Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ashland School District No. 5, Jackson County, Oregon - The Budget Committee met in a regular session on Tuesday, April 29, 2008, at 7:00 p.m. in the Ashland School District Board Room.  Present were:


Ruth Alexander )

Mat Marr                     )

Keith Massie                )           Budget Committee Members

Heidi Parker                 )

Amy Patton                  )

Bill Anderson                )

Curt Bacon                   )

Rick Barth                    )

Mike Zodrow               )


Juli Di Chiro, Superintendent

Jeanne Peterson, Executive Secretary

Traci Adams, Accountant

Daniel Cazares

Judy Kimball

Media Representative


I.          Call to Order


            The meeting was called to order at 7:02 p.m. by Mat Marr.


II.         Roll Check


            A roll of the Committee was taken and all members were present with the exception of Chris Holzshu. 


III.               Appoint Presiding Officer


Rick Barth and Curt Bacon were nominated as chair.  Keith Massie moved that Rick Barth be appointed Chair and Curt Bacon be appointed Vice-Chair.  Ruth Alexander seconded and the motion passed unanimously.  Rick Barth chaired the balance of the meeting.


IV.       Budget Message (Executive Officer)


Juli Di Chiro presented the Executive Officer’s Message as outlined in the Budget Document.


V.        General Discussion


Juli Di Chiro referred to a memo she sent to budget committee members.  When budget goals were established in January, rollup costs for staffing was anticipated.  It was also anticipated that more money would be available due to the Youth Athletic and Academics Levy (YAAL).  In compiling the actual budget document, it was determined that School Improvement Fund revenue projections were included but the projected staffing was not, impacting the budget document negatively by approximately $600,000.  We also determined that happened with some supervisory staff projections as well.  The error was found, but not in time to reduce staff to compensate.  In the final document, we took part of the salaries for administrators and clerical staff from the bond for this year, and we reduced the YAAL discretionary amounts.  That totals $600,000 for this year and next year.  We have approximately $2 million of unallocated bond funds from interest earnings, so the plans for the bond are not impacted.


Juli Di Chiro reviewed the Budget to Actual report as of April 22 and reviewed the expected ending fund balance for this year as well as the 2008-09 year.  She reviewed revenue projections and projected enrollments.  A new demographers report will be done by the Portland State University.


A discussion was held regarding the need to update financial software.  Juli Di Chiro explained that we could not bring payroll into the SDS Accounting Software due to the complexity of the PERS rates.  We are researching a product called Infinite Visions which is being used by 40% of the school districts in Oregon.  We will be waiting a year until the ESD can support that software.  We anticipate a need to include the $125,000 cost for that software in the 2009-10 budget.


VI.       Confirm Agenda for Next Meeting


            Meetings were confirmed for May 6 and May 13 at 7:00 pm in the District Board Room.  Budget Committee members should email questions by this Friday to allow administration to have responses ready by the May 6 meeting.


VII.      Adjournment


            There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.


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