Facilities Committee

The facilities committee completed its charge and was dissolved on July 12, 2017. The district bond committee is now active and will be considering capital needs in preparation for a possible 2018 bond resolution.

What is the Ashland School District Facilities Committee?

In December, 2015, the Ashland School Board voted to establish and appoint a Facilities Committee. This committee is composed of Ashland community members who are charged with researching current facility conditions and future needs, with input from district staff and the wider Ashland community. The Facilities Committee meetings are held in the District Board room at 885 Siskiyou Blvd.

The facilities committee does not have policy-making authority. However, the committee will formally advise the Ashland School Board and make recommendations on matters pertaining to current and future facilities use. Click here to see how it all fits together.
The facilities committee is not a bond committee. However, much of the information and data generated by this committee will be essential for a future bond committee to consider.

For current and archived Facilities Committee meeting minutes and agendas, please see
Agendas & Minutes

Flow Chart

Email Address
Barbara Allen   FacilitiesCommitteeMember  
Mark Decker   FacilitiesCommitteeMember  
Carlos Delgado   FacilitiesCommitteeMember  
Jordan Ely   DirectorofBusinessServices  
Drew Gilliland   FacilitiesCommitteeMember  
Anne Lundgren   FacilitiesCommitteeMember  
Kelly Raymond   DistrictSuperintendent  
Ryan Schnobrich   FacilitiesCommitteeMember  
Eric Strong   SchoolBoardMember  
Jim Westrick   SchoolBoardMember  

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