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Robert Munsch

Robert Munsch
is one of our favorite authors. His stories make us laugh out loud! Here are our thoughts about several of his stories. If you would like to learn more about Robert Munsch go to his website at: http://robertmunsch.com/

Stephanie's Ponytail 
This story is about Stephanie.  She had a ponytail in every way.  And the class copied her every time.  Then Stephanie said I am going to shave my head.  The next day all of the class shaved their heads.  And then Stephanie came and she had a nice ponytail out of the back of her head.   The End

I liked Stephanie's Ponytail because she tricked them at school, even the dogs and cats.

This story is about Stephanie who wanted a ponytail. The class copied her even the teacher.  She did not like it. She said tomorrow I will shave my head.  The next day the class had shaved their heads but Stephanie had a nice ponytail sticking out of her head.

I like this story because it is funny. She said she was going to shave her hair.  The class shaved their hair. Stephanie wore a ponytail.
My favorite part was when the children shaved their heads. Ho Ho Ho!


Andrew's Loose Tooth
Andrew had a loose tooth.  He couldn't eat his apple because it was too loose.  Then his friend came over and asked "What is the matter?"  His friend put pepper up his nose.  That tooth went across town.  The tooth fairy got her tooth anyway.

When Andrew came downstairs, he reached out.  He took an apple, took a bite and yelled, "Yeee-ow".

It is about a boy who had a loose tooth. He tried to pull it out but he could not pull it out. The dentist tried tying it to the car.  He  drove away but his car fell apart. Then a person came on a motorcycle. He put pepper up his nose and sneezed the tooth across town.

My favorite part was when  his friend told him to stick pepper up his nose and when it flew all over the city.

Mud Puddle
My favorite part of the story was when Jule Ann got all muddy and when she throws the stinky soap at the mud monster.

Paper Bag Princess
I like the paper bag princess when she made the dragon exhausted.
I love the part when the princess makes the dragon fly around the world in 10 seconds. I love the part when the dragon blows over the castle, too.  But my most favorite part was when the dragon blows all the fire he has.
What I like about the paper bag princess is when the dragon blows fire in the castle, because I love fire.

Love You Forever
I like when the baby flushed the watch down the toilet and when the mom sometimes wanted to take him to the zoo.

I like "Love You Forever" because he would flush her watch down the toilet.
We love Robert Munsch!

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