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364 Walker Avenue
Ashland, OR 97520
Phone: (541) 482-1516
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Contact: Cheryl Beugli
PBIS Behavior Matrix

Behavior expectations


Below are the rules we follow everywhere, on our playground and in our restrooms:

School Rules & expectations: Guidelines for Success





All the time /Everywhere

< Hands and feet to self

< If in a group, stay together with the group

< Children must be in supervised area at all times (i.e., where an adult can see you)


< Appropriate Language

< Wait for your turn to speak

< Listen actively


< Take care of your surroundings

< Keep areas clean

< Be on time (go directly)


< Flush after use          

< Wash hands w/ soap

< Use toilet, sink, towel and soap appropriately


< Leave promptly

< Respect privacy

< Only use towel and TP needed

< Put trash in trash can

< Keep water in the sink

< Report problems to adults

Continued on back…


< Upper playground is not open for afternoon recess

< Use equipment safely

< Skateboards, rollerblades, roller shoes, bikes and scooters are not to be ridden

< Climb on climbing structure only --

Boulders are off-limits

< Play tag and catch games in the field only

< Wrestling and tackling games are not allowed

< PE type equipments is allowed in the fields and blacktop area only

< Transport bats safely

< First person in a game line acts as the referee if needed

< Avoid running through the middle of games.

< Jump ropes for jumping only

< Playground equipment stays outside

< Be a good sport

< Follow directions given by playground supervisors without argument

< Take turns

< Children waiting for a turn to swing can count to 120 slowly then ask the swinger to give them a turn


< When the bell rings, stop activity and enter the building

< Keep the playground clean

< Do not take a ball away from a game already in play


Playground equipment



< One push is allowed then the pusher moves to the green safety area

Do not spin wildly. No “super spins”

No jumping off or underdogs on swings

On regular swings, bottom/tummy is okay as long as safety is in placeSingle person on swings

No twisting on swings

Play structure:

< Walk on top of or around the structure. Remain in the inside of the structure

< Go in one direction on the slide: DOWN. Sit on your bottom when going down slides and do not stop on the slide

< No more than two people on the bouncer

< Do not lift other children on to equipment

< Only those who can reach the bars or glider can play on them.

< Keep jump rope out of play structure area

Tire Swing:

< Tire swings can have a maximum of three children at a time.  Legs need to be in the center and hands on.

< Stay on the green surface around tire swing -- it indicates a safe area away from the playground equipment.





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