn’t get the welcome backs they expected…  when they found out the forest was already almost all the way destroyed!  The 5 cats finally convinced their clan to leave, and after a lot of waiting, led all 4 clans far from their old forest home, through unknown territories no clan cat had seen before.
   The book Dawn makes me feel like I am a warrior cat, stalking unseen through the trees, or climbing up through the barren mountains with my fur streaked with mud so I blend in with the rocks.  I recommend this book for kids 9 and older. If you like adventure and action, this is the book for you!

Rising Storm (Warriors, Book 4) by Erin Hunter
Book Review by Kali

     Warriors are roaming the forest.  The cats can sense a storm rising in the air. The frightening thoughts of the storm rose in their lungs, but they were too strong to show it as the wind howled around the camp.  The next morning it was hot and humid, no wind no clouds, just sun that shone hot on their pelts. This story takes place in the forest, a forest of many secrets, secrets like where the warrior camps are.  I should not tell you where they are but I will tell you who they are: Thunderclan, Riverclan, Windclan and last and most evil, Shadowclan. My favorite part is when there is a fire and it is a very dramatic moment.  
     This story makes me feel as if I were in the story.  If you like cats, excitement, dramatic battles and the great outdoors this is the book for you.

The Sister’s Club: Cloudy With A Chance of Boys  by Megan McDonald
Book Review by Bella
     “Boom! Crash!” A wild storm was going on outside while Alex, Joey and Stevie, the three sisters, were sitting by the fire inside.  Just get over the name of the book.  This story takes place in many different places:  the nice and rig Reel family house, the huge and friendly school and the tall Raven Theater.  There are three main characters, Alex, Stevie and Joey.  Stevie is the narrator of the book.  She loves and knows everything when it comes to clouds.  Joey is the youngest of the three sisters and she loves frogs.  Alex is the oldest.  She is a teenager.
     Have you ever been so embarrassed that you wanted to stay home from school?  Well that is how Alex felt in this part of the story.  She felt like this because she burst out and sang for the audition for Romeo and Juliet.  This was not a very good idea because Alex does not have the best voice.  Read this book to find out if Alex got the part.
     It sounds pretty hectic having two other sisters around, especially when they are not close in age to you.  I like this book because it is about three very different people with very different stories.
     I recommend this book for girls nine and up.  It only has a little bit of excitement, but it is still a great book.  I almost didn’t pick this book because of the title, but there is a lot more to it than just boys.

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe   by C.S. Lewis
Book Review by Chelsea

     Have you ever gone in to a wardrobe and walked out the other side?  Well Lyra did and found a magical place called Narnia.  The main characters in this story are 2 boys and 2 girls.  They had to live at a professor’s house.  It was huge.  They had to live there without their mom because there were air raids in their country.  
     My favorite part of this story was when the girl, Lyra, finds a half man, half goat, who had glossy black fur on his legs and carried a lot of brown packages.  When I read this story it made me feel excited and happy, because of the magic and all the animals.  I recommend this book for ages 7 thru 100, because of the adventure, happiness and so much more.

The Hooded Hawk Mystery (Hardy Boys, Book 34)  by Franklin W. Dixion
Book Review by Elisha

     Have you heard of the Hardy boys?  They are two brothers that go on adventures and solve mysteries.  The brothers’ names are Joe and Frank.
     This story is about a peregrine falcon.  Frank and Joe were given a falcon to hunt pigeons.  All the pigeons, the falcon hunted had a capsule which usually held messages or rubies.  Once the hardy boys noticed the pigeons had these capsules, they wanted the falcon to hunt more pigeons to get more clues.
     My favorite part in this book is when the Hardys and their friend Chet find a strange fancy lodge in the forest.  I like this book because there are cliff hangers, excitement, adventure and mysteries.  That is why I recommend this book for you.

The Baby Sitters Club #7: Claudia and Mean Janine   by Ann M. Martin
Book Review by Ella

     Claudia walked downstairs wearing her sister’s hand-me-downs. Claudia has a club called the Baby Sisters Club.  They meet at Claudia’s house.  At Claudia’s house they have meetings to figure out who was going to watch the kids.  My favorite part was when the Baby Sitters made and decorated flyers.
      This book was really good because it had action, but not too much action. I recommend this book for nine and ten year olds.
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by  J.K. Rowling
Book Review by Taiga
      “Look out!  The dementors are back,” Harry was yelling.  Harry’s third year at Hogwarts was not the best.  He had many new crazy adventures.  Harry rode on a hippogriff, a huge bird with a bad temper, and slept on a night bus with wizards and witches climbing off at every stop.  Harry also found out that the prisoner that escaped from Azkaban was Harry’s god father.
      My favorite part of the book was when the defense against the dark arts teacher turns into a werewolf.   At the end of the book the part about the werewolf is very descriptive and makes me feel like I’m in Hogwarts whipping out my wand yelling “ExpectoPatronun” in a dementor’s face.  I also liked it because there are a lot of scary parts and I like scary things.  I recommend this book for you because it is full of adventure and action.

