November is JMS Giving Month

November is JMS Giving Month. This is an opportunity for you or your Giving extended family to donate any amount you desire to the JMS PTC to help fund Art Focus and outdoor education. With an overall budget of $24K, we try to be creative with how we raise money.   

Giving Month is hands-down the easiest way.. no time commitment or sales! Simply write a check (or pay via Paypal) and turn it into Laura and we will provide you with a donation receipt for your taxes.   

Giving Month is especially great if you own a business or work for a business that likes to donate to education- it's tax deductible!   

Please also consider sending the donation card virtually to your friends and family afar.   

Thanks for all your support for our amazing JMS programs. To track our fundraising progress, check out the forest/mountain scene on the wall in the office and watch the forest grow! 

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