Monday, April 12, 2004

Ashland School District No. 5, Jackson County, Oregon - The Board of Directors met in regular session on April 12, 2004, at 7:30 p.m. in the Ashland Council Chambers.  Present were:


Amy Amrhein               )            Chair


Chuck Keil                   )

Terry Littleton               )            Board Members

Heidi Parker                 )                      


Juli Di Chiro, Superintendent

Loren Luman, Business Manager

Ron Dulaney, Classified Representative

Matt Bolstad, Student Representative

Jeanne Peterson, Executive Secretary

District Administrators

Media Representatives


I.          Call to Order


            The meeting was called to order at 7: 30 p.m. by Chair Amrhein. 


II.         Pledge of Allegiance


III.       Roll Check


            A roll of the board was taken and all members were present with the exception of Director Thivierge.


IV.              Welcome Visitors


            Chair Amrhein welcomed visitors.


V.            Consent Agenda


1.         Approve minutes of regular session of March 8, and work session of March 29, 2004.


2.         Personnel


                        a.            Employment Recommendations


Katharina Reiber was recommended as a Temporary Levels Program Teacher at Ashland Middle School for the balance of this school year, Step BA+75-A, approximately $10,996. 


b.            Retirement Requests


            Suzy Snider, Ashland High School Spanish teacher previously requested early retirement effective March 31, 2004 contingent upon a favorable report from PERS.  Upon receiving her PERS report, she has decided to rescind her request for early retirement. 


c.            Requests for Leave of Absence


            Deanne Anderson, Special Education Teacher currently on leave of absence, requested another miscellaneous unpaid leave of absence for the 2004-05 school year.  It was recommended that her request be granted as presented.


            Sean Bagshaw, Ashland Middle School Science Teacher, requested a miscellaneous unpaid leave of absence for the 2004-05 school year.  It was recommended that his request be granted as presented.


            Rebecca DeSalvo, Ashland High School Science Teacher, requested a .33 maternity leave for the 2004-05 school year.  It was recommended that her unpaid maternity leave be granted for the next school year as requested.


            Katie Holden, Wilderness Charter School Teacher, requested a maternity leave beginning April 20, 2004 and extending through the balance of this school year.  It was recommended that her leave be approved as requested.


            Sooney Viani, Lincoln Primary teacher currently on leave of absence, requested a miscellaneous unpaid leave of absence for the 2004-05 school year.  It was recommended that her leave be granted as requested.


Director Keil moved that the consent agenda be approved as presented.  Director Littleton seconded and the motion passed unanimously.


VI.       Reports


1.         Student and Staff Representative Reports


Matt Bolstad reported on the Ashland High School Constitution, student body election applications, Health Week, and the Leadership carwash.


Ron Dulaney, classified representative, reported on negotiations, the next meeting of the Classified Association, and the campaign for Initiative 127.


2.         Ashland Schools Foundation Report


            Susan Bacon reported on the Chamber Greeters, Buy in for Books, the Annual 15th Fund Drive. Steve Armitage gave a Power Point presentation which explained the history and function of the Ashland Schools Foundation.


3.         Ashland Quality Education Model


            Board members reported on parent input received at a work session held on March 29 regarding the elementary Ashland Quality Education Model.  Feedback received is listed below.


            Elementary Program Offerings:  Parents want to maintain small neighborhood schools.  The ability to walk to school is important.  There is concern that three elementary schools will not have enough space for some programs; each school should have a separate gym and cafeteria facility.  Class size is important and should be balanced between school size and class size.  Most people felt 250 to 350 enrollment was more ideal for school size.  If smaller schools are desired, they need to be paid for locally.  Many people felt the Ashland Quality Education Model for class sizes was a good compromise.  Year round school was mentioned as a way to ease overcrowding at some sites.  Each school should be allowed to have a different personality and the ability to build a program unique to that school.  There was support for additional options at the schools.  Some felt that second languages should be offered at the elementaries, and use different offerings at schools as a marketing strategy.  Have small communities in the same building.  Reinvent the one room school house.  There was support for all day kindergarten or extending the kindergarten day, and people would be willing to pay.  There was a suggestion to reform all five elementary schools into K-8 schools and close the middle school.  Create K-8 magnet as a way to attract students.  Miscellaneous suggestions included:  separate gym and cafeterias, have full time Librarians and Child Development Specialists; reinstate home visits, special education caseloads should be no more than 50 students.  Parents felt frustrated over the process.  There was not enough time to allow in-depth discussion.  Look at real models that work.  Perhaps people could email ideas to better gather feedback. 