The Journey (Guardians of Ga’hoole, Book 2)   by Kathryn Lasky
Book Review by Shanti, age 10  
     Guardians of Ga’hoole, Book 2 is called The Journey.  Soren and his friends are flying over the sea of Hoole when suddenly they are attacked by crows!  It’s a bad time to be attacked because they need to find the great tree of Ga’hoole where every night the Guardians rise and take flight while performing noble deeds.  
      My favorite part is when Soren flies into the center of a big storm and has more fun with an owl named Izilryb, who he thought was a mean old screech (which I think is a good example of don’t judge a book by its cover).  This story really makes me feel good because it’s a good exciting mix of excitement, and mysterious, and I feel like I can see everything from an owl’s point of view.  I, myself, would encourage everyone to read this book to their young, and or themselves.  And ages 8+ will really understand this book, and what it has to say.

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe   by C.S. Lewis
Book Review by Bryn
     The kids pulled the covers over their heads from the frightening sound boom boom crash.  It happened again, boom, boom crash.  After a terrifying ten minutes the kids fell asleep again.  After the storm, the next morning their mother forced herself to say, “Kids you have to go to your relative’s house with the professor where you will be safe.”  The kids were stunned by what she told them.  They waved goodbye from the train with tears on their cheeks.  This book has so much detail in it.  I love this book because it is adventurous.  You should read this book if you like adventures, violence, and witches.  This book will be for you.

Stargirl  by Jerry Spinelli
Book Review by Grace
“She was today, she was tomorrow.  She was the faintest scent of a hibiscus flower in the desert.  She wasn’t pretty.  She wasn’t ugly. We tried to pin her down to a corkboard like a butterfly in our minds but the pins merely went through and she flew away again. And her name was Stargirl.”
(Excerpt from book)     

     A teenager named Leo moves to Mica, Arizona and starts a collection of porcupine neckties after his grandpa gives his necktie to Leo.  He loves it.  On Leo’s birthday he still hadn’t gotten any neckties. Then when he got home from school there was a box. It read “To Leo”. He opened it. There were two porcupine neckties. He tried to find a tag - no tag, no name, no nothing.
     Leo got to Mica High the next morning.  At lunch Leo was talking to his friend Kevin and suddenly a girl walked in. She was strawberry blond with freckles all over her tan face. She had a little bag with a big rat on her shoulder and a ukulele in her fragile hands. She walked over to a table. It was a girl’s birthday. So the girl started singing and strumming Happy Birthday.  Her name was Stargirl. If you enjoy high school craziness then this is the book for you. It is my favorite book.
Ribsy by Beverly Cleary
Book Review by Emmett
     “Ribsy”, called Henry Hugginns on the porch. Henry had been looking for his dog for a week and had almost wanted to give up.  Ribsy trotted down to the Sailers house and laid down on the couch. Henry tried to convince his mom to put the adds up again but it was no use.  Ribsy woke up to the sound of talking. “ Why did you get that mutt from the football game?”  “He’s famous for winning the football game,” said Joe. A month has past and Henry still did not find Ribsy.  Why I like this book is because I like dogs and I think my parents would like this book.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban    by J.K. Rowling
Book Review by Gus
      Breaking news!!!!  A prisoner is on the loose.  His name is Sirius Black.  He is known to everyone because he killed lots of people.  The Ministry is after him!  All they know is that he is somewhere by Hogwarts School.  
       The main characters in this story are Harry, Hermione, Ron and Sirious.  Ron, Hermione and Harry are the main characters in all six of the books in the Harry Potter series.
        My favorite part is when Harry gets the fastest racing broom ever, called the Firebolt.  I like this story because there is a criminal that puts lots of action into the story.  I recommend this book because there is a whole lot of action and excitement.  If you want to learn more, read this book.

Inheritance  by Christopher Paolini
Book Review by Jayden, age nine

Eragon, dragon rider, confronts Galbatorix in his tower.  Eragon and Saphira, the main characters, free Murtough another dragon rider while they are in Galbatrorix’s tower.  Eragon, Saphira, Murtough and Thorn, Murtough’s dragon, fight Galbatorix together.  Do they survive?  Learn more by reading Inheritance.  This is my favorite book and if you like fantasy adventure books you’ll probably like Inheritance as much as me.

The End of Time (Books of Umber)   by P. W. Catanese and David Ho
Book Review by Alex

     It’s the end of time for the world we call Earth.  This story is about a young boy named Hap. Hap is trying to save the world he lived on before.  It takes place in the Aerie, Umbers Hhouse.  The main characters are Umber, Hap, Balfor, Oates, Sofie and Hammoron.
     My favorite part is when the dragons burn Hammoron to a cinder because he stole dragon eggs.  The dragons picked Hammoron up in their jaws and breathed fire on him. I like this story because it is adventurous and exciting. I recommend it for ages 9-35.


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