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Marius  Boone  Girls Basketball - Assistant Coach  Athletics   
Rick  Brown  Crew - Head Coach  Athletics   
Blaire  Buckley  Athletic Trainer  Athletics   
Scott  Chadick  Football - Assistant Coach  Athletics   
Rosie  Converse  Girls Basketball - JV Coach / Track & Field - Assistant Coach  Athletics   
Judith  Cope  Crew - Novice Coach  Athletics   
Natalie  Del Carlo  Water Polo - Head Varsity Coach  Athletics   
Jerry  Fitzpatrick  Alpine Ski - Assistant Coach  Athletics   
Abdiaziz   Guled  Boys Soccer - Varsity Head Coach  Athletics   
Rolly  Gutierrez  Girls Tennis - Varsity Head Coach  Athletics   
Nicholas  Hall  Baseball - Assistant Varsity Coach  Athletics   
Johnnie  Hines  Track & Field - Assistant Coach / Boys Basketball - Freshman Coach  Athletics   
Charles  Howarth  Water Polo - Assistant Coach  Athletics   
Brian  Jimenez  Snowboarding - Head Coach  Athletics   
Aidan   Jones  Girls Soccer - Assistant Coach / Wrestling - Assistant Coach / Boys & Girls Golf - Head Varsity Coach   Athletics   
Bob  Julian   Cross Country - Assistant Coach  Athletics   
Gary  King  Alpine Ski - Head Coach  Athletics   
Gary  King  Apline Ski - Varsity Head Coach  Athletics   
Ryan   King  Cross Country - Head Coach  Athletics   
Todd  Lantry  Swimming - Varsity Head Coach  Athletics   
Joe  Lealofi  Football - Assistant Coach  Athletics   
Beau  Lehnerz  Football - Varsity Head Coach  Athletics   
Greg  Lemhouse  Basketball - JV Coach  Athletics   
Amanda  Linnehan  Softball - Varsity Head Coach  Athletics   
Liz  Madden  Volleyball - Assistant Varsity Coach  Athletics   
Chelsea  Mannebach  Swimming - Assistant Coach  Athletics   
Emily  McPherson  Snowboarding - Assistant Coach  Athletics   
Laura  Morse  Volleyball - Varsity Head Coach  Athletics   
Lee  Nagareda  Boys & Girls Golf - Assistant Coach  Athletics   
Marg  Orlik-Hill  Athletic Department Secretary  Athletics   
Sam  Osofsky  Basketball - Varsity Head Coach  Athletics   
Joel  Perkins  Boys Basketball - Assistant Varsity Coach  Athletics   
Antione  Perry  Football - Assistant Coach / Girls Basketball - Varsity Head Coach  Athletics   
Ashly  Peters  Equestrian - Assistant Coach  Athletics   
Shiloh  Powers  Volleyball - JV2 Coach  Athletics   
Galen  Prichard  Snowboarding - Assistant Coach  Athletics   
Monika  Ramirez  Cheerleading - Head Coach  Athletics   
Pete   Reinhardt  Nordic Ski - Varsity Head Coach  Athletics   
Brad  Roupp  Boys Soccer - Co Varsity Head Coach  Athletics   
Nate  Roupp  Boys Soccer - JV Coach  Athletics   
Bubba  Rylance  Football - Assistant Coach  Athletics   
Jocelyn  Sanford  Water Polo - Assistant Coach  Athletics   
Kamerun  Smith  Football - Assistant Coach  Athletics   
Tita  Soriano  Volleyball - JV Coach  Athletics   
Tito   Soriano  Football - Assistant Coach  Athletics   
Laura  Stutesman  Equestrian - Head Coach  Athletics   
Eric  Sullivan  Football - Freshman Coach  Athletics   
Adam  Turner  Head Coach: Wrestling  Athletics   
Hans  Voskes  Track & Field - Varsity Head Coach  Athletics   
Eric   Wolff  Girls Soccer - Varsity Head Coach / Track & Field - Assistant Coach  Athletics   
Dana  Yearsley  Girls Soccer - JV1 Coach  Athletics   
Ari  Zaslow  Boys Tennis - Head Varsity Coach  Athletics   

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