Due to inclement weather, all Ashland Schools will be closed today, February 22, 2018. All school related athletic and extracurricular activities are also canceled. (Updated 2/22/2018 5:51AM)

Bond Committee

The district bond committee will be considering capital needs in preparation for a possible 2018 bond resolution

For current and archived Bond Committee meeting minutes and agendas, please see the Agendas & Minutes.

For a list of upcoming meeting dates and times, please see the Bond Committee Events Calendar.

July 12, 2017
The district bond committee meets the last Wednesday of every month at 4:30PM at Ashland High School, Room SC-2, located at 201 S Mountain Ave., Ashland, Or 97520

Email Address
Barbara Allen   BondCommitteeMember  
Michael Black   BondCommitteeMember  
Karen Carnival   BondCommitteeMember  
Larry Cooper   BondCommitteeMember  
Sandra Coster   BondCommitteeCo-Chair  
Jordan Ely   ASDDirector of Finance and Operations  
Drew Gilliland   BondCommitteeMember  
Tonya Graham   BondCommitteeCo-Chair  
Brittany Hardy   BondCommitteeMember  
Jim Hartman   ASDTeacher  
Karl Kemper   ASDDirectorofActivitiesandAthletics  
Anne Lundgren   BondCommitteeMember  
Matt Marr   BondCommitteeMember  
Shaun Moran   BondCommitteeMember  
Mira Peterson   BondCommitteeMember  
Kelly Raymond   ASDSuperintendent  
Debra Schaffer Pew   WillowWindCLCPrincipal  
Dennis Slattery   BondCommitteeMember  
David Sommer   ASDDirectorofFacilitiesandMaintenance  
Eric Strong   ASDSchoolBoardDirector  
Jim Teece   BondCommitteeMember  
Jim Westrick   ASDSchoolBoardDirector  
Allison Wildman   BondCommitteeMember  

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Today's Events - Thursday February 22 2018
No Events For Today
Upcoming Events - Friday February 23 2018
Coed Varsity Nordic Ski
Mt. Bachelor State Meet
Boys Junior Varsity Basketball
Marist HS
- Ashland High Small Gym
- 4:15 PM
Boys Freshman Basketball
Marist HS
- Ashland Middle School
- 4:15 PM
Girls Varsity Basketball
Marist HS
- Ashland High Main Gym
- 4:15 PM
Boys Varsity Basketball
Marist HS
- Ashland High Main Gym
- 6:15 PM
Girls Junior Varsity Basketball
Marist HS
- Ashland High Small Gym
- 6:15 PM
Employee Corner
Ashland Schools Foundation
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