Staff Directory

First Name 
Last Name 
Mary  Ackles  Speech & Language Specialist  Bellview Elementary   
Christine   Adams  Education Assistant  Bellview Elementary   
Darin  Adams  Custodian  Ashland High School   
Lisa  Albano    Willow Wind CLC   
Donnie  Albert  Maintenance Worker   Departments/
Loraine  Albertson  Education Assistant  Ashland High School   
Shahid  Ali  Network Engineer II  Departments/
Technology Services
Colleen  Allen  Education Assistant  Ashland Middle School   
Leilani  Alvord  1st Grade Teacher  Walker Elementary   
Tamara  Anderson  Math Teacher  Ashland High School   
Bryant  Artry  Food Serivice Worker  Ashland High School   
Elisabeth  Atanes  7/8 Spanish  Ashland Middle School   
Jennifer  Bacon  Speech & Language Specialist  John Muir School   
Susan   Bacon  Executive Director, Ashland Schools Foundation  Ashland Middle School   
Carol  Baker  Special Educational Assistant  Ashland High School   
Terri  Baker  Special Education Bus Driver  Departments/
Jessica   Bakke  2nd Grade Teacher  Walker Elementary   
Karyn  Barats  Counseling Office Secretary  Ashland High School   
Erika  Bare  Principal  Ashland High School   
Vickie  Bates  Special Educational Assistant  Ashland Middle School   
Robin  Bayouth  Education Assistant - Reading  Helman Elementary   
Jennifer  Becking  Education Assistant  Helman Elementary   
Ryan  Beil  Youth Advocate  Ashland High School   
Jennifer   Bein  Math Teacher  Ashland High School   
Lynda  Bell  Site Based Special Education Intermediate Teacher  Bellview Elementary   
Thomas  Bell  Custodian  Ashland Middle School   
Richard  Bergh  School Bus Driver  Departments/
Diane  Berry  Guidance Counselor  Ashland High School   
Cheryl   Beugli  Office Manage  Walker Elementary   
Elizabeth  Bianco  Non-Licensed Course Instructor  Willow Wind CLC   
Byron  Birss  Education Assistant  John Muir School   
Betsy  Bishop  Humanities & Fine Arts Teacher  Ashland High School   
Steven  Bismarck  Spanish Teacher  Ashland Middle School   
Michael  Black  Bond Committee Member   
Stacy  Bloodworth  Education Assistant  Willow Wind CLC   
Brook  Boden  Special Education Teacher  Ashland High School   
Samuel  Bogdanove  Director of Student Services  Departments/
Samuel  Bogdanove  Director of Student Services  Departments/
Student Services
Michelle  Bolinger  Child Development Specialist  John Muir School   
Michelle  Bolinger  Child Development Specialist  Bellview Elementary   
Peter  Bolling  Humanities Teacher  Ashland High School   
Marius  Boone  Girls Basketball - Assistant Coach  Athletics   
Meggean  Bos-Marquez  CTE/Engineering & Leadership Teacher  Ashland High School   
James  Bowers  5th/6th Grade Teacher  John Muir School   
Christine  Boyd  Art Teacher  Ashland Middle School   
David  Brendlinger  Teacher on Special Assignment  Bellview Elementary   
David  Brendlinger  Skills Teacher  Ashland High School   
Alexandra  Bringer  Education Assistant  Willow Wind CLC   
Jill  Britt  Math Teacher  Ashland High School   
Richard  Britt  CTE/Engineering Teacher  Ashland High School   
Belinda  Brown  Elementary School and Middle School Nurse  Ashland Middle School   
Belinda   Brown  School Nurse  John Muir School   
Lisa  Brown  Cafeteria Manager - Ashland Middle School  Departments/
Food Service
Lisa  Brown  Cafeteria Manager  Ashland Middle School   
Rick  Brown  Crew - Head Coach  Athletics   
Ignacio  Bucio  World Language Teacher  Ashland High School   
Blaire  Buckley  Athletic Trainer  Athletics   
Jennifer  Burdorf  Custodian  Bellview Elementary   
Jennifer  Burgdorf  Food Service Worker & Crossing Guard  Ashland High School   
Tamra  Burnett  School Bus Driver-Special Education  Departments/
Patrick  Burns  Maintenance - Grounds Worker  Departments/
Tiffany  Burns  Principal  Walker Elementary   
Karoli  Cadarette  Social Studies Teacher  Ashland Middle School   
Nicole  Carbone  Special Education Assistant  Walker Elementary   
Nicole  Cardoza  Education Assistant  Walker Elementary   
Catherine  Carne  Secretary to Director of Human Resources & Curriculum   Departments/
Human Resources
Cory  Carnes  4th Grade Teacher  Bellview Elementary   
Karen  Carnival  Bond Committee Member   
Joslin  Carson  Secretary  Ashland High School   
Jenifer  Carstensen  Band Teacher  Ashland Middle School   
