Monday, March 10, 2008



Ashland School District No. 5, Jackson County, Oregon – The Board of Directors met in regular session March 10, 2008, at 7:00 p.m. in the Ashland Council Chambers.  Present were:


Mat Marr                     )           Chair


Ruth Alexander )

Keith Massie                )           Board Members

Heidi Parker                 )

Amy Patton                  )


Juli Di Chiro, Superintendent

Pam Lucas, Business Manager

Eleanor Buell, Student Representative

Toni Knox, Certified Representative

District Administrators

Media Representative

Jeanne Peterson, Administrative Assistant



Call to Order


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chair Marr.





Pledge of Allegiance





Roll Check


All members of the Board were present.





Welcome Visitors and Acknowledgments





Members of the Ashland High School Swim Team spoke of their academic and athletic successes.



Consent Agenda







Approve minutes of executive and work sessions of February 4, executive and work sessions of February 8, work and regular sessions of February 11, and work session of February 25, 2008. 














Request for Leave of Absence


Jamie Haden, Ashland Middle School Health Teacher on leave this past year, requested a half-time leave of absence for the 2008-09 school year. It was recommended that her request be granted as presented.


Elisa Stevenson, Walker Elementary Teacher on leave of absence, requested a second year of professional development leave for the 2008-09 school year. It was recommended that her request for an unpaid Study and Professional

Development Leave for the 2008-09 school year be granted as requested.








James Haim, Ashland High School Wilderness Charter School teacher, submitted a

letter of intent to resign half of his position and retain a half-time position at Ashland High School effective the beginning of the next school year. It was recommended that his resignation be accepted as presented.


James Tharp, Ashland Middle School Physical Education Teacher, submitted a letter of resignation effective the end of this school year. It was

recommended that his resignation be accepted as presented.


Yuko Yamanouchi, Ashland High School Japanese Teacher on leave for the past two years, submitted a letter of resignation effective immediately. It was recommended that her resignation be accepted as presented.





Approve Resolution #2008-03 to Extend Certified and Administrative Employment Contracts, Offer Certified and Administrative Probationary Contracts, and Nonrenew Probationary and Temporary Certified Contracts


It was recommended that the Board approve Resolution #2008-03 to extend Certified and Administrative Employment Contracts, offer Certified and Administrative probationary contracts, and nonrenew probationary temporary Certified Contracts.  A copy of said resolution is attached hereto and becomes a part of these minutes.





Director Alexander moved that the consent agenda be approved as presented.  Director Parker seconded and the motion passed unanimously.





Hear Public Requests not a part of the agenda





There were no public requests.








Student, Staff and Representative Reports


Eleanor Buell, Student Representative, reported on parent conferences, the Snowboard Team, the Beauty and the Beast play, and Little Shop being performed at the Craterian.


Toni Knox, Certified Representative, reported on elementary orchestra night, the John Muir Courtyard, AMS canned book bank, the high school academic teams.







Ashland Schools Foundation Report


Susan Bacon of the Ashland Schools Foundation reported on the 19th annual fund drive with the kick off being April 4. 







Crosswalk Safety


Jeff Schlecht reported that the high school is moving the music and PE programs to Lincoln School over spring break.  He reported on the efforts made to improve crosswalk safety.  Red flags have been placed in buckets, the flashing lights have been turned on, and a school employee will be stationed at the crosswalk before, during and after school.


Colin Swales encouraged district staff, parents and community members to get involved with the traffic commission to improve crosswalk safety.







Elementary Class Size


Board members discussed class size and the possibility of appointing a task force to consider that topic.  Chair Marr proposed a working group to discuss the research on and consider solutions for adequate class sizes.  The working group would begin meeting in October of 2008, and report to the Board in the spring of 2009.  The committee would consist of parents, teachers, administrators, and board members.  The charge and a detailed process for choosing members for the committee could be determined at the July meeting.  The committee could be in place by mid-August and ready to begin working in September. 


