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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer Stone by J.K.Rowlings
Review by Gus
     Happiness has overcome the good wizards all over the world. People have been celebrating and life is less stressful. Well, enough with all that nonsense.  This story takes place in a normal house with Harry Potter where he is bullied by his aunt, uncle, and cousin. His parents died when he was a very, very small boy with small glasses and black hair.  He also has small light green eyes.
     Harry Potter survived the killing spell that the darkest sorcerer casted in his house when he was a very young boy.  But when he was eleven years old he got a letter that said he was accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.   My favorite part in the story is when he plays a wizard sport called quiditch and catches the snitch .
     This story made me feel like I was at Hogwarts because the author, J.K. Rowling, is so descriptive. So if you want to learn spells, go to Hogwarts and get a wand, this book is definitely for you.

Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident by Eoin Colfer
Review by Shanti
     In Artemis Fowl, the Arctic Incident, Artemis is going to find his Dad when he helps the LEP stop criminals. Before Artemis helps the LEP, the LEP think Artemis is selling illegal batteries to tunnel goblins called the B,wa Kell, some of the most wanted goblins of all time. But then the fairies find out that he is innocent. Now the LEP are really curious to find out who is planning the attacks.  You, too, probably want to know who and you will if you read the book.  Will good win or will bad defeat good? Even I do not know what Eoin Colfer has instore.
The End

Ibby’s Magic Weekend by Heather Dyer
Review by Bella Sallee
     Ibby, Francis and Alex are up to trouble with their uncle’s old magic set.  Ibby is visiting Francis and Alex’s house without her parents.  Francis is a troublemaker. He goes up to the attic because his mom left the ladder down.  They’re not supposed to go up to the attic because there is only wood in certain spots.  Francis brings down a magic set.  The set was their uncle’s who was a magician. Well, the magic set was really real magic.   
     In one part I really liked when Francis made Alex levitate.  Alex was flying all over the room.  He thought he did not have enough room so he headed for the open window.  This was a bad thing because Alex grabbed onto the steeple of the church.  I liked this book because it is filled with magic and tricks.  You should read this book if you are into magic because it will explode you with all kinds of it.

Warriors: Moonrise by Erin Hunter
Review by Ayla
      For moons, four clans have lived in the forest sharing the limited amount of territory until now.  A cat from each clan goes on a quest to save the clans—Brambleclaw of Thunderclan, Crowpaw of Windclan, Tawnypelt of Shadowclan and Feathertail of Riverclan.  These cats were chosen to go to the sundrown place.  They successfully made their way to hear what Midnight had to say, along with Squirrelpaw, Stormfur and Purdy.  But when they decided to take the shortcut through the mountains, only Midnight knew what the future had in store.  I really recommend this book to kids 10+.  It’s a really good book.

Eragon by Christopher Paolini
Review by Kailani
     Eragon is a fifteen year old boy who is about to make a big change in his life.  The story takes place in a village next to the forest.  My favorite characters are Eragon and Saphira.  The story is about Eragon finding what he thinks is a stone that he takes home because he thinks it might be worth something.  A little later in the story, he finds out that the stone is actually a dragon egg.  Eragon raises the dragon, but no one knows that he has it.  A part I liked is when Eragon is trying to sleep, and he hears a loud cracking sound in his room, so he walks over to where it’s coming from.  He notices it is coming from his stone.  Finally, all of the stone shatters and out crawls a baby dragon.  I felt like I couldn’t stop reading it, the book left me at such a cliff hanger.  I recommend this book for people who like mystery, adventure, happiness and sadness.  The age group would probably be 8 and anybody older.

Unicorn Chronicles by Bruce Colville
Review by Bhanavi
     Cara is a 12 year old girl who finds her way into a world called Luster.  Cara has many adventures in this magical world filled with magical creatures. My favorite parts are all of them.  This book is filled with fun, excitement and adventures.  Cara meets many magical creatures. while she stays.  Will she ever return to earth?  It’s unknown. I’d recommend this book for 7 and up.

The Railway Children by Edith Nesbit
Review by Chelsea
     The three railway children suddenly fall in debt and have to move to a different house, farther away.  The railway children of course live by a railway right next to their house!!!  Peter is a brave young boy who does whatever he can to help his mom.  The main theme of this story is about bravery and daring adventures.  I like this book because I like old stories that were back then when they rode trains.  If you like adventure and comedy, I recommend this book.

The Hardy Boy Mysteries by Franklin W. Dixon
Review by Alex
     The Hardy boys are having handfuls of amazing mysteries and gun loads of excitement.  Every inch of the story is about the Hardy Boys solving mysteries and saving lives.  The characters are Frank, Joe, and their Dad, Fenton Hardy.  They live in a big city named Bayport.  Normally when I read the book, I feel excited and puzzled.  I love the books and I hope you do too.  You should read the exciting Hardy Boys Mysteries.

Ivy and Bean by Annie Barrows
Review by Ella Claire, age 9
     This story begins with two seven-year-old girls in a neighborhood.  They didn’t want to play together.  Then they had the best time together.  In one part Nancy, Ivy’s sister, started to slip into a hole that Ivy and Bean dug.  I think the book was really good and funny.  I would recommend this book for you.

Pretties by Scott Westfield
Review by Zea, age: 9-10
     Meet Tally and experience her adventures.  Will she make the right decisions?  Tally has silvery eyes and straight hair.  This story takes place in a town with big towers and buildings.  This story is about Tally trying to understand the people in the town and her friend Shay.  My favorite part in the story is when Tally meets Zane!  It has adventure in it.  This story made me feel excited and happy.  If you’re a person who likes adventures this is the book for you.  I recommend this story for readers eight to seventeen.
The End.