Karl  Carstensen  PE Teacher  Ashland Middle School   
Lindsey  Caruso  Math Teacher  Ashland Middle School   
Jaquelyn  Case    Ashland High School   
Dannette  Catropa  Office Manager  Willow Wind CLC   
Scott   Chadick  Accounting Assistant  Departments/
Scott  Chadick  Football - Assistant Coach  Athletics   
Chris  Chambers  Budget Committee Member   Homepage   
Candice Mary  Chapman  Educational Assistant  Ashland Middle School   
Deborah  Cislo  Educational Assistant  Walker Elementary   
Louise   Clausen  Education Asisstant  Ashland Middle School   
Julie  Claycomb  Educational Assistant  Bellview Elementary   
Tyler   Claycomb  3rd Grade Teacher  Walker Elementary   
Megan   Collins  Education Assistant  Helman Elementary   
Anne  Collonge  Third Grade Teacher  Helman Elementary   
Gladys  Contreras  World Language Teacher  Ashland High School   
Rosie  Converse  Girls Basketball - JV Coach / Track & Field - Assistant Coach  Athletics   
Karen   Cooke  Music Specialist  Bellview Elementary   
Judith  Cope  Crew - Novice Coach  Athletics   
Aimee  Cork  Humanities Teacher  Ashland High School   
Kelly   Cormier  Special Education Teacher  Ashland Middle School   
Libre  Cory  Humanities Teacher  Ashland High School   
Sandra  Coster  Bond Committee Co-Chair   
Eviane  Coton  Non-Licensed Course Instructor  Willow Wind CLC   
Tara  Cottle  Site Technician - Helman Elementary  Departments/
Technology Services
Tara  Cottle  Site Technician - Helman Elementary   Helman Elementary   
Quinn  Courtright  Education Assistant  Helman Elementary   
Deneice  Covert Zeve  School Board Chair  School Board   
Jennifer  Craugh  Science Teacher  Ashland Middle School   
Teri  Crosby  Education Assistant  Willow Wind CLC   
Michelle  Cuddeback  Principal  Helman Elementary   
Kacy  Cuddy  Reading Specialist  Walker Elementary   
Pix  Cue  Educational Assistant  Walker Elementary   
Brad  Cummings  Head Custodian  Ashland Middle School   
Michelle  Cureno  Education Assistant  Walker Elementary   
Joanne  Cyphers  Special Education - Resource Teacher  Walker Elementary   
Amanda  Dallas  3rd Grade Teacher  Walker Elementary   
Matt  Damon  Library Specialist  Walker Elementary   
Matt  Damon  Librarian  Helman Elementary   
Matt  Damon  Library Specialist  Bellview Elementary   
Laura  Davidson  Family & Consumer Studies Teacher  Ashland High School   
Laura  Davis  Office Manager  John Muir School   
Lori  Davis  Food Service Worker  Departments/
Food Service
Lori  Davis  Food Service Worker  Walker Elementary   
Dominique  Day  Non-Licensed Course Instructor  Willow Wind CLC   
Meghan  De Los Reyes  PE Teacher  Ashland Middle School   
Jesse  Deckelman  Custodian  Ashland Middle School   
Natalie  Del Carlo  Water Polo - Head Varsity Coach  Athletics   
Stacey  Delgado  Director of Transportation  Departments/
Viola  DeMent  Education Assistant  Helman Elementary   
Becky  DeSalvo  Science Teacher  Ashland High School   
Ines  Diez  Educational Assistant  Willow Wind CLC   
Anthony  DiMaggio  Food Service Worker  Departments/
Food Service
Toni  DiMaggio  Second Grade Teacher  Helman Elementary   
John  Doris  Site Technician - Ashland Middle School  Ashland Middle School   
John   Doris  Site Technician - Ashland Middle School/John Muir School   Departments/
Technology Services
Trish  Dorr  Fourth Grade Teacher  Helman Elementary   
Mia  Driscoll  Kindergarten Teacher  Helman Elementary   
Allana  Drossos  Education Assistant  Bellview Elementary   
Stephanie  Dryer  Special Education Assistant  Ashland High School   
Jessica  Dunbar  Education Assistant  Helman Elementary   
Joe  Dunbrasky  Fifth Grade Teacher  Helman Elementary   
Jessica  Duval  Education Assistant  Bellview Elementary   
Stephanie  Dyer  Special Education Assistant  John Muir School   
Pamela  Eddington  First Grade Teacher  Bellview Elementary   
Liz  Edwards  Education Assistant  Bellview Elementary   
Jennifer  Egan  Child Development Specialist  Ashland Middle School   
Sallie  Ehrman  Education Assistant  Bellview Elementary   
Jordan  Ely  Director of Business Services  Departments/
Allandra  Emerson  Education Assistant  John Muir School   
Carrie  Eskenazi  Speech and Language Specialist  John Muir School   
Steven  Essig  Special Education Assistant - Site Based Classroom  Ashland High School   
