Monday, February 08, 2010

Ashland School District No. 5, Jackson County  Oregon –the Food Services Advisory Committee met in a work session on Monday, February 8, 2010.


Present were:


Shannon Wolff                      )

Jill Williams                          )

Laura Roll                              )

Jill Turner                              )

Ruth Alexander                     )

Eva Skuratowicz                   )

Dan Fellman                         )

Eric Sandrock                       )


Members absent:  Mary Shaw, Nicholas Dake, Karen Green, Tracy Harding


Community Members in Attendance:  Candy Hines, Melinda Lidbetter, Peggy Case, Jeff Ashmun



I.         The meeting was called to Order at 3:35


II.       The minutes of January 4 and January 11 were approved.


 III.     Questions submitted by committee member Dan Fellman were discussed.  It was recommended by Dan that these questions be asked on site visits and in communications to other districts.


      Questions to ask School Districts we visit or speak with:

      Are they Insourced or outsourced?

      Do they have a Central kitchen or separate kitchens?

      What is the approximate amount (percent) of scratch cooking compared to heat and serve they do?

      Number of entrees offered per meal?

      Is their high school an open campus or closed campus?

      Do they have an independent Food service director, a food management company, or is their food services run under the Business Manager?

      What is their Food service workers compensation: breakdown of hourly wages and level of benefits per type of worker?

      How many food service workers per cafeteria and number what is the number of hours they work?

      Are they a  member of food source co-op or not?

            What is their average participation percentage?

            What percent of their total student population is free and reduced?

            What is their total School District population?

                        How many elementaries?

                        How many middle schools?

                        How many high schools?


IV.      Discussion of  and prioritization of our committee goals (45 minutes)

                        Increase participation was the highest ranked.

                        Costs of the program

                        Solving the high school food service

                        Employee satisfaction

                        Buying local produce and products.  Using School Gardens.



V.  Announcement:  The next Food Committee meeting:  February 22 at 3:30, Bellview.


VI.  Adjournment was at 5:10. 


Respectfully submitted by Ruth Alexander.

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2-8-10 Food Service Minutes.pdf


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