Clementine by Sara Pennypacker
Review by:  Bryn, age:  9        
     Clementine hates school.  Every day is bad, even though she is curious and very creative.  She can do so much stuff.  She is talented.  She gets in trouble a lot at school and in her building.  That’s because she’s trying to make a friend at school named Margaret.  She lives in an apartment building.  Clementine is so nice and kind.  She has no friends now because her cat Polka Dottie died.  Clementine made all the pigeons go to the other side of the building where nobody goes.  Then her parents and Margaret surprise her with a cake and a new kitten.  She was so happy and excited to finally have a new friend.  When she got the kitten she right away hugged it with love and excitement.  Then the next day she made friends with Margaret the one she was trying to make a friend with.  She had a friend, a kitten and a cake.  At the end it was very happy and fun.  I loved Clementine the book.  I loved it when she got the new kitten.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer Stone by J.K.Rowlings
Review by Taiga
     When young Harry Potter receives a letter from a big giant named Hagrid, he finds that he is accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In London he gets the offer. He finds that his parents were actually killed by a dark wizard.  He thinks about it and decides that getting away from the Dursleys is a good idea.  After going shopping for his wand, books and animal, he gets to be on the train in a month.  Harry finally finds platform 9 and 3 quarters and gets a seat. On the train Harry meets two new friends, Ron and Hermione. Ron is a small boy with red hair and freckles, 5 brothers and 1 sister.  Hermione is a dark haired girl who loves to learn about the wizard world.  When the sorting hat decides on Ron and Hermione they find that they are in Gryffindor and so does Harry. When the three of them sit down at the Gryffindor table a huge feast appears. Harry Potter is a book full of adventure and excitement.  I think this is a book that I will always remember. Harry Potter is a book worth trying and if you are person of adventure and excitement you will like it.

Ralph S. Mouse by Beverly Cleary
Review by Elisha
     Have you ever seen a mouse on a red motorcycle?  If you haven’t, this book is for you. Ralph the mouse lives at an old hotel until his human friend Ryan takes him to live at school for a little while.  Ralph has lots of adventures at school when all the kids go home.  My favorite part in the book is when Ralph gets a sports car.  If you like adventure books and great characters, I think you will like this book.

Takes of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume
Review by:  Grace, age: 9
     A fourth grade boy named Peter has an annoying brother that’s two years old.  He is so annoying Peter wants to squash him like a bug.  In the beginning of the book Peter wins a turtle at a birthday party.  He loves it.  The problem is his mom doesn’t like turtles and Fudge, his brother, would play with it.  Peter treats Dribble, the turtle, like a King.  Peter loves him so much.  Every week he cleans his bowl, scrubs his rocks, and lets him play in the bathtub.  Then he puts everything back with a little bit of water and puts Dribble back in.  Dribble falls asleep on his favorite rock.  On the other hand Peter treats Fudge like a bug.  This book is funny, realistically interesting, understanding, and great.  Don’t let me tell you.  Read it yourself.

Nancy Drew: The Whispering Statue by Carolyn Keene
Review by Kali
     From the old clock mystery to the whispering statue, Nancy has solved mysteries.  If you like lots of adventure and parts that are sometimes scary to hear this is the book for you.  The story takes place in multiple spots, mostly in a town called Waterford.  The theme of the story is about an 18 year old girl who loves solving mysteries.  I really love the part when Nancy asks, “does the statue whisper?”  And there is a shocking response.  Read it and you will find out.

The Boxcar Children: Mystery Behind the Wall by Gertrude Chandler Warner
Review by Emmett
     Are you good at solving mysteries?  If you are not, the Boxcar Children are. This story takes place at a bus station.  Characters are Benny, Henry, Violet and Jessie.  This story is about these children going to Chicago to watch a circus.  My favorite part is when a storm comes and zaps!!!! a tree down.  This story makes me curious because it has mystery and adventure.  It’s called Mystery Behind the Wall.

Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo
By Anais, age 9
     Would you name a dog after a grocery store?  Well Idana Opal Bloniey did.  She lives in Florida in a RV park.  If you want to know more read Winn-Dixie.  It is happy, funny and well sad in some ways.  I love the book Winn-Dixie.  I like how she makes friends like Miss Franny.  I love Miss Franny.  She tells stories.  She said that when she was little she was little Miss Smarty Pants. This book made me feel so happy. If you like stories about girls and their dog you should read Winn-Dixie.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets By JK Rowling
Review by Aurora
     Ron, Fred and George flew in their magical car to save Harry from the Dursleys.  This story takes place at Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  I like Hermione Granger because she has brown eyes, brown wavy hair, she’s smart, and she has a cat.  I like the part when Harry is on the place where the basilisk sleeps and he fights it with the sword and kills it.  This story made me feel like I was in the story.  If you’re a person that likes adventure I recommend this book for you.

The Slippery Slope by Lemony Snicket
Review by Jayden
     The Slippery Slope is an adventure story.  So if you like that kind of book this is a good book for you.  Violet and her brother Klaus have to go up into the mountains to save their sister Sunny and to get to an organization of people before Count Olaf burns it down.  It’s a good book.  Violet and Klaus find out the secrets they’ve been waiting to find out.  Sunny was being tortured by Count Olaf, and she had to make his meals, and she’s only one and a half.  I am nine years old and I go to Willow Wind.

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