Debra  Falk  Student Services Administrative Assistant  Departments/
Student Services
Andrew  Fallman  Special Education Assistant - Site Based Classroom  Bellview Elementary   
Courtney  Farmer  Education Assistant  Walker Elementary   
Erin   Federline  Science Teacher  Ashland High School   
Kyla  Ferguson  1st/2nd Grade Teacher  Walker Elementary   
Debbie  Fitzpatrick  Site Based Technician - Walker Elementary   Walker Elementary   
Debbie  Fitzpatrick  Site Technician - Walker Elementary School/Willow Wind CLC  Departments/
Technology Services
Debbie  Fitzpatrick  Site Technician - Walker Elementary & Willow Wind  Willow Wind CLC   
Jerry  Fitzpatrick  Alpine Ski - Assistant Coach  Athletics   
Diane   Fletcher  Education Assistant  Walker Elementary   
Jacob   Franco  Custodian  Ashland High School   
Kim  Freeman  CLC Teacher  Willow Wind CLC   
Allison  French  PE & Health Teacher  Ashland High School   
Adrian  Garcia  Custodian  Helman Elementary   
Renee  Gardener  Second Grade Teacher  Bellview Elementary   
Dylana  Garfas  4th Grade Teacher  Walker Elementary   
Jared  Gary  Maintenance - Electrician  Departments/
Lindsay  Gates  Third Grade Teacher  Bellview Elementary   
Ellen  Gayton  Education Assistant  Bellview Elementary   
Mary  Giancarlo  Child Development Specialist  Walker Elementary   
Jennifer  Gibbs  Budget Committee Member   Homepage   
Kayleigh  Glenn  Food Service Worker - Kitchen Manager  Ashland High School   
Kayleigh  Glenn  Nutrition Service - Kitchen Manager  Departments/
Food Service
Kathleen  Godard  Special Education Assistant - Site Based Classroom   Bellview Elementary   
Roger  Godard  School Bus Driver  Departments/
Nora  Godfrey-Dismuk  Education Assistant  Ashland High School   
Jennifer  Gonzalez  Spanish Teacher  Ashland Middle School   
Sarah   Gore  Non-Licensed Course Instructor  Willow Wind CLC   
Tonya  Graham  Bond Committee Co-Chair   
Julie  Grantham  Education Assistant  Walker Elementary   
Katherine  Gray  Education Assistant  Walker Elementary   
sophie  Green  Education Assistant  Walker Elementary   
Shawn  Grimmesey  Maintenance - Lead Custodian  Departments/
Jennifer  Grisham  Program Analyst  Departments/
Technology Services
Abdiaziz   Guled  Boys Soccer - Varsity Head Coach  Athletics   
Abdiaziz  Guled  Youth Advocate  Ashland Middle School   
Jennifer  Guo  World Language Teacher  Ashland High School   
Rolly  Gutierrez  Girls Tennis - Varsity Head Coach  Athletics   
Rebecca  Gyarmathy  Principal, John Muir School   John Muir School   
Jamie  Haden  Health Teacher  Ashland Middle School   
Jim  Hagemann  Athletic Director  Ashland Middle School   
Jim  Hagemann  PE Teacher  Walker Elementary   
Jim   Hagemann  P.E. Teacher  Helman Elementary   
Charlie  Hall  Baseball - Varsity Assistant Coach  Athletics   
Nicholas  Hall  Baseball - Assistant Varsity Coach  Athletics   
Doug  Ham  Theater Stage Manager  Ashland High School   
Ingrid  Hansen  Second Grade Teacher  Bellview Elementary   
Angela  Hanson  Secretary   Ashland High School   
Angela  Hanson  Education Assistant  Ashland High School   
Greg  Hanzel  Special Education Teacher  Ashland Middle School   
Don  Harding  Maintenance - Irrigation & Sprinklers  Departments/
Brittany  Hardy  6th Grade Teacher  Ashland Middle School   
Hillary  Harper  Science Teacher   Ashland Middle School   
Blair  Harrison  Special Education Assistant   Ashland Middle School   
Jim   Hartman  Science Teacher  Ashland High School   
Timothy  Hartsough  Maintenance - Grounds worker  Departments/
Robin  Hawley  Teacher  Willow Wind CLC   
Kathleen   Haynes  Nutrition Service Worker  Departments/
Food Service
Kathleen  Haynes  Maintenance Secretary  Departments/
Kathleen  Haynes  Food Service Worker  Ashland Middle School   
Kathleen  Haynes  Food Service Worker  Bellview Elementary   
Kimberley  Healey  Humanities & World Language Teacher  Ashland High School   
Students  Health Center  Student Health Center  Ashland High School   
Kristi  Healy  Ashland Middle School   
Vanessa  Heckman  Humanities Teacher  Ashland High School   
Vallarie  Henry  Custodian  Ashland Middle School   
Vallarie  Henry  Custodian  Willow Wind CLC   
Sue  Herring  Payroll & Benefits Specialist  Departments/
Human Resources
