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201 South Mountain Ave.
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Phone: (541) 482-8771
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Attendance Myths, Rules, and Guidelines

When your child misses a class and we have not received a call from you earlier in the day, you will receive an automated phone call from our auto dialer system. The number we call is based on the home or cell number we receive at registration. If your number changes for any reason we would like to be notified so we can keep our records up to date. If you are not receiving the auto dialer calls at night we would like to know, so please contact the attendance office at 482-8782.

Attendance Myth –"Open Campus means that you can leave campus any time."

Correct Rule – Open campus is only at LUNCH TIME or during scheduled OUT PERIODS. If you are scheduled for a class you must check out in the attendance office (appointments, illness, etc). You need to check out before you leave and check back in to the attendance office when you return from an appointment or if you are late arriving in the morning or after lunch. Otherwise your absence is unexcused. Once a teacher takes attendance we do not expect them to go back and retake it every time someone walks in late. The only way to guarantee your UNX is changed to a TDY or EXC is through the attendance office.

If you are scheduled for a class you need to attend that class. If you are going to the library or staying home to finish work for another class you must have approval of your classroom teacher for that period. Without the teacher’s permission it will stay as an unexcused absence.

Excused absences

Parents/Guardians will have two school days after the absence occurs to excuse the student’s absence(s). The Parent/Guardian must notify the school regarding each day the student is absent. This can be done by a phone call to the Attendance Office or by sending a signed note.

If an absence is not excused within this time frame, a detention could be assigned. Detentions will be made up after school on white days between 2:00PM-3:00PM (Mon-Thurs).

Pre-Arranged Absence

If a student plans to miss two days or more of school for any reason they will be required to complete and submit to the Attendance office a Pre-Arranged Form. This form allows teachers to give assignments and approval for the student missing their class. It also allows parents/guardians to read teacher comments to see how this absence could affect their child’s grade.

Please be aware that we are governed by state laws that require us to drop a student after 10 days of non-attendance whether this is pre-arranged or not. If you are dropped from your classes we need you to report to the main office in order to be reactivated within our system.

If you have any questions or need further clarification, feel free to contact the Attendance Office at 482-8782 or 482-8771 x2110

Today's Events - Monday October 14 2019
Boys JV 2 Soccer
Brookings Harbor HS
- North Mountain Park
- 4:30 PM
Boys Freshman/Sophomore Football
Eagle Point HS
- 7:00 PM
Upcoming Events - Tuesday October 15 2019
Girls Varsity Volleyball
Springfield HS
- 5:30 PM
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