Extra Activity Recess Series Features Trading Cards in Feb & Mar!

Recess Activity of the Month-Pokemon

Show them, share them, trade them or play a game
February & March (1st-5th graders)
Dear Bellview Parents and Guardians-
We are continuing with our “Extra Activity” recess series.  In February & March, we are moving onto our trading card activities.  As most of you know, collecting, showing off and trading collectible cards has been an engaging activity for kids for generations. 
This simple activity supports and grows some essential developmental skills such as:
*Focus and attention, social connection, conversation making (sharing and showing)
*Impulse control, critical thinking, frustration tolerance, negotiation (trading)
If your child brings cards, please review the following expectations with them:
  • Pokemon, Skylander, Sports, Garbage Pail, Star Wars and other appropriate cards are welcome.
  • Card Play will be available during student’s morning recess times and will be played at the green picnic tables or up against the building walls outside. (Playing card decks also allowed).
  • Students should bring cards in a small bag (ziplock or lunch bag size) with their name on it.
  • Students will keep the cards in their backpack until they go to their classrooms in the morning, at which time they will put them into a designated bin.
  • The bin will be taken outside for recess and at the end of recess the cards go back in their bags and return to the tub, which will go back to the classroom
  • Cards can be taken from the tub and put in their backpacks at the end of the day and taken home if they wish.
  • After school will not be a time to play, as we don’t have enough supervision at that times for the activity.
  • Students who have their cards out at other times besides morning and lunch recess will have them taken and held in the office until the end of the day.
Have Fun!
Christine McCollom

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