Monday, January 11, 2010

Ashland School District No. 5, Jackson County Oregon – The Food Services Advisory Committee met in a work session on Monday, January 11, 2010.  Present were:


Tracy Harding              )

Mary Shaw                  )

Shannon Wolff                        )

Jill Williams                 )

Laura Roll                    )                       Committee Members

Jill Turner                    )

Ruth Alexander                       )

Eva Skuratowicz          )

Dan Fellman                )

Nicholas Dake             )


All members were present except Karen Green, Athena Storm, and Eric Sandrock.



Community members in attendance:

Candy Hines, Melinda Lidbetter, Cindy Drought, Amy Korth, Lorie Davis, Peggy Case, and Jeff Ashmun


I.          Call to Order


            The meeting was called to order at 3:36 by Ruth Alexander, chair.


II.         Roll Check


            Athena Storm and Eric Sandrock were unable to attend.  Jill Williams arrived late.


III.       The meeting was spent reviewing the School Board’s charge to our committee:

                        *To study the potential models for food services in the Ashland School District

                        *To evaluate these models by the following criteria:


1.        Highest quality food services with an emphasis on fresh, healthy, and nutritious foods.


2.        Maximize the use of local products.


3.        Effective and responsive staffing model


4.        Revenue neutral to the school district:  the revenue generated from state and federal reimbursement combined with food sales will cover the total costs of the food service program.


5.        Effective methods for increasing student participation in the breakfast and lunch programs.



IV.       Discussion


Laura Roll related the differences between NuriKids and Meal Time programs for keeping track of meals purchased and nutritional content.  Power School does not keep track of nutritional content. 


Discussion of local food sources and who can be our partners in using local foods:  Rogue Valley Farm 2 School; Ashland Food Co-op wholesalers; local restaurants; etc.

We have seen effective staffing models in many of the sites we’ve visited.  Many include EAs; students; and custodians for extra help.  Most of the schools we visited use student helpers, even in the elementary school programs.  Helman does that in our district.


Every school district the committee visited was running its program with a carry over for the next year.  Four of these programs were self-operated and Phoenix-Talent is run completely by Sodexo.  We discussed the importance of the free and reduced factor, and also the importance of district population. 


Jill provided the committee with a summary cost analysis of a variety of districts that were either under 3000 enrollment or under 40% free and reduced lunch population.  Only Gladstone School District in northern OR compared to Ashland in both categories.  Gladstone is operating with carry over funds.


The committee briefly discussed methods for increasing student participation in the food service program.  Jill will provide us with current participation numbers.    


Eva reported that the surveys have been administered to AMS and AHS and to the parents of the elementary school students and John Muir School students. 


V.        Sustainability and Local Resources


            We discussed the importance of sustainability: 


            1.  cost analysis of our throw away supplies

            2.  what local resources can we use to our financial advantage?

            3.  what ways can we save:  number of main course options; amount of food thrown away; etc.


VI.       Announcements


The Food Services Study Committee’s preliminary report will be presented to the Board on February 1 at 8pm, after the CPAC meeting.  Committee members who are able to attend are requested to do so. 


IX.       Adjournment


The meeting was adjourned at 5:05 pm by Ruth Alexander. The next meeting wll be held on Monday, January 25 at Bellview School.


Respectfully submitted by Ruth Alexander.

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