Staff Directory

First Name 
Last Name 
Christine   Adams  Education Assistant  Bellview Elementary   
Christine  Adams  Reading Specialist  Bellview Elementary   
Lynda  Bell  Site Based Special Education Intermediate Teacher  Bellview Elementary   
Michelle  Bolinger  Child Development Specialist  Bellview Elementary   
David  Brendlinger  Teacher on Special Assignment  Bellview Elementary   
Jennifer  Burdorf  Custodian  Bellview Elementary   
Cory  Carnes  4th Grade Teacher  Bellview Elementary   
Julie  Claycomb  Educational Assistant  Bellview Elementary   
Matt  Damon  Library Specialist  Bellview Elementary   
Pamela  Eddington  First Grade Teacher  Bellview Elementary   
Liz  Edwards  Education Assistant  Bellview Elementary   
Sallie  Ehrman  Education Assistant  Bellview Elementary   
Renee  Gardener  Second Grade Teacher  Bellview Elementary   
Lindsay  Gates  Third Grade Teacher  Bellview Elementary   
Ellen  Gayton  Education Assistant  Bellview Elementary   
Kathleen  Godard  Special Education Assistant - Site Based Classroom   Bellview Elementary   
Ingrid  Hansen  Second Grade Teacher  Bellview Elementary   
Kathleen  Haynes  Food Service Worker  Bellview Elementary   
Sonia  Hill  Educational Assistant  Bellview Elementary   
Kim  Hosford  School Psychologist  Bellview Elementary   
Angela  Johnson  PE Teacher  Bellview Elementary   
Debbie  Laird  Education Assistant  Bellview Elementary   
Mary  Lindon  Special Educational Assistant - Site Based Classroom  Bellview Elementary   
Alissa  Lipking  Special Education Assistant - Site Based Classroom  Bellview Elementary   
Jeff  Mann  Resource Teacher  Bellview Elementary   
Rebekkah  McAlvage  First Grade Teacher  Bellview Elementary   
Jessica  McClain  Education Assistant  Bellview Elementary   
Christine  McCollom  Principal  Bellview Elementary   
Sage   Meadows  Music Specialist  Bellview Elementary   
Anita  Mendez  Special Education Teacher - Site Based Classroom  Bellview Elementary   
Elizabeth  Merritt  Special Education Assistant - Site Based Classroom  Bellview Elementary   
Emily  Murrietta  Education Assistant  Bellview Elementary   
Joleen  Nagareda  Computer Technician  Bellview Elementary   
Caitlyn   Olson  Fifth Grade Teacher  Bellview Elementary   
Traci   Ordonez  Special Education Assistant - Site Based Classroom  Bellview Elementary   
Candace  Palmesano  Third Grade Teacher  Bellview Elementary   
Anne-Marie  Pedersen  Education Assistant  Bellview Elementary   
Casey  Pedrone  Education Assistant  Bellview Elementary   
Sheri  Preskenis  Fourth Grade Teacher  Bellview Elementary   
Connie  Rainwater  Head Custodian  Bellview Elementary   
Brooke  Richie  Special Education Assistant - Site Based Classroom  Bellview Elementary   
Glenn  Sagal  Media Assistant  Bellview Elementary   
Max   Schmeling   Fifth Grade Teacher  Bellview Elementary   
Molly   Shenandoah  Kindergarten Teacher  Bellview Elementary   
Miriam  Sundheim  Education Assistant  Bellview Elementary   
Daniel  Tolliver  Education Assistant  Bellview Elementary   
Lillian  Toothman  Food Service Worker - Kitchen Manager  Bellview Elementary   
Jeannine  Towle  Special Education Assistant  Bellview Elementary   
Erin  Van Dyke  Kindergarten Teacher  Bellview Elementary   
Maya  Voorhies  Kindergarten Teacher  Bellview Elementary   
Maggie  Wells  Special Educational Assistant - Site Based Classroom  Bellview Elementary   
Doug  Werner  Education Assistant  Bellview Elementary   
Brittany  Whitfield  Speech & Language Specialist  Bellview Elementary   
Meg  Wright  Office Manager  Bellview Elementary   

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