Sonia  Hill  Educational Assistant  Bellview Elementary   
Johnnie  Hines  Track & Field - Assistant Coach / Boys Basketball - Freshman Coach  Athletics   
Jamie  Hirsh  Humanities Teacher  Ashland High School   
Joseph  Hitchko  Education Assistant  Helman Elementary   
Barbie  Hobein  World Language Teacher  Ashland High School   
Todd  Hobein  Science Teacher  Ashland High School   
Katherine  Holden  Assistant Principal   Ashland Middle School   
Jacob  Holderman  Social Studies Teacher  Ashland Middle School   
Sheila  Holtey  Secretary II  Ashland High School   
Ashlee  Hope  PE Teacher  John Muir School   
Christine  Hope  Education Assistant  Helman Elementary   
Christy  Hope  Education Assistant  Helman Elementary   
Kim  Hosford  School Psychologist  Bellview Elementary   
Kim   Hosford  School Psychologist  Helman Elementary   
Charles  Howarth  Water Polo - Assistant Coach  Athletics   
Alexandra  Huang  Bookkeeper  Ashland High School   
Paul  Huard  Humanities Teacher  Ashland High School   
Susan  Hudson  Special Educational Assistant  Ashland Middle School   
Eping  Hung  Non-Licensed Course Instructor  Willow Wind CLC   
Brenda   Hunt  Education Assistant  Walker Elementary   
Alison   Hutchins  6th Grade Language Arts Intervention  Ashland Middle School   
Julie  Inada  Language Arts Teacher   Ashland Middle School   
Ryan  Jackson  1st Grade Teacher  Walker Elementary   
Maryetta  Jacques  Youth Advocate  Ashland High School   
Sheila   Jarvis  Special Educational Assistant  Helman Elementary   
Emily   Jeffs  Music Specialist  Walker Elementary   
Brian  Jimenez  Snowboarding - Head Coach  Athletics   
Angela  Johnson  PE Teacher  Bellview Elementary   
Bonnie  Johnson  Education Assistant  Ashland High School   
James  Johnson  Academic Support Class supervisor  Ashland Middle School   
Russ   Johnson  Kindergarten Teacher  Helman Elementary   
Zuna  Johnson  English Language Learning Teacher  Ashland Middle School   
Zuna  Johnson  English Second Language Teacher  Ashland High School   
Zuna  Johnson  English Language Learning Teacher  John Muir School   
Aidan   Jones  Girls Soccer - Assistant Coach / Wrestling - Assistant Coach / Boys & Girls Golf - Head Varsity Coach   Athletics   
Dorinda  Jones  Education Assistant  Walker Elementary   
Leigh  Jones  Speech & Language Specialist  Ashland High School   
Leigh  Jones  Speech & Language Specialist  Ashland Middle School   
Thalia  Jones  Food Service Worker - Kitchen Manager  Walker Elementary   
Bob  Julian   Cross Country - Assistant Coach  Athletics   
Robert  Julian  Social Studies Teacher  Ashland Middle School   
Karl  Kemper  Athletic & Activities Director  Ashland High School   
McKael  Kenfield  Science Teacher  Ashland High School   
Kate  Kennedy  Science Teacher  Ashland High School   
Kim  Keoppen  Teacher  Willow Wind CLC   
Gary  King  Alpine Ski - Head Coach  Athletics   
Gary  King  Apline Ski - Varsity Head Coach  Athletics   
Ryan   King  Cross Country - Head Coach  Athletics   
Lacy  Kleespie  Teacher  Willow Wind CLC   
Nora   Knox  School Psychologist  Walker Elementary   
Nora  Knox  School Psychologist  Ashland Middle School   
Debbie  Laird  Education Assistant  Bellview Elementary   
Tricia  LaMontagne  Educational Assistant - Computer Lab Attendant  Ashland Middle School   
Sarah  Lang  Special Education Assistant  Ashland Middle School   
Todd  Lantry  Swimming - Varsity Head Coach  Athletics   
Debbie  Larsen  Library Assistant  Ashland Middle School   
Kathryn  Lawrence   Education Assistant  Ashland Middle School   
John (Max)  Lawson  Willow Wind Teacher  Willow Wind CLC   
Joe  Lealofi  Football - Assistant Coach  Athletics   
Jim  Lebo  Science Teacher  Ashland High School   
Shiane  Lebrecque  Nutrition Service Worker  Departments/
Food Service
Martha  Lee  School Bus Driver  Departments/
Pam  Lefler  Attendance Secretary  Ashland Middle School   
Christina   Lehman  Secretary  Ashland High School   
Beau  Lehnerz  PE & Health Teacher  Ashland High School   
Beau  Lehnerz  Football - Varsity Head Coach  Athletics   
Greg  Lemhouse  Basketball - JV Coach  Athletics   
Carmen   LeNormand  Nutrition Service Worker  Departments/
Food Service
Carmen  Lenormand  Food Service Worker  Helman Elementary   
Tori  Lentfer  Media Assistant  Ashland High School   
