Due to inclement weather, all Ashland Schools will be closed today, February 22, 2018. All school related athletic and extracurricular activities are also canceled. (Updated 2/22/2018 5:51AM)
2018-2019 Grade Level Open Enrollment Openings

District openings by grade-level for neighborhood schools.


What if there are TOO MANY applicants for available spaces?
If we receive more applicants at a grade-level than we have available openings, then students will be selected by lottery starting with kindergarten and moving up.

If there is more than one student in the family and one student is selected, then siblings will also be accepted based on available space at their grade level.

What if there are NOT ENOUGH applicants?
The district plans openings based on available facility space and staff resources.  In some cases, we base openings in anticipation of hiring additional staff.  If we do not receive enough applicants to support any needed additional staffing, the district will adjust the number of openings and inform affected families by May 1.

When will I know if I am accepted to the District?
You will receive an email or phone call within the week you apply if we have received your application.  

By mid-May, you will be informed if you have been accepted to the District and will need to pre-register or decline the acceptance.

By the third week in August, you will be informed of your child's school placement.

If you do not hear from us at any of the above times, please contact Carla Fisher at 541-482-2438

Can I indicate a school preference?
Yes.  In the application, you may indicate your school preference,  Whenever possible, we try to send students to their school of choice.

When will I know what school I am assigned to
School placements are usually completed by the third week of August.
Grade District Spaces by Grade Level
K 11
1 0
2 0
3 0
4 0
5 0
6 0
7 20
9 40
10 25
11 5
12 0

Today's Events - Thursday February 22 2018
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Upcoming Events - Friday February 23 2018
Coed Varsity Nordic Ski
Mt. Bachelor State Meet
Boys Junior Varsity Basketball
Marist HS
- Ashland High Small Gym
- 4:15 PM
Boys Freshman Basketball
Marist HS
- Ashland Middle School
- 4:15 PM
Girls Varsity Basketball
Marist HS
- Ashland High Main Gym
- 4:15 PM
Boys Varsity Basketball
Marist HS
- Ashland High Main Gym
- 6:15 PM
Girls Junior Varsity Basketball
Marist HS
- Ashland High Small Gym
- 6:15 PM
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