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AHS Clubs

Club are a vibrant part of Ashland High School. Students can join one of the many options already organized or they are welcome to start their own club or activity by following a process that begins with finding an advisor. Our goal is to have every student active in some activity that engages their interest.

Through our clubs and activities, students develop new friendships, have the opportunity to lead their peers, and find avenues for their creativity.

              Club                            Advisor & Student Contact                            Description                     Meeting

Academic Scavenger Hunt Student: Coached by AHS Librarian. A core team, of 15 students, participate in a research and debate competition with local schools. Grades 9-12 December practice and 2nd week in January is competition
AHS Golf Club Advisor: Aidan Jones
To promote youth golf, and get people engaged in the sport, and to help people learn Every other Friday at lunch
AHS Rock Climbing Club Advisor: Jerry Roscher
Students: Zaida LaRose
Julian Rice, Enya Cochran, Autumn Nidalmia
To have some fun and climb some rocks in a safe, friendly environment. Red Wednesdays at lunch in room 215
Ballroom  Dancing Club Advisor: Erika Bare
Student: Calin Grimm:
Nadine Clark
To learn ballroom dances (with instructor)
Fridays at lunch in the Rose Studio
Black Student Union Advisor: Libre Cory
Students: Aanisah Clark, Mumi Thiaw
To raise awareness & create a sense of community for students of color White Tuesdays at lunch inTech-1.

Brain Bowl
Advisor: Alan Parowski 2 teams compete in local competitions covering multiple subjects. Science Bowl, may be formed from this group.  Meets  every Friday at lunch, in H-15
Catholic Club Advisor:
To expand own knowledge in Faith and to make a difference around us Monday during lunch in SC-1
Chess Club Advisor; Jim Hartman
Student: Zach Adler, Christian Alba
To play and learn about chess Wednesday at lunch in SC-2
Chinese Culture Club Advisor: Jen Guo
Student: Peter Ruette
  Meets during lunch in H-33 on Thursdays
Club Amigos Advisor: Senora Contreras
Student: Madelyn Shumway
To create opportunities to practice Spanish conversation and to   increase exposure to the language, culture, and customs of Spanish speaking people
in the USA
White Mondays during lunch in H-27
Cosplay Club Advisor: Reed Sorenson
Student: Madison Davis, Sofia Gorin, Kaya Snyder
To sdo something we love. Meet new frriends, have fun, Create a Cosplay group. Fridays at lunch and after school at Lincoln

Creative Writing Club
Advisor: Ms Cory
Student: Emily Belcastro
To have fun writing and reading other people’s stories poems—also to learn about publishing and other ways of sharing our writing. Red Thursdays during lunch in
Tech-1. Begins Oct.5
Drama Club Advisor: Ms. Bishop
Student: Sierra Milburn, Kyle Storie
To connect students to theatre in other ways but the shows. Wednesday at lunch in the Rose Studio
Dungeons and Dragons Club Advisor: Ms Floren
Student: Amber Eaton
To be a place for people to get together and play a game otherwise hard to organize. Lunch on Thursdays in room 204
Filmmaking Club Advisor: Mr. Prusko
Students: Berkeley Skuratowicz
To make films and provide knowledge about p[possible careers Wednesday at lunch in Tech-3
Gender Equality Club Advisor: Ms Healey
Students Gracia Dodds, Haley Mullane
To educate and promote gender equality Tuesdays at lunch in H-28
Global Citizen Corps Advisor: Ms. Hobein
Students: Bella Manray, Gabby Oger
Fundraising for global & local organizations  Red Wednesdays at lunch in H-36
Harry Potter Club Advisor: Nancy Martin
Student: Alex Webb
Meet new people, make new friends, learn about Harry Potter and have fun! Fridays at lunch in EN-1
Interact Club Advisor: Jill Britt
Student; Dylan Kistler, Madi Vann, Eliza Strong, Hannah Doyle, Tia Wilhelm, Ellie Carter
Community Service and socialization with other service-minded students. 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Monday of month at lunch in H-35,pizza
Relay For Life
Rotary International
Interactive Literature Club Advisor: Jaquelyn Case
Students: Sarah Stover,
To bring literature to the community. Mondays at lunch in room EN-3
International Club Advisor: Mrs. Contreras
Student: Nicole Mullen
Indi Reynolds
To connect exchange students to AHS students and the community. To increase cultural diversity. Meets Wednesdays at lunch in H-27
Jesus Club Advisor: Ms Bishop
To share and talk about God in a friendly group environment.
Tuesday at lunch in Tech-2 Free pizza at every meeting
Kahoot and Crafts Club Advisor: Jacqueline Case
Student: Lilli Morrish
To create nice things out of objects that would otherwise be in the trash Wednesday at lunch in room 215

