Staff Directory

First Name 
Last Name 
Leilani  Alvord  1st Grade Teacher  Walker Elementary   
Jessica   Bakke  2nd Grade Teacher  Walker Elementary   
Cheryl   Beugli  Office Manage  Walker Elementary   
Tiffany  Burns  Principal  Walker Elementary   
Nicole  Carbone  Special Education Assistant  Walker Elementary   
Nicole  Cardoza  Education Assistant  Walker Elementary   
Deborah  Cislo  Educational Assistant  Walker Elementary   
Tyler   Claycomb  3rd Grade Teacher  Walker Elementary   
Kacy  Cuddy  Reading Specialist  Walker Elementary   
Pix  Cue  Educational Assistant  Walker Elementary   
Michelle  Cureno  Education Assistant  Walker Elementary   
Joanne  Cyphers  Special Education - Resource Teacher  Walker Elementary   
Amanda  Dallas  3rd Grade Teacher  Walker Elementary   
Matt  Damon  Library Specialist  Walker Elementary   
Lori  Davis  Food Service Worker  Walker Elementary   
Courtney  Farmer  Education Assistant  Walker Elementary   
Kyla  Ferguson  1st/2nd Grade Teacher  Walker Elementary   
Debbie  Fitzpatrick  Site Based Technician - Walker Elementary   Walker Elementary   
Diane   Fletcher  Education Assistant  Walker Elementary   
Dylana  Garfas  4th Grade Teacher  Walker Elementary   
Mary  Giancarlo  Child Development Specialist  Walker Elementary   
Julie  Grantham  Education Assistant  Walker Elementary   
Katherine  Gray  Education Assistant  Walker Elementary   
sophie  Green  Education Assistant  Walker Elementary   
Jim  Hagemann  PE Teacher  Walker Elementary   
Brenda   Hunt  Education Assistant  Walker Elementary   
Ryan  Jackson  1st Grade Teacher  Walker Elementary   
Emily   Jeffs  Music Specialist  Walker Elementary   
Dorinda  Jones  Education Assistant  Walker Elementary   
Thalia  Jones  Food Service Worker - Kitchen Manager  Walker Elementary   
Nora   Knox  School Psychologist  Walker Elementary   
Lisa  March  Head Custodian  Walker Elementary   
Kathleen  Mateas  2nd Grade Teacher  Walker Elementary   
Alexi  McCullough  4th/5th Grade Blend Teacher  Walker Elementary   
Roxanne  McKee  Education Assistant  Walker Elementary   
Debbie  Miedecke  Educational Assistant  Walker Elementary   
Jennifer  Parks  4th/5th Grade Blend Teacher  Walker Elementary   
Sarah  Ratto  Education Assistant  Walker Elementary   
Kouba  Sayre  Kindergarten Teacher  Walker Elementary   
David  Schirner  5th Grade Teacher  Walker Elementary   
Mary  Shaffer  Child Development Specialist  Walker Elementary   
Megan  Sinclair  Education Assistant  Walker Elementary   
Vonna  Skidmore  Educational Assistant  Walker Elementary   
Pascale  Soderstrom  Speech & Language Specialist  Walker Elementary   
Sierra  Stamps  Special Education Assistant  Walker Elementary   
Nancy  Steele  Custodian  Walker Elementary   
Carolyn  Stone  PE Teacher  Walker Elementary   
Katherine  Sullivan  Youth Advocate  Walker Elementary   
Beth  VanZee  5th Grade Teacher  Walker Elementary   
Lori  Wolfe  English Language Learning Teacher  Walker Elementary   
James  Yarbrough  Education Assistant  Walker Elementary   
Teresa  Yurchis  Kindergaren Teacher  Walker Elementary   

Today's Events - Friday March 23 2018
Boys Freshman/Sophomore Baseball
Grants Pass HS
- 5:00 PM
Upcoming Events - Saturday March 24 2018
Boys Varsity Baseball
Marist HS
- 1:00 PM
Girls Junior Varsity Softball
Eagle Point HS
- 1:00 PM
Boys Varsity Baseball
Marist HS
- 3:00 PM
Girls Junior Varsity Softball
Eagle Point HS
- 3:00 PM
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