GRIZZ-O-GRAM September 25th, 2020

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This week's Grizz...
  • Principal's Update
  • Textbook Request and Pick Up
  • Deadline to Add/Drop Classes
  • ASD Distance Learning Expectations
  • Free WiFi Locations
  • AHS Theater Auditions for "Clue"
  • AHS Fire Donation Center CLOSED
  • Counseling Office
  • 9th Grade Parent Connections Night
  • College and Career Pathways
  • Mental Health Counseling
  • FAQ

Principal's Update

Hello Grizzlies!

We successfully got through a full week of school! I hope all of you had a successful first week. The feedback I got from teachers was that they were so happy to work with students again. Our teachers have put in a lot of hard work over the past month in order to be ready to make distance learning as engaging and successful as it can possibly be. It is the opportunity to work with students that makes all the work worth it.

Thank you to our students and families for your patience as we continue to learn how to make this school year as good as it can be. We have plans in the works to make it even better. Look for information regarding virtual clubs in an upcoming Grizz O Gram. Students, thank you for showing up this week with open minds, positive attitudes and a commitment to excellence. Your energy and attitude make all the difference.

This week the donation center at the Mountain Ave Theater is closing up after two very successful weeks. Thank you to everyone that donated items, all the staff that donated time, particularly Trish Dorr and Tia McLean who initially put the whole thing together. The remaining items are being sent to more permanent donation centers. It was amazing to see the way the community rallied together to support those in need.

Attendance Matters!

Even though we are not physically attending classes on campus, good student attendance is still critical to academic success! The best way to get the most out of virtual classes is to attend live (synchronous) class sessions at the appointed time, and please be one time! So far, the vast majority of our students are attending their class sessions and doing a great job. Those that only attend after class-time (asynchronously) or do not attend consistently at all will be getting calls from our Engage Team to figure out how we can help get those students engaged with school again. AHS remains committed to student success!

Students with Work Schedules

We understand that many of our students have jobs. Earning work experience (and a paycheck) while still in high school can be a very positive experience for students. However, we do want to clarify that even with distance learning, school still comes first. Here are some guidelines to remember:

  • Students will prioritize attending their live (synchronous) classes when creating work schedules.
  • Teachers, counselors and administration will not provide schedule or class accommodations with regards to work schedules.
  • Work and related activities should not impede a studentís ability to attend live classes or negatively impact their academic performance.

We recognize and support a studentís right to work. However, we remain committed to the idea that quality education is the gateway to positive opportunities and outcomes in life.

Next Week

I hope that we can build off of the success of this week as we all work to develop our new routine and rhythm in this very unique school year. Students, we are so happy to have you back, even in virtual form. Have a great week!


Benjamin Bell
Ashland High School

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