            Revenue and Budget:  The district needs to be specific regarding what money will be used for when fundraising or going for a levy.  The home school support program should be included as part of the Ashland Quality Education Model.  The district should have more interface with the City about creating or selling the City as a family friendly place.  Market Title I participation more effectively.  Charge for after-school care or all day kindergarten.  The district should look for alternative local revenue sources.


            Facilities and Property:  Many parents want five elementary schools.  When asked what should be done with the school property that was closed, the general consensus was not to sell it, but develop it for the most money possible to get the district by for five years so a long-range plan can be developed.  Discussed new schools versus remodeled schools.  Most people want schools that are flexible that allow the teaching we do today and buildings that will support the curriculum we teach.  Discussed ideas on who might lease or rent.  There was no consensus on where the elementary schools should be located.  Most parents want kids to be able to walk to school.  Curriculum based environment was discussed.  People wanted more information before deciding possible renovations.  Discussed class size based on square footage. 


The Board discussed ways to improve the future Ashland Quality Education Model work sessions.  It was suggested to hold an additional meeting to review feedback gathered from all of the work sessions.  The Board wants a formal report by the October meeting so there will be sufficient time to implement revenue neutral ideas.  A local option levy was discussed, and it was decided that this would be discussed at a future board meeting.  It was also suggested that consideration of a local option levy be included on a survey.  The next work session will be held on April 26 at the Middle School library.


4.         Board Reports


            Board members reported on the Mock Political convention, visitation of an International Baccalaureate High School, the Ashland Middle School play, and bargaining.


5.         Superintendent Report


            Juli Di Chiro reported on a visit from Susan Castillo, State Superintendent of Public Instruction; School Match designating Ashland Public Schools as being in the top 16% of all schools in the nation; the Living and Doing Business Guide, and the updated Demographer’s report.


            Juli Di Chiro gave public recognition to Abram Ditman and Trisha Mullinnix for their participation in the Fulbright Exchange Program in 2002-03.  Abram Ditman went to Spain and Trisha Mullinnix went to England.


VII.      Hear public requests not a part of the agenda


There were no public requests.


VIII.     New Business


1.         Use of Green Diesel 


Loren Luman explained that Charles Walker, an Ashland High School Wilderness Charter School student, had a project on the use of green biodiesel.  Charles Walker gave a presentation on his project asking the Board to consider using green biodiesel for the district’s transportation department. 


Kevin Downing from the Department of Environmental Quality gave a Power Point Presentation on biodiesel and explained that the district would be eligible for federal grants to help with the transition to the use of biodiesel. 


Loren Luman thanked Director Parker for bringing this project to his attention, and recommended that the District use green diesel for the transportation fleet.


Director Parker moved that the District begin using green diesel for the transportation fleet as recommended.  Director Keil seconded and the motion passed unanimously.


Chair Amrhein suggested that Charles Walker return in six months for a progress report.


2.         2004-05 School Calendar


Juli Di Chiro explained the challenges represented by this school calendar.  Director Keil moved that the 2004-05 School Calendar be approved as presented.  Director Parker seconded and the motion passed unanimously.


Director Parker suggested that parents be included on the calendar committee.  This can be discussed by the Board for next year.


3.         Science Work Sample Waiver


Juli Di Chiro reported that science work samples are required to be collected in grades 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10.  The District found it is not prepared to do a good job on this work sample collection in the grade levels that have not traditionally been part of the Certificate of Initial Mastery.  The District recommends a waiver of this requirement so this could be implemented in a quality manner.  Chair Amrhein moved that the Board approve the recommendation to request a waiver from the Oregon Department of Education of the requirement to fully implement the scientific work sample for grades 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10 for the 2003-04 school year as presented.