Key Club
Advisor: Aimee Cork
Student: Molly Bloom, Jada Perry
Affiliated with Kiwanis International, the focus of Key Club is community service. Participate in Relay for Life, gift wrapping, bring flowers to Linda Vista, put out flags on Siskiyou Blvd.  Mondays at lunch in room 203
Knit Wits Advisor: Ms. Davidson
Students: Madi Shumway, Kelsey Powell, Emma Sanford, Amaya Leib
To have a laid-back group of friends to hang out with and knit.
Donate all our finished works to the Dunn House for winter.
Tuesday at lunch in TH-18
Liberty in North Korea Club (LINK Club) Advisor: Nancy Martin
Student: Taiga Sherman
Bella Sallee
To raise support for LINK and spread awareness of the North Korean peoples crisis Thursdays at lunch in room 205
Magic, The Gathering Club Advisor: Amanda McGrew
Student: Jonathan Vanderlie
To play Magic The Gathering Mon.,Tues.,Thurs., Fri. @ lunch in room 211
Math Honor Society
(Mu Alpha Theta)
Advisor: Jill Britt
Math honor society for juniors and seniors in Algebra II Honors and above math classes and math GPA of 3.5 or higher. One Thursday per month H-35

Math Team
Advisor: Ms. Anderson Nominated by math teachers, 18 students (Alg  II or higher) participate on three teams competing against other schools in our conference. 5 competitions each year
Varied based on when competition happens
Mock Trial    Advisor:
To organize and train a Mock Trial team to compete On Hold
Model United Nations Advisors: Jamie Hirsh
Represent a country in the statewide MUN competition each year. Make resolutions to promote your nation’s goals.  
Music Club Advisor: Ms Martin
Student: Jesslyn (Jess) Aquino
To bond over good music, listen, sing/play, talk about music Thursday at lunch in the choir room
National Arts Honor Society Advisor: Mr. Scharf
Student: Lillian Ljungkvist
Kip Parowski
To emphasize the art community at our school and support creativity in education! Meets in the Art Room every Tuesday at lunch
National Honor Society Advisor: Aimee Cork
Grades 10-12 with a GPA of 3.5 and higher can apply if they have at least 20 hours of community service and two leadership experiences. Thursday at lunch in Room 213
Outdoor Adventure Club Advisor: Jaime Hirsh
Students: Trevor Fulton
Ella Amarotico
For those who like going on adventures Every White Wednesday at lunch in room 202
Parkour Club Advisor: Andria Watson
Student: Rylan Mount
To make friends who do Parkour All are welcome!  Every Wednesday from 11:30-12:30 in the wrestling gym
Philosophy Club Advisor: Kimberly Healey
Students: Laila Borden, Ana Ferguson, Amani Mussell
To provide a place for philosophy lovers to learn, discuss, and to listen to philosophical ideas Wednesdays at lunch in H-28, beginning 12/14/2016
Photography Club Advisor: Mr. Prusko
Student: Paris Fox
Katy Barnard
To share a passion of photography and creativity with more students Meets every Wednesday at lunch in Tech-3
Pop A Capella Choir Advisor:
To learn to sing ensemble without music with the hope of entering the Rose City A Capella Competition. Friday at lunch in the choir room
Project Up Advisor:
Students: Zoe Lishinsky, Julia Laurenson, Preston Mead, Maya Elder Hammond, Liam Rauch Moore
To build community between the skills classroom and the greater AHS community Every Monday at lunch in the Rose Studio
Queer-Straight Alliance Advisors: Loraine Albertson
Student: Lilli Morrish, Cora Stonewood
