Monday, March 01, 2010

Ashland School District No. 5, Jackson County, Oregon – The Food Services Advisory Committee met in a work session on Monday, March 1, 2010 at 3:30 p.m. in the Bellview Conference Room.  Present were:


Ruth Alexander                       )

Dan Fellman                           )

Laura Roll                                )

Mary Shaw                             )

Eva Skuratowicz                     )

Jill Turner                                )

Jill Williams                             )


I.          Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 3:40 p.m. by Ruth Alexander, Committee Chair. 


II.         All committee members except Nick Dake, Tracy Harding, Eric Sandrock, Athena Storm and Shannon Wolff were present.


III.         This meeting was a presentation by Sodexo, Chartwells, and Amy Korth, representing the current school district food services workers.  Amy Korth presented first and said she would make her entire presentation available to us as a document.


            Amy passed around statements from various food services employees.  All of the employees have agreed to the general statements that she is making today.


            Amy talked about how the food services program has been run since Sodexo took over. 


            She also explained that the menus are created for a regional area, and are not specific to our district.  She commented on the excessive variety of choices that are offered under the Sodexo model and the waste that it creates.


IV.        Jeff Vigne from Chartwells and Lynette Braschers who is the food services director from Rogue River made the next presentation.  Chartwelll’s is part of the Compass Group, the largest company in the world.  Chartwells has 53 schools in the Northwest.


            Jeff said that Chartwells uses balanced choices, exceeds USDA requirements, has salad bars every day, and can set up a custom program for each individual school district, The cost goes up when a school district has different requirements than the standard Chartwells program. 


            He addressed Farm to School and said the challenge is making sure that all the providers have liability insurance. 


            He commented that our school district is unique, and feels that our hybrid system is an “impossible task” because “the management is challenging.”  He went on to say that it would be “challenging to run a hybrid program, even for Chartwells and Sodexo.” 


            Chartwell is currently doing a “whole grains month” and they are “embracing buying local food.”  They present a nutrition program for teachers to incorporate in their curriculum. 


            He went over the fixed price per meal approach and how that would work in a contract.

V.         Sodexo was represented by John Stone, who is our current district manager, and Jeff Ashmun, who is our current regional manager.  John explained that our program in Ashland is one of the best programs in the state of Oregon.  They want to customize the program here even further. 


            They gave a brief history of Sodexo in Ashland.  When they came on board, they used colorful signage and paint in the cafeterias because “kids eat with their eyes.”  They concentrated on food presentation to “create a more attractive look.”  They customized the menu as well.  They had monthly menu meetings.  Lydia worked with kitchen managers on different menus. 


            Sodexo increased the number of entrees, and now there is an average of 4 entrée choices.  They have lots of variety within one type of entrée, and the example of that is the different type of burgers that are available.    The salad bars weren’t available at every school before Sodexo started and they made the salad bars available for seconds.   They have quadrupled the participation at AHS.  Their “chopsticks” entrees have been successful and they are using local sourced vendors.  They are excited about ways to work with local vendors. 


            They are aware of the issues that have been discussed and John said “we can do better.”  They proposed a fixed price per meal with a fixed guarantee. 


VI.        Adjournment


            There being no further business, the meeting ended at 5:00 p.m.


            Respectfully submitted by Eva Skuratowicz.

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