4.         Board Policy Revisions – First Reading


The following Board Policies were presented to the Board for first reading.


IA            -            Instructional Goals

IB                        -            Freedom of Expression

IBDJA                        -            Relations with Home-Schooled Students

IC/ICA                        -            School Year/School Calendar

ID                        -            School Day*

IE                        -            Organization of Instruction

IF                        -            Curriculum Development

IFCA                        -            21st Century School Councils*

IFD                        -            The Adoption of Practices that Promote Educational Goals

IFE                        -            Curriculum Guides and Course Outlines

IGAC                        -            Teaching about Religion

IGAEA               -            HIV, AIDS, HBV and HCV Health Education**

IGAEB            -            Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Prevention, Health Education**

IGAJ            -            Traffic Safety Education

IGBB            -            Talented and Gifted Program

IGBBA            -            Identification – Talented and Gifted**

IGBBB            -            Identification – Talented and Gifted Students among Nontypical Populations**

IGBBC            -            Programs and Services – Talented and Gifted**

IGBC            -            Title I/Parental Involvement

IGBG            -            Homebound Instruction

IGBH            -            Multiple Learning Options

IGBHC            -            Alternative Education Notification**

IGBI            -            Bilingual Education

IGD            -            Cocurricular/Extracurricular Activities

IGDA            -            Student Organizations

IGDB            -            Student Publications

IGDD            -            Student Performances

IGDE            -            Student Activity Fees

IGDF            -            Student Fund-Raising Activities

IGDG            -            Student Activity Funds

IGDH            -            Community-Sponsored Activity Requests

IGDJ            -            Interscholastic Athletics

IGE            -            Adult Education Programs

IHB            -            Class Size

IIA            -            Instructional Resources/Instructional Materials

IIAD            -            Special Interest Materials

IIBD            -            District Media Centers

IICA            -            Field Trips and Special Events**

IICB            -            Community Resource Persons

IICC            -            Volunteers*

IJ            -            Guidance Program

IK            -            Academic Achievement

IKAB            -            Student Progress Reports to Parents**

IKAD            -            Grade Reduction Due to Lack of Attendance

IKB            -            Homework

IKE            -            Retention of Students

IKF            -            Graduation Requirements

IKFA            -            Early Graduation**

IKFB            -            Graduation Exercises

IL            -            Assessment Program**

IM            -            Instructional Program Renewal

INB            -            Studying Controversial Issues

ING            -            Animals in District Facilities


Nancy Coursey of the Oregon School Boards Association responded to questions of the Board.


It was agreed that an administrative rule would be developed for Policy IC/ICA which would include:  “The superintendent will collaboratively present the school calendar to the Site Councils in an effort to gather feedback from parents.”


It was agreed that a new administrative regulation would be attached to Policy IGDB, Student Publications, when administrative regulations are developed.


Board Policy revision IKGA, Certificate of Initial Mastery (CIM) Proficiency Standards has been placed on hold until revision of the Oregon Administrative Rule.


It was recommended that Policies IH – Instructional Arrangements/Assignment to Classes, and IHB, Class Size, be deleted.


Director Keil moved that the Board approve revised policies IA, IB, IBDJA, IC/ICA, ID, IE, IF, IFCA, IFD, IFE, IGAC, IGAEA, IGAEB, IGAJ, IGBB, IGBBA, IGBBB, IGBBC, IGBC, IGBG, IGBH, IGBHC, IGBI, IGD, IGDA, IGDB, IGDD, IGDE, IGDF, IGDG, IGDH, IGDJ, IGE, IIA, IIAD, IIBD, IICA, IICB, IICC, IJ, IK, IKAB, IKAD, IKB, IKE, IKF, IKFA, IKFB, IL, IM, INB, and ING for first reading as presented.  Director Keil further moved that policies IH and IHB be deleted.  Director Amrhein seconded and the motion passed unanimously.


At 10:30 p.m. Director Keil moved that the Board extend the meeting five minutes.  Director Littleton seconded and the motion passed unanimously.


