Traffic Circle Troubles

Traffic CircleAs Iím sure you have noticed, the Simple Faith parking lot across the street is no longer available for us to use as overflow parking. This has compounded our already tenuous parking lot arrangement for pick up and drop off. Please remember that if you live over a mile away from the school, your child qualifies for bussing. If you live within a mile, please consider walking or biking to school. If you need to drive your child to and from school here are important things to keep in mind:
  • In the morning, please pull all the way around to the end of the drop off circle before letting your child out of the car
  • If you need to get out of the car to help your child get their things, or they are not ready, park.
  • Children are welcomed in to the school at 7:50. They may go to the playground, the library or the cafeteria. When the bell rings at 8:15, they are to walk to class (and you are welcome to walk them down at that time.)
  • The school day runs until 2:50 and our teachers are teaching right up to the bell. Please wait for your child in one of the commons areas or outside until the bell rings, at which time you are welcome to walk down to the classroom door.
  • The release bell does not ring until 2:50. If you are arriving for pick up in the parking lot before 2:55, you will have a wait, could possibly be backing our parking lot up onto Tolman Creek Rd. and could receive a ticket if you are blocking the roadway.
  • If you arrive early, park your car or circle the block and come back around.
  • If your child is not standing outside ready to be picked up when you arrive, you will be asked to park or circle the block.
  • Please do not block the driveways of homes in our surrounding neighborhoods. We have had several complaints and you could be ticketed.
  • Please try to have patience, we are trying to make sure that all students arrive and get home safely and with the correct adults!

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