Free and Reduced Lunch - Your Student might Qualify!

As you may know, over the past several years, our federal Title I funding has decreased drastically. This money is directly aligned to the number of students who are eligible for Free and Reduced Lunch. This year, less students have applied for the F&R Lunch Application than in other years, which means we receive less federal money. You can find more information below about how we use these funds. Please help out our students and apply today! To complete the online application, CLICK HERE.
Free and Reduced Lunch Applications
Frequently Asked Questions:
Are all families who qualify enrolled?
-       No, many families qualify and they are not in enrolled in the program.
Do students who qualify have to eat hot lunch?
-       No, enrolled students do not have to eat hot lunch.
Why should we apply?
-       The more approved applications we have, the more money Walker school receives.
-       It also makes us eligible for state and federal grants.
What programs rely on this funding?
-       Reading Intervention classes
-       Child Development Specialist
-       Educational Assistants
-       Student Advocate
-       Art Room
-       Student Leadership
-       Peer Mediation
-       Family Fluency Library
-       Summer School
-       And other programs

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