Susan   Leopold  Education Assistant  Helman Elementary   
Leslie  Levy  Educational Assistant  Ashland Middle School   
Mary  Lindon  Special Educational Assistant - Site Based Classroom  Bellview Elementary   
Amanda  Linnehan  Softball - Varsity Head Coach  Athletics   
Alissa  Lipking  Special Education Assistant - Site Based Classroom  Bellview Elementary   
Jennifer   Losinski  Math Teacher  Ashland Middle School   
Erika  Lowe  Education Assistant  Willow Wind CLC   
Sarah  Lowenberg  Non-Licensed Course Instructor  Willow Wind CLC   
Daric  Lucero  Budget Committee Member   Homepage   
Quentinn  Macklin  Education Assistant  Ashland High School   
Liz  Madden  Volleyball - Assistant Varsity Coach  Athletics   
Byron  Mallard  School Bus Driiver  Departments/
Kerri  Mallory  Registrar Secretary  Ashland Middle School   
Eugene  Mandell  Speech & Debate Teacher  Ashland High School   
Jeff  Mann  Resource Teacher  Bellview Elementary   
Chelsea  Mannebach  Swimming - Assistant Coach  Athletics   
Lisa  March  Head Custodian  Walker Elementary   
Kenneth   Marone  Food Serivice Worker  Ashland Middle School   
Matthew  Marr  Education Assistant  Ashland High School   
Kenneth  Marrone  Nutrition Service Worker  Departments/
Food Service
Melanie  Marrone  Assistant Principal  Ashland High School   
Jennifer  Marsden  ASPIRE Coordinator  Ashland High School   
Laura  Marshall  Special Education Assistant  Ashland High School   
Kelly  Martin  Third Grade Teacher  Helman Elementary   
Nancy  Martin  Humanities Teacher   Ashland High School   
Angelica  Martinez Ramirez  Food Service Worker  Ashland Middle School   
Kathleen  Mateas  2nd Grade Teacher  Walker Elementary   
Velda  Matsdorf  Reading/Math Teacher Specialist  John Muir School   
Jill  Matthews  Bus Driver  Departments/
Rebekkah  McAlvage  First Grade Teacher  Bellview Elementary   
Pravina  McClure  Educational Assistant  Willow Wind CLC   
Christine  McCollom  Principal  Bellview Elementary   
Valerie  McCoy  First Grade Teacher  Helman Elementary   
Alexi  McCullough  4th/5th Grade Blend Teacher  Walker Elementary   
Kaitlin  McDonald  Education Assistant  Bellview Elementary   
Meredith  McFadden  Child Development Specialist  Helman Elementary   
Tish   McFadden    Willow Wind CLC   
Amanda  McGrew  Humanities Teacher  Ashland High School   
Roxanne  McKee  Education Assistant  Walker Elementary   
Shannon  McKellar  School Bus Driver  Departments/
Tia  McLean  Kindergarten Teacher  Helman Elementary   
Lindsay  McNeill  SAEJ Teacher  Ashland High School   
Emily  McPherson  Snowboarding - Assistant Coach  Athletics   
Gema  McSoto  Director of Nutrition Services  Departments/
Food Service
Randy  McWhorter  Custodian  Willow Wind CLC   
Randy  McWhorter  Custodian  Helman Elementary   
Sage  Meadows  Music Specialist  John Muir School   
Sylvia  Medeiros  Education Assistant  Helman Elementary   
Anita  Mendez  Special Education Teacher - Site Based Classroom  Bellview Elementary   
Callie  Mercer  Secretary II  Ashland High School   
Elizabeth  Merritt  Special Education Assistant - Site Based Classroom  Bellview Elementary   
Amy  Merwin  Music Specialist  Helman Elementary   
JoEllen  Meyeroff  Kindergarten/1st Grade Teacher  John Muir School   
Wong  Michael  Computer Technician  Departments/
Technology Services
Jannet  Mickey  EA-Special Education Asst - Site Based Classroom  Ashland Middle School   
Debbie  Miedecke  Educational Assistant  Walker Elementary   
Suzanne  Mielke  Education Assistant  John Muir School   
Amos  Mikaele  Educational Assistant  Willow Wind CLC   
Jeff  Miles  Food Service Worker - Kitchen Manager  Ashland Middle School   
Mark  Miller  Science & Industrial Arts Teacher  Ashland High School   
Keith   Millette  Maintenance - HVAC Technician  Departments/
Steve  Mitzel  Director of IT  Departments/
Technology Services
Becky   Mizera  Reading Specialist  Bellview Elementary   
Travis  Moddison  Band Teacher  Ashland Middle School   
Travis  Moddison  Performing Arts Teacher  Ashland High School   
Laura  Morse  Volleyball - Varsity Head Coach  Athletics   
Jeff  Multanen  6th Grade Teacher  Ashland Middle School   
Emily  Murrietta  Education Assistant  Bellview Elementary   
Terry  Myers  Custodian  Ashland High School   