IX.       Old Business


1.         The following Board Policies were presented to the Board for second reading.


GA            -            Personnel Policy Goals

GAA            -            Personnel:  Definitions*

GAB            -            Job Descriptions

GB            -            General Personnel Policies*

GBA            -            Equal Employment Opportunity

GBB            -            Staff Involvement in Decision Making

GBC            -            Staff Conflict of Interest

GBCA            -            Outside Activities and Interests of Employees

GBCAA            -            Care and Use of School Property

GBE            -            Staff Health and Safety

GBEB/JHCC            -            Communicable Diseases

GBEBA            -            Staff – HIV, AIDS and HBV

GBEBAA            -            HBV/Bloodborne Pathogens

GBEC            -            Drug-Free Workplace

GBEDA            -            Drug and Alcohol Testing – Transportation Personnel

GBF            -            Staff Participation in Community Activities

GBG            -            Staff Participation in Political Activities

GBH/JECAC            -            Staff/Student/Parent Relations**

GBHA            -            Parental/Family Relationship**

GBI            -            Gifts and Solicitations

GBK            -            Tobacco Use

GBL            -            Personnel Records

GBM            -            Staff Complaints

GBN/JBA            -            Sexual Harassment

GBNA/JFCF            -            Hazing/Harassment/Intimidation/Bullying/Menacing

GC            -            Licensed Staff Positions

GCBDA/GDBDA -            Family Medical Leave

GCBDB/GDBDB -            Early Return to Work

GCBE            -            Vacations and Holidays

GCC            -            Recruitment of Licensed Staff

GCDA/GDDA -            Criminal Records Checks/Fingerprinting

GCEA            -            Substitute Teachers

GCEC/GDEC            -            Job Sharing

GCI            -            Assignments and Transfers – Licensed Staff

GCL            -            Staff Development – Licensed

GCM            -            Supervision of Licensed Staff

GCN            -            Evaluation of Licensed Staff

GCPB            -            Resignation of Licensed Staff

GCPD            -            Discipline and Dismissal of Licensed Staff

GCQBA            -            Copyrights and Patents

GD            -            Classified Staff/Classified Staff Positions

GDC/GDD            -            Recruitment of Classified Staff

GDIA            -            Notice of Employment

GDL            -            Staff Development – Classified

GDN            -            Evaluation of Classified Staff

GDP            -            Termination of Classified Staff

GDPB            -            Resignation of Classified Staff


Further, it was recommended that the following policies be deleted as they are included in bargained agreements:


GCB/GCBA            -            Licensed Staff Contracts and Compensation

GCPC/GDPC            -            Retirement of Staff

GBDA            -            Salary Schedules

GDI            -            Assignments and Transfers – Classified Staff


Director Keil moved that the Board approve revised policies GA, GAA, GAB, GB, GBA, GBB, GBC, GBCA, GBCAA, GBE, GBEB/JHCC, GBEBA, GBEBAA, GBEC, GBEDA, GBF, GBG, GBH/JECAC, GBHA, GBI, GBK, GBL, GBM, GBN/JBA, GBNA/JFCF, GC, GCBDA/GDBDA, GCBDB/GDBDB, GCBE, GCC, GCDA/GDDA, GCEA, GCEC/GDEC, GCI, GCL, GCM, GCN, GCPB, GCPD, GCQBA, GD, GDC/GDD, GDIA, GDL, GDN, GDP, and GDPB for first reading as presented.   Director Keil further moved that the Board delete board policies GCB/GCBA, GCPC/GDPC, GDBA, and GDI as recommended.  Director Parker seconded and the motion passed unanimously.


A copy of the revised policies are attached hereto and become a part of these minutes.


X.            Announcements and Appointments


A Budget Committee Meeting will be held Monday, April 19, 2004, at 7:00 p.m. in the District Board Room to present the proposed 2004-05 budget document.


The Board will hold a Work Session on Monday, April 26, 2004, at 7:00 p.m. at Ashland Middle School to review the middle school portion of the Ashland Quality Education Model.


The next regular session will be held on May 10, 2004, at 7:30 p.m. in the Ashland Council Chambers.


XI.            Adjournment


            There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 10:33 p.m.


Jeanne Peterson, Executive Secretary



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