Monday, May 05, 2008

Ashland School District No. 5, Jackson County, Oregon - The Capital Project Advisory Committee met in a work session Monday, May 5, 2008 at 7:00 p.m. in the District Board Room.    Present were: 


Ruth Alexander

Rick Barth

Ben Bellinson

Karen Clarke

Gary DeCock

Juli Di Chiro

Kate Kennedy

Bob Rasmussen

Jim Teece

Rich Whitley


I.          Call to Order


            The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m. by Juli Di Chiro.


II.         Roll Check


All members were present with the exception of William Anderson, Dahna Black, Alan DeBoer, Shawn Grimmesey, Pam Lucas, Heidi Parker and Jeff Schlecht.


III.       Review of Bond Investments and Earnings


Juli Di Chiro reviewed the summary of the bond investments for the month.  She noted that the normal narrative summary was not included because this will not be available until next week.  When available, it will be emailed to committee members.


IV.       Review and Budget and Schedule Reports


            Gary DeCock provided a review of general issues regarding budget and schedule on all projects.


             Bellview - Juli Di Chiro reported on the progress being made with the Grange on the sale of the land necessary for the driveway improvements at Bellview.  The plans have been sent to the City of Ashland to begin the building permit process.  The RFP to hire a contractor has been released.  Bids are due back to the District Office on May 13.  A Selection Committee will review the proposals on May 14 and determine which contractors should be interviewed.  The interviews will occur on May 21 and an intent to award notice will be issued on May 22.  The hazardous material survey has been completed for Bellview.  A bid for the removal of the existing oil tank has been awarded.


            Briscoe - No work has occurred at Briscoe School as the roofing project is not scheduled until the summer of 2009.


            Helman - The City issued the building permit on May 5.  Adroit Construction has begun its work there and will now proceed since the building permit has been issued.  The weekly construction meetings have begun for the library and gym project.  A bid has been awarded for the removal of the asbestos floor in the multi-purpose cafeteria kitchen area.  The Helman project is slightly behind schedule due to the delays in the issuance of the building permit and the contractor hopes to make up that time over the summer.  The work on the covered walkways and overhangs has also been awarded to Adroit as an addendum to its main contract.


            Lincoln - In working with the City on various issues related to both occupancy and code issues, several improvement projects needed to be implemented.  These involve improving handicapped access and safety issues.  The Fire Marshal agreed to a renovation of the fire escape as opposed to a complete replacement.  We are also working to determine the best way to provide handicapped accessibility showers and bathrooms in the gym wing.  The current thinking is that we will remodel the existing bathrooms in that wing to include showers and handicapped toilets.  We need to update the fire alarm system to make it louder in the music classrooms.  Due to the requirements of the City and our unanticipated costs to the Lincoln School, the budget will need to be adjusted to accommodate these changes.


            Walker - The groundbreaking ceremony was held on April 3.  Ausland Builders began some of the site work related to the library addition over spring break but then needed to wait until the building permit was issued.  That was issued approximately one week late.  Again, the contractor feels they can make up that time over the summer.  Weekly construction meetings are being held and the landscape architects are meeting with Patty Michiels to discuss renovation of the landscaping in front of the school. 


            AMS - Work has begun on the cafeteria remodel.  The lunch service has been revised to enable the school to do the floor tile abatement while school is in session.  This will allow the project to be completed by mid August.  We need the cafeteria ready for opening of school, so this change was welcome by the contractor.  Some changes in the site plan needed to be adapted because of underground piping in the building site.  It affected the site plan layout and the elevation.  Work continues on the hail damaged roofing project.  The roofs have been made water tight and will be completed during the month of May.  There was one area adjacent to the John Muir wing and the library that requires some roof modifications by Adroit prior to the project being begun.  These modifications will occur in the next two weeks and the roofers will attempt to complete the main roofing over a weekend.  The AMS project is running on time and under budget.


            AHS - The music and PE departments have relocated to Lincoln School.  Various modifications in the gym wing had to occur to enable the PE department to utilize that space.  The critical issue at the high school is the guaranteed maximum price negotiation.  The district expects to receive the GMP proposal from Adroit construction on May 15.  A bid has been awarded for the removal of the heating oil tank and work will be completed during the month of May.  A bid has been awarded for abatement work which needs to occur in the gym and music buildings.  That work will begin May 12.  The work on the Health Center will not be completed in time and the Health Center will remain in its current location until the end of the year.  Adroit Construction is working with the school to provide safe passage to and from the health center until June 6.  DLR architects have been working closely with the engineers to provide a remedy to the ongoing HVAC problems.  We expect to get that recommendation in time for work to be done on that system this summer.  The AHS project is currently on schedule and showing a surplus in the budget, although this may not be true once the GMP negotiations are completed.


No work has been done on the maintenance shop, district office or transportation buildings.  No work is planned for those areas in the near future.


Willow Wind - All plans for summer work are being finalized.  The summer work schedule for Willow Wind includes Phase I of the parking lot reconstruction, construction of a new deck on the landing of the main building, work on the heating system and painting the entire building.  We anticipate these bids will be out during the month of May and awarded in June.  Willow Wind is currently behind schedule and slightly over budget.


Lighting Projects - Most of the work on the lighting project has been concluded.  Gary DeCock has been working on a report to the EPA on the districtís PCB remediation plan, and he has also been working with the City of Ashland for a potential rebate for the new lighting.  New fixtures for the historic portion of Bellview have been ordered but probably will not be installed until construction is completed in that wing.


V.        Confirm Next Meeting and Agenda


We then discussed the scheduling of the June meeting and notified the committee that the Board is considering changing its meeting to June 2.  If they decide to do this, the next CPAC meeting will get moved to June 9.  We will notify members after the action of the Board to let them know the date of the next meeting.


We discussed the summer schedule and agreed to continue the monthly meetings understanding that not everyone will be available for all of the meetings.  We will continue to meet on the first Monday during July and August. 


There was general discussion of questions that committee members had about overall program cost summary and the program line item cost summary.  Scott Perala responded to those questions.


The meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.


VI.       Adjournment


              There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:17 p.m.


              Respectfully submitted by Jeanne Peterson, Administrative Assistant


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