Director Massie moved that the Board accept the framework Chair Marr described as a task force to discuss research on and consider solutions for adequate class size.  Chair Marr seconded and the motion passed unanimously.








Project Management Update


Gary DeCock gave an update on project activities and responded to questions of the Board.







District Financial Report


Pam Lucas reviewed the district financial report and bond investment earnings.







Classified Employee Week


Juli Di Chiro announced that Classified Employee Week was March 3 – 7, and she read a Proclamation from the Governor.







Superintendent Report


Juli Di Chiro reported on the focus groups with 9th grade students and natural helpers this past week, the I Have a Dream Foundation, Positive Behavior Support Training, Credit by Proficiency Workshop, ESD Grant for mentorship programs, and upcoming construction groundbreaking ceremonies.







Unfinished  Business






Emergency School Closure Policy


Juli Di Chiro reviewed the proposed changes to the Emergency School Closure Administrative Regulation which would allow staff to be paid for one emergency day that would not have to be made up. This regulation would apply to this school year if approved. 


Director Massie moved and Director Alexander seconded that Board Policy EBCD-AR be approved as presented.  A grammatical change was made to the regulation.  Chair Marr moved and Director Patton seconded to amend the motion to strike the word “should” and replace with “shall.”  The motion passed with the following roll call vote:  Alexander – no; Massie – yes; Marr – yes; Parker – yes; Patton – yes.


The motion to approve Board Policy EBCD-AR passed unanimously.  Since this is an administrative regulation, a second reading will not be necessary.












New Business






Consider Reduction in Force


Juli Di Chiro asked the Board to call for a reduction in force of the certified staff to allow for flexibility in balancing the budget.  It may not be needed, but we may also need some slight reductions. 


Director Alexander moved that the Board consider reduction in force for the certified employee group to balance the 2008-09 budget.  Director Parker seconded and the motion passed unanimously.







Board Policy Revisions - First Reading


The Following board policy revisions were presented for first reading:   IGBA, IGBAB, IGBAC, IGBAE, IGBAF, IGBAG, IGBAH, IGBAI, IGBAJ, IGBAK, IGBAL, and JGDA/JGEA.


Director Massie moved that the Board approve board policy revisions IGBA, IGBAB, IGBAC, IGBAE, IGBAF, IGBAG, IGBAH, IGBAI, IGBAJ, IGBAK, IGBAL, and JGDA/JGEA for first reading as amended.  Director Patton seconded and the motion passed unanimously.





Board Report


Board members reported on their experiences resulting from being adopted by the schools, the legislative hotline, teacher contract maintenance meeting, Brain Bowl competition, class size work session, Traffic Safety Commission meeting, Mock Trial competitions, high school musical, Bond Projects Open House, OSBA regional meeting, alumni memories of the gym and the 9th grade focus groups.







Announcements and Appointments







A work session will be held on Monday, March 31, 2008, at 7:00 p.m. at the Ashland High School to discuss field turf and to discuss goal setting.





The next regular session will be held on Monday, April 14, 2008, at 7:00 pm in the Ashland Council Chambers.







There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:58 p.m.




Respectfully submitted by Jeanne Peterson, Administrative Assistant.





Board Chair                                                                 Clerk





BE IT RESOLVED that the Board authorizes the Superintendent to offer employment contracts to the following staff, with the terms and conditions to be established by Board policy and the applicable collective bargaining agreement, if any:


1.         Contract extension for "contract" teachers for the period of July 1, 2008 to June 30, 2010:


Last Name       First Name          Assign                             FTE        Job Site


Anderson         Tamara                Math                               1             AHS

Baird                Susan                  7/8 Language Arts           1             AMS

Barnett             Linda                   Special Ed.                      1             AHS

Bayliss              Andy                   CLC Teacher                  .5            CLC

Benbough         Marcia                Reading                           1             Walker