An alliance of straight and
LGBTQ students that meet to cultivate understanding, peer support, and organize activities that raise awareness and inclusion. Everyone welcome!
Meets every Thursday at lunch in room 215
Robotics Advisor: Alexander Roscher
Student: Katrina Sparks, Eli DeJack, Ty Johnson, Gabe Ordonez
To build a robot and compete in the statewide Robotics Competition ;To spread STEM Every Monday after school at Lincoln School
School Spirit Club Advisor: Amanda McGrew
Student: Kyra Smith Pres.
To create more school spirit at Ashland High Every Wednesday @ lunch in room 206
Salvaging Sisterhood Advisor: Diane Berry
Students: Lauryn Baily,
Myla Norvel, Sofia Baldridge
To have fun and feel more confident with yourself through a community of positive female peers. Red Tuesdays at lunch in Health Center
Science Bowl Advisor: Mrs. Kennedy
Competition in Portland beginning of February. Wednesday at lunch in SC-6
SKILLSUSA Advisors: Kris Prusko    
Speech and Debate
Advisor: Matt Marr/Gene Mandell For Speech and Debate competition across Oregon and the country. Connected with the AHS Speech and Debate class. Offered for credit. Meets during designated class time
Spoken Word Poetry Club Advisor: Amanda Mc Grew
Students: Hannah Hackett
Sienna Ross
To cultivate an environment in which students can share, create, and explore spoken word poetry, while learning the importance of your own voice to empower, inspire, and create powerful and meaningful change. Tuesday at lunch in Room 206
STEM Club Advisor: Mr. Hobein
Students: Berkeley Skuratowicz,
Baylor Wiggins, Alex Westrick
To increase STEM awareness at AHS,and providing STEM opportunities for students. Tuesdays at lunch in SC-1
Sustainability Club Advisor: Mr. Hartman
Student: Clancy Jones Barry and Mina DeVore
To promote sustainable practices and support local climate justice groups Fridays at lunch in SC-2
Tap Dancing Club Advisor: Betsy Bishop
Students: Avram Rosewood
Taylor Kelly-McMahon
Nur Shelton
To teach people how to tap& increase the skills of those who already can tap. No experience or tap shoes needed. Tuesdays at lunch
in the Rose Studio
TEDTalks&Tea Advisor: Jesse Stonewood
Students: Cora Stonewood
Bea Walker
Watching educational videos and discussing relevant matters. Friday at lunch in H-14
The Jake Paul Fan Club Advisor: Ignacio Reynoso-Bucio
Student: Michael Carrabba, Landon Barber, Alex DiCero
To create a place to exchange memes between members. Tuesday at lunch in H-37
Ultimate Frisbee
Advisor: Erin Federline
Students: Gabe Smith
Asher Werthaiser
Physical fitness, fun, teamwork! After School Wednesdays and Fridays on the Baseball fields
Video Game Club Advisor: Rachel Tennen
Student: Braden Rogers
For people who love games to meet new people and have fun! Tuesday at lunch in H-23
Yearbook Club Advisor: Kris Prusko
Utilizing the time we are given to make an awesome yearbook! Wednesday at Lunch in Tech-3.
YoMIND Ambassadors Club Advisor: Libby Edson
Student: Hesperus di Properzio
To allow Libby to partner with High School students to learn to teach yoga.
Wednesday at lunch in H-38
Young Democrats Club Advisor: Mr. Bolling
Students; Alex Webb and Gracia Dodds
To get students politically informed and involved and to create a small community for students to express themselves.. (M-W?) at lunch in

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