Joleen  Nagareda  Computer Technician  Bellview Elementary   
Joleen   Nagareda  Site Technician - Bellview Elementary  Departments/
Technology Services
Lee  Nagareda  Boys & Girls Golf - Assistant Coach  Athletics   
Holly  Nienhaus  Humanities Studies Teacher  Ashland High School   
Beth  Oehler  6th Grade Teacher  Ashland Middle School   
Gregory  Oliver  Maintenance   Departments/
Caitlyn   Olson  Fifth Grade Teacher  Bellview Elementary   
Kathy  Olson  Education Assistant  Ashland Middle School   
Counselor  On Track  On Track Counseling Program  Ashland High School   
OPEN  OPEN  7/8 Grade Drama and Speech & Debate Teacher  Ashland Middle School   
Marg  Orlik-Hill  Athletic Secretary  Ashland High School   
Marg  Orlik-Hill  Athletic Department Secretary  Athletics   
Sam  Osofsky  Basketball - Varsity Head Coach  Athletics   
Sam  Osofsky  Health & Wellness Teacher  Ashland High School   
Marcia  Ososke  7th & 8th Grade Teacher  John Muir School   
Daniel  Otte  Science Teacher  Ashland Middle School   
Joye  Otto  Language Arts Teacher   Ashland Middle School   
Candace  Palmesano  Third Grade Teacher  Bellview Elementary   
Jennifer  Parks  4th/5th Grade Blend Teacher  Walker Elementary   
Alan  Parowski  Fine Arts & Alterniative Eduaction Teacher  Ashland High School   
Heidi  Parro  Education Assistant  Ashland High School   
Heidi  Parro  Education Assistant  Helman Elementary   
Karin  Pasche  Office Manager   Ashland Middle School   
Victoria   Peckerman  Food Service Worker  Ashland Middle School   
Victoria  Peckerman  Nutrition Service Worker  Departments/
Food Service
Anne-Marie  Pedersen  Education Assistant  Bellview Elementary   
Joel  Perkins  Boys Basketball - Assistant Varsity Coach  Athletics   
Antione  Perry  Football - Assistant Coach / Girls Basketball - Varsity Head Coach  Athletics   
Antione  Perry  System Analyst  Departments/
Technology Services
Christina  Perry  Food Service Worker - Kitchen Manager  Helman Elementary   
Tina  Perry  Cafeteria Manager - Helman Elementary  Departments/
Food Service
Ashly  Peters  Equestrian - Assistant Coach  Athletics   
Andrew  Pierson  Math Teacher  Ashland High School   
Sue  Pindell  Willow Wind Teacher  Willow Wind CLC   
Joann  Pinder    Ashland Middle School   
Shiloh  Powers  Volleyball - JV2 Coach  Athletics   
Jay  Preskenis  Assistant Principal  Ashland High School   
Sheri  Preskenis  Fourth Grade Teacher  Bellview Elementary   
Galen  Prichard  Snowboarding - Assistant Coach  Athletics   
Maslow  Project  Maslow Project  Ashland High School   
Sabrina  Prud'homme  School Board Director  School Board   
kris  Prusko  CTE & Engineering Teacher  Ashland High School   
Karl   Pryor  Library & Media Specialist  Ashland Middle School   
Connie  Rainwater  Head Custodian  Bellview Elementary   
Monika  Ramirez  Cheerleading - Head Coach  Athletics   
Sarah  Ratto  Education Assistant  Walker Elementary   
Kelly  Raymond  Superintendent  Departments/
Tess  Razzano  Registrar  Ashland High School   
Pete   Reinhardt  Nordic Ski - Varsity Head Coach  Athletics   
Dana  Rensi  Librarian  Ashland High School   
Stephen  Retzlaff  Principal  Ashland Middle School   
Brooke  Richie  Special Education Assistant - Site Based Classroom  Bellview Elementary   
Katelyn   Richmond  Education Assistant  John Muir School   
Nassar  Rihan  4th Grade Teacher  John Muir School   
Serena  Robinson  Website Administrator/District ERate Specialist  Departments/
Technology Services
Karen   Roertgen  Counseling Office  Ashland High School   
Judy   Rogers  Head Custodian  Ashland High School   
Renae  Rogers  Accounts Payable Specialist  Departments/
Grizzly Branch  Rogue Federal Creidt Union  Student Banking  Ashland High School   
Alexandra  Roscher  Family & Consumer Studies Teacher  Ashland High School   
Gerald  Roscher  Humanities Teacher  Ashland High School   
Jeffrey  Roscher  Guidance Counselor  Ashland High School   
Brad  Roupp  Boys Soccer - Co Varsity Head Coach  Athletics   
Nate  Roupp  Boys Soccer - JV Coach  Athletics   
Andrea  Royse  Math Teacher  Ashland Middle School   
Rosalee  Russell  Special Education Teacher  Ashland Middle School   
Bubba  Rylance  Football - Assistant Coach  Athletics   
Ronald  Rylance  Special Education Assistant  Ashland High School   
Glenn  Sagal  Media Assistant  Bellview Elementary   