Berman            Karen                  Foods/Academic Adv      .67          AHS

Bishop              Elizabeth              Drama                             1             AHS

Blair                 Debra                  Grade 3                           1             Walker

Bowen-Jones   Kathi                   English/Soc St                 1             AHS

Bradley            Joanna                 CDS                               1             AMS

Brand               Sandra                ESL                                1             AMS/AHS

Brandy             Timothy               Elementary                      1             John Muir

Buettner           Gail                     Grade 1                           1             Helman

Burt                  Andrew               Grade 6                           1             AMS

Cadarette         Karoli                  7/8 Social Studies            1             AMS

Carlson            Beatrice               Math                               1             AHS

Carstensen       Jenifer                 Music                              .75          AMS

Carstensen       Karl                    PE                                   1             AMS

Cate                 Timothy               English/Soc. St.               1             AHS

Cazares            Daniel                  CDS                               .70          Walker

Christensen       Jan                      Music                              .50          AMS

Claussen           Jane                    Social Studies                  1             AHS

Colloran           Linda                   Soc St/Computers           1             AHS

Contreras         Gladys                 Spanish                           1             AHS

Cornelius          Roland                English/Soc St                 1             AHS

Cory                Pam                    7/8th Language Arts         1             AMS

Cottle               Morgan               Grade 5                           1             Walker

Cuddeback      Michelle              Grade 5                           1             Helman

Cyphers           Joanne                 Special Ed                       1             Walker

Damon-Tollenaere   Matt             Elem PE                          1             BE/HE

Daniels             Nancy                 Reading                           1             Helman

Davidson          Laura                  Home Ec/Health              1             AHS

Davis                Janet                   Elem Music Specialist      1             BE/HE

DeSalvo           Rebecca              Science                           .50          AHS

Driscoll             Mia                     Kindergarten                   .80          Helman

Dunbrasky        Joe                      Grade 5                           1             Helman

Egan                 Jennifer                CDS                               1             Helman

Fleuter              Lori                     Grade 3, 4                       1             Helman

Freeman           Brenton               7/8th Math                      1             AMS

French              Allison                 Health                             1             AHS

Frey                 Susan                  Grade 6                           1             AMS

Gabriel             William                English/Social Studies      1             AHS

Gardener          Renee                  Grade 1                           1             Bellview

Gates               Lindsay               Grade 3                           1             Bellview

Ginsberg           Melvin                 Special Ed.                      1             Helman

Gonzalez          Jennifer                7/8th Spanish                   1             AMS

Graham            Ronald                Math                               1             AHS

Green               Karen                  Foods/Business               .83          AHS

Gurwell            Richard               Grade 4                           1             Helman

Haden              Jamie                   Health                             1             AMS

Haim                Jim                      WCS                              .5            AHS

Hall                  Lauren                 Librarian                          1             AMS

Hansen             Ingrid                  Grade 4                           1             Bellview

Hansen             Laurence             7/8th Math                      1             AMS

Hanzel              Gregory               Special Ed                       1             AMS

Hartman           James                  Science                           .83          AHS

Healy               Kristina               7/8th Science                   1             AMS

Heidig              Heidi                   Academic Advisor           1             AMS

Hernandez        Robyn                 English                             1             AHS

Hobein             Brian                   Science/Math                  1             AHS

Hobein             Barbie                 Spanish                           .50          AHS

Huard               Paul                     Social Studies                  1             AHS

Jamieson          Janet                   Speech & Language        .75          Walker

Johnson            Holly                   Music                              1             AHS /Helman

Jones                Leigh                   Speech & Language        .75          AMS

Julian Jr            Bob                     7/8th Social Studies          1             AMS

Karlin               Terry                   Grade 6                           1             AMS

Keim                Nancy                 Grade 4                           1             Walker

Kendrick          Inge                     Grade 3                           1             Walker

Kennedy          Katherine            Science                           1             AHS

