Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Ashland School District No. 5, Jackson County, Oregon - The Board of Directors met in a special session on May 18, 2005, at 7:00 p.m. at the District Office.  Present were: 


Amy Amrhein            )            Chair


Chuck Keil            )          

Sheryl Lipski            )            Board Members

Terry Littleton            )

Heidi Parker            )                                  


Juli Di Chiro, Superintendent

Loren Luman, Business Manager

Community Members

Jeanne Peterson, Executive Secretary



I.          Call to Order


            The meeting was called to order at 7:04 p.m. by Chair Amrhein.


II.         Roll Check


            A roll of the board was taken and all members were present. 


III.       Review the Request for Proposals for Food Service Management.


Juli Di Chiro explained that the Board had submitted questions regarding the proposal for Food Service Management.  Responses to those questions were reviewed.


            Juli Di Chiro strongly recommended that the Board accept the Sodexo Proposal for Food Service Management.


            Director Parker expressed disappointment that the administration did not examine the food service program before now.  She explained the research she did on Sodexho by calling some references.  Board members expressed concern for the lack of communication during the process, jeopardizing a local business -Ashland Bakery Café, help needed by the District Office, and lack of food service program supervision.


            Public Input was received as follows:  iron out the details before a contract is signed; unhappy with Sodexho at a previous school; once Sodexho is contracted, it will be irreversible and will close the opportunity to open up new ideas; kids do not like Sodexho meals; if Sodexho can make a profit, the district can determine how to manage the program without a corporation; a growing movement in this country is the farmers’ partnership, that resource needs to be supported in this community; food will not be as fresh; it is a big change to hire a full time food service manager with two schools closing; hire a good consultant instead; look at all of the options before making a decision;


            Following further discussion, Director Littleton moved that the Board approve the contract with Sodexho for food service management with the understanding that it is a one-year agreement renewable up to five years, with the expectation that a committee be formed to explore ways to improve food services by looking at local food sources.  Director Lipski seconded the motion.  Director Keil amended the motion to state that it is a one-year agreement.  Director Littleton seconded the amendment.  The motion passed with the following roll call vote:  Amrhein – no; Keil – yes; Lipski – yes; Littleton – yes; Parker – no.


            The Board took a break at 9:38 p.m. and reconvened at 9:40 p.m.


IV.              Review Proposal from the Parks and Recreation Commission for the Sale if Briscoe Playground in Return for Grounds Services.


Juli Di Chiro explained that neither the City nor the Parks Commission will continue the current arrangement of managing the nonplaying fields.  The proposal from the Parks Commission is to continue the current service at the rate of $129,000 per year, and the City will own the Briscoe playground at the end of five years.  The administration recommended that the District return to hiring one maintenance employee to manage the nonplaying fields and keep the options open for what to do in the future. 


Director Keil moved that the Board instruct staff to respond to the Parks Commission thanking them for the proposal, that the current format is not acceptable to the Board, thank them for initiating the conversation and invite them to continue a discussion in the future.  Director Littleton seconded the motion.


Public input was received as follows:  continue negotiating with the Parks Commission with the ultimate goal of the good of the community, keep Briscoe and Lincoln as city parks; say no to the proposal but keep the door open for discussion because the current proposal does not solve any problems.


The motion passed unanimously.


V.            Adjournment


              There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 9:52 p.m.


Jeanne Peterson, Executive Secretary

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