Bernadette  Sanchez  Educational Assistant  Helman Elementary   
Eric  Sandrock  7th Grade Math Teacher  Ashland Middle School   
Jocelyn  Sanford  Water Polo - Assistant Coach  Athletics   
Kaila  Sarro  Special Education Teacher  John Muir School   
Stacy  Savage  Special Education Assistant   Ashland Middle School   
Kouba  Sayre  Kindergarten Teacher  Walker Elementary   
Jacqueline  Schad  Executive Assistant to the Superintendent & Board of Directors  Departments/
Kaila  Schafer Adler  Education Assistant  Ashland Middle School   
Debra  Schaffer Pew  Principal  Willow Wind CLC   
Sam  Scharf  Fine Arts Teacher  Ashland High School   
David  Schirner  5th Grade Teacher  Walker Elementary   
David  Schlichting  Custodian  Ashland High School   
Max   Schmeling   Fifth Grade Teacher  Bellview Elementary   
Ashley  Schwedes  Reading Specialist  Helman Elementary   
Eliana  Scott  Educational Assistant  Ashland Middle School   
Macy   Senestraro  Special Education Assistant  Bellview Elementary   
Mary  Shaffer  Child Development Specialist  Walker Elementary   
Molly   Shenandoah  Kindergarten Teacher  Bellview Elementary   
Christine  Shepherd  Special Education Assistant  Helman Elementary   
Mark  Sherbow  Fourth Grade Teacher  Helman Elementary   
Doug   Shipley  Special Education Teacher  Ashland High School   
Camile  Siders  Third Grade Teacher  Helman Elementary   
Cambria  Simm    Willow Wind CLC   
Cambria  Simm  Humanities Teacher  Ashland High School   
Megan  Sinclair  Education Assistant  Walker Elementary   
Vonna  Skidmore  Educational Assistant  Walker Elementary   
Vonna  Skidmore  Education Assistant  Helman Elementary   
Eva  Skuratowicz  School Board Member  School Board   
Kamerun  Smith  Football - Assistant Coach  Athletics   
Kari  Smith  First Grade Teacher  Helman Elementary   
LaRee   Smith  Food Service Worker  Ashland High School   
Eve  Smyth    Willow Wind CLC   
Becky   Sniffen  Educational Assistant  Helman Elementary   
Mary  Snowden  Second Grade Teacher  Helman Elementary   
Derek  Snyder  Education Assistant  Helman Elementary   
Marie  Soderstrom  Speech & Language Specialist  Helman Elementary   
Pascale  Soderstrom  Speech & Language Specialist  Walker Elementary   
David  Sommer  Director of Facilities & Maintenance  Departments/
Reed  Sorensen  Alternative Education Teacher  Ashland High School   
Tita  Soriano  Technical Service Coordinator/AP Coordinator  Ashland High School   
Tita  Soriano  Volleyball - JV Coach  Athletics   
Tito   Soriano  Football - Assistant Coach  Athletics   
Tito  Soriano  Program Ananlyst  Departments/
Technology Services
Lisa  Spencer  Education Assistant  John Muir School   
Sierra  Stamps  Special Education Assistant  Walker Elementary   
Nancy  Steel  Custodian  Ashland Middle School   
Nancy  Steele  Custodian  Walker Elementary   
Alex  Stephens  Special Education Assistant  Ashland High School   
Bon   Stewart  APD Resource Officer  Ashland High School   
Glenna  Stiles  Dean of Students - Ashland High School  Ashland High School   
Michael  Stiles  Education Assistant  John Muir School   
Carolyn  Stone  PE Teacher  Walker Elementary   
Carolyn  Stone  PE & Health Teacher  Ashland High School   
Jesse  Stonewood  Science Teacher  Ashland High School   
Martha  Street  Language Arts Teacher  Ashland Middle School   
Robin  Stroh  Addiction Recovery Programs and Services  Ashland High School   
Eric  Strong  School Board Director  School Board   
John  Stroud  Video Production Teacher  Ashland Middle School   
Laura  Stutesman  Equestrian - Head Coach  Athletics   
Eric  Sullivan  Football - Freshman Coach  Athletics   
Eric  Sullivan  Humanities & Learning Center Teacher  Ashland High School   
Katherine  Sullivan  Youth Advocate  Walker Elementary   
Rebecca  Sullivan  Office Manager  Ashland High School   
Miriam  Sundheim  Education Assistant  Bellview Elementary   
Michelle  Supelana-Mix  Administrative Assistant, Transportation Department  Departments/
Michelle   Supelana-Mix  Secretary II  Departments/
Food Service
Michelle  Supelana-Mix  Eligibility Specialist  Departments/
Food Service
Mark  Tapley  School Psychologist  John Muir School   
Mark  Tapley  School Psychologist  Ashland High School   
Jacob  Taub  Family & Consumer Studies Teacher  Ashland High School   