Kneeland          Amy                    Grade 4, 5                       1             Walker

Knox                Antoinette            Special Ed                       1             AMS

Kuhn                Robert                 Art                                  .75          AMS

Kunstman         Lynn                    Science                           1             AMS

Larson              Berit                    Grade 3                           1             Helman

Lasley              Lloyd                  Cont. Ctr/Depot              1             AHS

Lebo                James                  Science                           1             AHS

Leger               Louis                   Music                              1             Walker

Losinski            Jennifer                7/8 Math                         1             AMS

Mann               Jeffrey                 Special Ed                       1             Bellview

Martin              Craig                   Grade 1                           1             Bellview

McBride           Judith                  Willow Wind Teacher      1             Willow Wind

McCoy            Valerie                Grade 1, 2                       1             Helman

McCracken      Bonnie                 Grade 6                           1             AMS

McKinnon        Matt                    Social Studies                  1             AHS

McNeil             Gary                    Grade 6                           1             AMS

Miller               Mark                   Science                           1             AHS

Minor               Susan                  English                             1             AHS

Myers-Murphy, Catherine           Grade 5                           1             Bellview

Oehler              Elizabeth              Grade 6                           1             AMS

Ososke            Marcia                Elementary                      1             John Muir

Palmesano        Candace              Grade 3                           1             Bellview

Pare'                Gerry                  Orchestra                        1             High/Elems

Paustian            Brenda                Math                               1             AHS

Pinder              Joann                  Elementary PE                 1             Walker

Ponder             Julie                     Physical Education           1             AMS

Preskenis          Jay                      9/10th Alternative             1             AHS

Preskenis          Sheri                   Grade 4                           1             Bellview

Pryor                Karl                    7/8th Language Arts         1             AMS

Rensi                Dana                   Spanish                           1             AHS

Sandrock         Eric                     7/8th Science                   1             AMS

Santos              Stephanie            PE                                   1             AHS

Scalo                Patricia                Elementary                      1             John Muir

Schlecht           Joyce                  Kindergarten                   .80          Bellview

Schoenleber     Mark                   Art                                  1             AHS

Shaffer             Mary                   CDS                               .5            Walker

Shaw                Rickey                 TV Video Production      .5            AMS

Sherbow          Mark                   Intermediate                    1             Walker

Shipley             Doug                   Special Ed.                      1             AHS

Siders               Camille                Elementary                      1             John Muir

Silva                 Susan                  Special Ed.                      .6            AHS

Skinner             John                    Counselor                        1             AHS

Smith                Hazel                   Librarian                          1             BE/HE//WA

Smith                Linda                   Special Ed.                      1             AMS/John Muir

Smith                Stephen               Academic Advisor           1             AHS

Snider              Suzanna               Spanish/French                1             AHS

Snowden          Mary                   Kindergarten                   .80          Helman

Spear               Caroline              Catalyst/English               1             AHS

Stevenson         Elisa                    Grade 1,2                        1             Walker

Stiles                Glenna                 Dean of Students             1             AHS

Stokes              Chris                   Kindergarten                   .80          Walker

Street               William                Librarian                          1             AHS

Streng              Richard               Grade 6                           1             AMS

Sturdevant        Aaron                  Social Studies                  1             AHS

Sullivan             Kate                    Special Ed                       1             AHS

Sumner             Shirley                 Grade 2                           1             Helman

Thickett            Lori                     Math                               1             AHS

VanReenen       Therese               Grade 6                           1             AMS

Verloop            Cecily                  Health                             .5            AHS

Wahpepah        Jennifer                Special Ed                       1             AHS

Wallace            Leeanne              English                             1             AHS

Walsh               Michael               Art/Photography              .5            AHS

Warner             Dianna                 7/8th Social Studies          1             AMS

Warrence-Schreiber    Michele    Reading                           .8            AMS

Wehmeyer-Knox, Nora               School Psychologist         .8            Walker

