Staff Directory

First Name 
Last Name 
Robin  Bayouth  Education Assistant - Reading  Helman Elementary   
Jennifer  Becking  Educational Assistant  Helman Elementary   
Megan   Collins  Education Assistant  Helman Elementary   
Tara  Cottle  Site Technician - Helman Elementary   Helman Elementary   
Quinn  Courtright  Education Assistant  Helman Elementary   
Michelle  Cuddeback  Principal  Helman Elementary   
Matt  Damon  Librarian  Helman Elementary   
Viola  DeMent  Education Assistant  Helman Elementary   
Toni  DiMaggio  Second Grade Teacher  Helman Elementary   
Trish  Dorr  Fourth Grade Teacher  Helman Elementary   
Mia  Driscoll  Kindergarten Teacher  Helman Elementary   
Jessica  Dunbar  Education Assistant  Helman Elementary   
Joe  Dunbrasky  Fifth Grade Teacher  Helman Elementary   
Erin  Finney  Special Education Assistant  Helman Elementary   
Adrian  Garcia  Custodian  Helman Elementary   
Jim   Hagemann  P.E. Teacher  Helman Elementary   
Christy  Hope  Education Assistant  Helman Elementary   
Kim   Hosford  School Psychologist  Helman Elementary   
Sheila   Jarvis  Special Educational Assistant  Helman Elementary   
Russ   Johnson  3rd Grade Teacher  Helman Elementary   
Carmen  Lenormand  Food Service Worker  Helman Elementary   
Susan   Leopold  Education Assistant  Helman Elementary   
Kelly  Martin  First Grade Teacher  Helman Elementary   
Valerie  McCoy  Kindergarten Grade Teacher  Helman Elementary   
Meredith  McFadden  Child Development Specialist  Helman Elementary   
Tia  McLean  Kindergarten Teacher  Helman Elementary   
Randy  McWhorter  Custodian  Helman Elementary   
Sylvia  Medeiros  Education Assistant  Helman Elementary   
Amy  Merwin  Music Specialist  Helman Elementary   
Heidi  Parro  Education Assistant  Helman Elementary   
Ashley  Schwedes  Reading Specialist  Helman Elementary   
Mark  Sherbow  Fourth Grade Teacher  Helman Elementary   
Camille  Siders  Third Grade Teacher  Helman Elementary   
Vonna  Skidmore  Education Assistant  Helman Elementary   
Kari  Smith  First Grade Teacher  Helman Elementary   
Becky   Sniffen  Educational Assistant  Helman Elementary   
Mary  Snowden  Second Grade Teacher  Helman Elementary   
Derek  Snyder  Education Assistant  Helman Elementary   
Marie  Soderstrom  Speech & Language Specialist  Helman Elementary   
Arianna  Van Heusen  Education Assistant  Helman Elementary   
Janet  Voorhies  Special Education - Resource Teacher  Helman Elementary   
Ellen  Werner  Fourth Grade Teacher  Helman Elementary   
Malinda  Wood  Office Manager  Helman Elementary   

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