Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Ashland School District No. 5, Jackson County, Oregon - The Board of Directors met in a work session October 4, 2005, at Noon in the District Board Room.    Present were: 


Heidi Parker                 )            Chair


Ruth Alexander            )          

Amy Amrhein               )            Board Members

Mat Marr                     )

Amy Patton                  )


Juli Di Chiro, Superintendent

Community Members

Media Representative

Jeanne Peterson, Executive Secretary


I.          Call to Order


            The meeting was called to order at 12:15 p.m. by Chair Parker.


II.         Roll Check


            A roll of the board was taken and all members were present. 


III.       Discuss District-Board Goals


The Board continued development of the 2005-06 Board Goals as follows:


Goal 1:  Stabilize district enrollment by providing innovative programs and showcasing existing excellence.


A.      Study the educational needs and desires of Ashland families and examine current efforts to meet those needs.

·        Develop exit questionnaire to be given to families who are leaving the district

·        Analyze school aged population in Ashland currently not attending public school

B.      Identify and implement three methods of showcasing existing excellence in the district.

C.      Form a task force to evaluate the option to extend the kindergarten day with implementation as soon as possible.

D.      Develop appropriate alternative programs to attract new students.


Goal 2:  Increase academic challenge and ensure that all students are making continuous academic progress.


A.      Appoint a K-12 task force to study existing alternatives and to identify new programs that could provide differentiated programming to address unmet student needs.

B.      Hire a Director of Educational Services in spring of 2006 to begin work for the 06-07 school year.

C.      Implement the goals of the Continuous Improvement plan with a particular focus on ELL and Special Education students.

·        Goal 1:  All students will make continuous progress towards meeting or exceeding state standards in Language Arts and Mathematics.

·        Goal 2:  All students will be taught in learning environments that are safe, drug-free, and conducive to learning.

·        Goal 3:  All students will participate in a well-rounded, articulated Visual and Performing Arts program based on state and national standards.

·        Goal 4  Develop and support each site’s efforts in becoming a Professional Learning Community.

D.      Engage in a districtwide conversation to increase academic challenge based on the AMS model.

E.      Conduct an annual review of AQEM goals, and make appropriate changes and additions.


Goal 3:  Support the health and wellness of students and staff.


A.      Appoint a district Health, Wellness and Nutrition Committee to:

·        Examine our current Health and PE program and make recommendations to strengthen the fitness and wellness of our students

·        Develop stronger connections between health instruction in the classroom, PE instruction, and the cafeteria/nutrition program

·        Pilot the “Be a Fit Kid” program for 4th grade students throughout the district

·        Advise the district on development of the new Wellness Policy required for the 06-07 school year

·        B.      Continue the work of the Health Promotion/ Insurance Committee to promote the health, wellness, and fitness of district staff.

·        Develop a survey for staff to determine the current fitness levels, and the needs of staff for health related classes

·        Include a monthly agenda item on all staff meetings about some aspect of our health and insurance program (i.e. how to use your prescription benefit, stress reduction exercises)

·        Provide training for all staff on the use of the on-line health risk assessment tool provided by Elements, and encourage its use by all staff members who participate in the insurance program

·        Continue to provide classes for staff on health related topics (Balanced Weigh, Yoga, etc.)

·        Continue the analysis of insurance claims data to measure the effectiveness of health promotion activities.


C.      Promote alternative methods of transportation, including walking and biking, for both staff and students as a way to increase fitness and decrease environmental impact.

D.      Evaluate the food service management program.


Goal 4:  Address the district’s long range financial and facilities planning needs.

A.      Conduct a facilities study that analyzes the condition and capacity of all of the buildings on district sites and programs, and evaluate needs for district considering potential green solutions.

B.      Work with the City of Ashland to determine partnerships to create sustainable energy solutions.

C.      Update the district demographer’s report to include a 10 year projection of enrollment.

D.      Work with the Business Manager and the Budget Committee to develop a reporting system that will help project district revenue and expenditures 5 years into the future.

E.      Develop a more comprehensible method of reporting the district’s budget to the staff and community.

F.      Consider AQEM planning goals in the areas of Facilities and Property and Budget and Revenue when working on long-range planning.

G.      Work on maintaining Lincoln’s viability as a district educational facility in the future.


Goal 5:  Improve communication and community involvement in schools.

A.      Ensure that all district committees operate collaboratively, openly, and actively, including community members, staff, parents and students when possible.

B.      Establish a district newsletter to be distributed to all households in the district.

C.      Improve the design and function of the district web-site.

D.      Publish all school newsletters to each site’s web page.

E.      Use the School House show on RVTV and other local media to communicate about district programs and issues.

F.      Schedule strategic planning process.


      The Continuous Improvement Goals will be attached to the District-Board Goals.


Items that will be discussed by the Board at a future time include grade reconfiguration and district foreign language program articulation.  Negotiation of the superintendent’s contract will be discussed at the October 18 work session.


IV.            Adjournment


              There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 2:25 p.m.


Jeanne Peterson, Executive Secretary


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