Wolff                Eric                     Math                               1             AHS

Wolff                Shannon              Grade 1                           1             Walker

Yeoman           Kathy                  Spanish                           1             AMS



2.         Second year probationary contracts (teachers and administrators) for 2008-09:


Last Name       First Name          Assign                             FTE        Job Site


Berry                Diane                  CDS                               .70          Bellview

Fujikawa          Matthew              Kindergarten                   .80          Bellview

Gilmore            Christi                 Continuation Ctr              .67          AHS

Healey              Kimberley           French                             .5            AHS

Hunt                 Susan                  Kindergarten                   .80          Walker

Mateas             Kathleen              Grade 1, 2                       1             Walker

Rogers             Laura                  Grade 2                           1             Bellview

Sirski                Nancy                 Primary                           1             Walker

Soderberg-Chase   Jon                Band                               1             AHS

Voorhies          Janet                   Special Ed                       1             AMS

Werthaiser-Kent   Wendy            Speech                            .33          AHS


3.         Third year probationary contracts (teachers and administrators) for 2008-09:


Last Name       First Name          Assign                             FTE        Job Site


Eddington         Pamela                Grade 2                           1             Bellview

Fain                  Lynn                    Grade 3                           1             Walker

Gonzales          Grace                  7/8th Spanish                   1             AMS

Hawley             Robin                  CLC Teacher                  1             CLC

Kennedy          Amy                    Counselor                        1             AHS

McCollom        Christine              Elementary Principal        1             Bellview

McLean           Tia                      Kindergarten/Grade 1      1             Helman

Michiels            Patty                   Elementary Principal        1             Walker

Miller               Royce                 Math                               .83          AHS

Schmeling         Max                    Grade 4, 5                       1             Bellview

Sorensen          Reed                   Catalyst                           .50          AHS

Wolfe               Lori                     ESL                                .80          Walker






4.         Current third-year probationary teachers and administrators to be offered initial two or three-year contract:


Last Name       First Name          Assign                             FTE        Job Site


Gyarmathy        Rebecca              Special Ed                       1             Bellview

Hall                  Charles                PE                                   1             AHS

Inada                Julie                     Language Arts                 .83          AHS

Johnson            Angela                 PE/Supportive PE            1             Bellview/AMS

Johnson            Dwayne               Orchestra                        .50          AMS

Retzlaff             Stephen               Asst Principal                  1             AMS

Smith                Kari                    Grade 1, 2                       1             Helman


5.         Nonrenewal of temporary teachers:


Last Name       First Name          Assign                             FTE        Job Site


Cochran           Sheryl                  CLC Teacher                  .50          CLC

Dorr                 Patricia                Grade 4                           1             Helman   

Green               Karen                  Yearbook                        .17          AHS

Hagemann        James                  Health                             1             AMS

Henner             Stephanie            Kindergarten                   .80          Walker

Holden             Katherine            WCS                              .50          AHS

Inada                Julie                     English                             .20          AMS

Jones                Rebecca              Primary                           1             Walker

Miller               Royce                 Math                               .17          AHS

Murakami         Atsuko                Japanese                         .17          AHS

Phelps              Emily                   Music                              .29          John Muir

Sorensen          Reed                   Math                               .50          AHS

Stokes              Christine              Grade 1                           .20          Walker


6.         Contract extension for "contract" administrators for the period July 1, 2008 to June 30, 2011:


Last Name       First Name          Assign                             FTE        Job Site


Bogdanove       Samuel                Dir of Stu Services           1             District

Hollandsworth  Susan                  Elementary Principal        1             Helman

Kemper            Karl                    Athletic Director              1             AHS

Kigel                Ken                     Assistant Principal            1             AHS

Pew                 Debra                  Principal                          1             Willow Wind

Schlecht           Jeff                      High School Principal       1             AHS

Valentini           Don                     Assistant Principal            1             AHS

Zundel              Michelle              Director of Education       1             District


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