Rachel  Tennen  Performing Arts & World Language Teacher  Ashland High School   
Linda  Terry    Willow Wind CLC   
Julie  Thomas  Administrative Assistant  Departments/
Human Resources
Daniel  Tolliver  Education Assistant  Bellview Elementary   
Lillian  Toothman  Food Service Worker - Kitchen Manager  Bellview Elementary   
Lillian  Toothman   District Courier  Departments/
Lillian  Toothman  Cafeteria Manager - Bellview Elementary  Departments/
Food Service
Jeannine  Towle  Special Education Assistant  Bellview Elementary   
AHS Athletic  Trainer  AHS Athletic Trainer  Ashland High School   
Lauren  Trolley  Performing Arts Teacher  Ashland High School   
Lauren  Trolley  Orchestra Teacher  Ashland Middle School   
Adam  Turner  Head Coach: Wrestling  Athletics   
Kelly  Tygerson  Secretary   Ashland High School   
Alana  Valencia  District Accountant  Departments/
Catherine  Van Ausdall  Education Assistant  Helman Elementary   
Erin  Van Dyke  Kindergarten Teacher  Bellview Elementary   
Arianna  Van Heusen  Education Assistant  Helman Elementary   
Amy  VanKuiken  Language Arts Teacher  Ashland Middle School   
Wilson  VanWinkle  Relief/Trip Bus Driver  Departments/
Beth  VanZee  5th Grade Teacher  Walker Elementary   
Don  Verschoor  Mechanic  Departments/
Jodi  Vihavainen  District Accountant  Departments/
Janet  Villanueva  Registrar  Ashland High School   
Janet  Voorhies  Special Education - Resource Teacher  Helman Elementary   
Maya  Voorhies  Kindergarten Teacher  Bellview Elementary   
Hans  Voskes  Track & Field - Varsity Head Coach  Athletics   
Jennifer  Wahpepah  Special Education Teacher  Ashland High School   
Austin  Wallace  Language Arts Teacher  Ashland Middle School   
Marianne  Wallace  Education Assistant  Ashland Middle School   
Andrea  Watson  Education Assistant   
Marissa  Watson  Math Teacher  Ashland High School   
Sara  Watson  Education Assistant  Ashland Middle School   
Maggie  Wells  Special Educational Assistant - Site Based Classroom  Bellview Elementary   
Doug  Werner  Education Assistant  Bellview Elementary   
Ellen  Werner  Fourth Grade Teacher  Helman Elementary   
Wendy   Werthaiser  6th Grade Teacher  Ashland Middle School   
Kimberly  West  2nd/3rd Grade Teacher  John Muir School   
Jim   Westrick  School Board Director  School Board   
Monica  Wheeler  Academic Counselor  Ashland High School   
Camiece  White  School Bus Driver  Departments/
Bonnie  Williams  Educational Assistant  Ashland High School   
Krista   Wilson  Special Ed Educational Assistant  Ashland Middle School   
Polly  Wilson  Non-Licensed Course Instructor  Willow Wind CLC   
Thomas   Wilson  School Bus Driver  Departments/
Andrea  Wofford  School Bus Driver  Departments/
Lori  Wolfe  English Language Learning Teacher  Walker Elementary   
Elaine  Wolfe-Blank  Special Educational Assistant  Ashland Middle School   
Eric  Wolff  Math Teacher  Ashland High School   
Eric   Wolff  Girls Soccer - Varsity Head Coach / Track & Field - Assistant Coach  Athletics   
Malinda  Wood  Office Manager  Helman Elementary   
Theodore  Woodcock  Bus Driver  Departments/
Meg  Wright  Office Manager  Bellview Elementary   
James  Yarbrough  Education Assistant  Walker Elementary   
Dana  Yearsley  Girls Soccer - JV1 Coach  Athletics   
Teresa  Yurchis  Kindergaren Teacher  Walker Elementary   
Beatriz  Zamudio  Math Teacher  Ashland High School   
Ari  Zaslow  Boys Tennis - Head Varsity Coach  Athletics   

Today's Events - Tuesday February 20 2018
Boys Junior Varsity Basketball
Crater HS
- Ashland High Small Gym
- 4:30 PM
Girls Varsity Basketball
Crater HS
- Ashland High Main Gym
- 4:30 PM
Boys Varsity Basketball
Crater HS
- Ashland High Main Gym
- 6:15 PM
Girls Junior Varsity Basketball
Crater HS
- Ashland High Small Gym
- 6:15 PM
Upcoming Events - Friday February 23 2018
Coed Varsity Nordic Ski
Mt. Bachelor State Meet
Boys Junior Varsity Basketball
Marist HS
- Ashland High Small Gym
- 4:15 PM
Boys Freshman Basketball
Marist HS
- Ashland Middle School
- 4:15 PM
Girls Varsity Basketball
Marist HS
- Ashland High Main Gym
- 4:15 PM
Boys Varsity Basketball
Marist HS
- Ashland High Main Gym
- 6:15 PM
Girls Junior Varsity Basketball
Marist HS
- Ashland High Small Gym
- 6:15 PM
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