Monday, November 10, 2003

Ashland School District No. 5, Jackson County, Oregon - The Board of Directors met in regular session on November 10, 2003, at 7:30 p.m. in the Ashland Council Chambers. Present were:

Amy Amrhein ) Chair

Chuck Keil )

Terry Littleton )

Heidi Parker ) Board Members

Ellie Thivierge )

Juli Di Chiro, Superintendent

Loren Luman, Business Manager

Ron Dulaney, Classified Representative

Matt Bolstad, Student Representative

Jeanne Peterson, Executive Secretary

District Administrators

Media Representatives

I. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Chair Amrhein.

II. Pledge of Allegiance

III. Roll Check

A roll of the board was taken and all members were present.

IV. Welcome Visitors

Chair Amrhein welcomed visitors.

V. Consent Agenda

1. Approve minutes of work and regular sessions of October 13, and work and special sessions of October 27, 2003.

2. Personnel

a. Resignations

Hilary Stetson, Ashland Middle School Art Teacher submitted her letter of resignation effective October 31, 2003. It was recommended that her resignation be accepted.

b. Employment Recommendations

Camille Siders was recommended as a .99 temporary Reading Specialist at Helman Elementary School. This is a new position funded by Title I and Ashland Schools Foundation.

Robert Kuhn was recommended as a temporary .8 Art Teacher at Ashland Middle School replacing Hilary Stetson who resigned.

Director Littleton moved that the Board approve the consent agenda as presented. Director Thivierge seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

VI. Reports

1. Student and Staff Representative Reports

Matt Bolstad, Student Representative, reported on the high school blood drive, fall sports, and leadership activities.

Ron Dulaney, Classified Representative, reported on a review of 2003-05 funding, PERS, and health insurance.

2. Ashland Schools Foundation Report

Susan Bacon reported on a memorial account to be used for music, the success of the Buy-in for Books program, and Beads for Books that raises funds for textbooks.

3. Title III Grant for Willow Wind Community Learning Center

John Alexander from the Klamath Bird Observatory (KBO) described the program. The Title III grant will provide forest-related educational opportunities, development of mapping techniques, bird biology and migration, the role of fire in the ecosystem, and developing a stand-alone curriculum related to Willow Wind’s natural area that teachers can use alone or with KBO biologists. Klamath Bird Observatory will hire an expert environmental educator who will work half-time and begin to develop the curriculum and involve the public.

4. Transportation Report

Carol Savage, Transportation Coordinator, reported on route changes. Loren Luman discussed the possibility of changing to biodiesel fuel or green diesel. This will be reviewed again with the Board in six months.

5. AHS Annual Report to the Northwest Association of Schools & Colleges

Jeff Schlecht reviewed the report and explained that it is voluntary. Ashland School District meets the standards. Students who attempt to transfer credits from schools that do not meet these standards are sometimes denied transfer.

6. Report on Interdistrict Transfer and Zone Transfer Requests

Juli Di Chiro reviewed the elementary transfers by school, including total students at each site with number of students from each attendance zone in that site. She also reviewed maps for all students by school, all students by grade level, and Lincoln students by grade level, all of which combined show a declining enrollment pattern in the district.

Ms. Di Chiro further reviewed the Interdistrict Transfer Requests explaining that elementary and middle school transfers are usually due to child care and high school transfers are usually due to specific program offerings. Less than five students moved from the elementary schools to the Willow Wind Community Learning Center.

7. Update on Employee Insurance

Arnie Freiman, Chairman of Elements, explained their assessment-based health management program with an integrative approach to health care. The theory is that, with the implementation of health management by the district’s employees, claims will go down and costs will subside. Benefits over time are expected to be significant to both employees and the district.

8. Report on 2002-03 Audit

Loren Luman reviewed the new reporting format adopted in order to comply with the provisions of the Governmental Accounting Standards Board Statement No. 34. The new format is easier to read and understand. The district had a good audit this year with no noncompliance issues and no reportable conditions. The Audit will be adopted at the December meeting.

9. Board Report

Board members reported on school visitations, the possible February election, and the OSBA convention.

10. Superintendent Report

Juli Di Chiro reported on HB 2020 regarding PERS, parent conferences, and the first meeting of the Levy Committee scheduled for November 14.

VII. Hear public requests not a part of the agenda

Pauline Black encouraged the Board to seek public input before closing Lincoln School. She felt there should e at least one year to review that issue prior to closure. Encouraged the District to take steps to increase enrollment such as working with Waldorf and offering a K-8 option.

Keith Massey was not convinced that Lincoln School should be closed. He supported shortening the elementary school year.

VIII. New Business

1. Board Meeting Schedule

The Board discussed adding a second monthly meeting to the board meeting schedule. Juli Di Chiro supports opportunities for additional board meetings during the year to have study sessions to explore topics in depth or to receive public input. No action would be taken at the study sessions. It was suggested that Ashland community members be surveyed to see what is desired for educational goals. Suggestions for the second monthly meeting included:

a) Informal visits to site councils and round table discussions;

b) Try round table at a site – not a regular monthly meeting;

c) Develop regular schedule for Board Members to go to each site as a group.

Juli Di Chiro will develop a meeting schedule proposal to present to the Board at the December meeting.

Director Keil asked that hearing of public requests be placed ahead of the Reports section of the Board agenda.

IX. Old Business

1. Board Policy Revisions – Second Reading

The following board policy revisions were recommended for second reading:

JGD - Suspension

JGDA/JGEA - Discipline of Disabled Students

JGE - Expulsion

JGEA - Alternative Education Programs Following Expulsion

JH - Student Welfare

JHA - Student Insurance Program

JHC - Student Health Services and Requirements

JHCA - Physical Examinations of Students for Extra Curricular Activities

JHCB - Immunization of Students

JHCC/GBEB - Communicable Diseases

JHCCA - Students – HIV and HBV

JHCCB - Students – HIV, Aids

JHCD - Administering Noninjectable Medicines to Students

JHDA - Psychological Testing of Students

JHF - Student Safety

JHFA - Supervision of Students

JHFC - Student Bicycle Use

JHFD - Student Vehicle Use

JHFE - Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse

JN - Student Fees, Fines and Charges

JO - Education Records

JOA - Directory Information

JOB - Personally Identifiable Information

It was further recommended that the following policies be deleted:

JHFDA - Suspension of Driving Privileges

JHHA - Crisis Prevention and Response

JI - Student Awards and Honors

JIA - Student Excellence Program

JK - Employment of Students

JL - Student Gifts and Solicitations

JOC - Legal Names of Students

JP - Student Access to Information Resources

Director Keil requested input from OSBA on Policy JGE . Director Keil moved that the Board omit Policy Revision JGE from the list being approved. Director Thivierge seconded and the motion passed unanimously. Policy JGE will presented to the Board again in December for second reading.

It was agreed that Juli Di Chiro will present Administrative Rules pertaining to this list of policies to the Board for review.

The Board edited policies JGD, JHCCA, JHCCB, and JHCB.

Director Keil moved that the Board approve the following policies for second reading as amended: JGD, JGDA/JGEA, JGEA, JH, JHA, JHC, JHCA, JHCB, JHCC/GBEB, JHCCA, JHCCB, JHCD, JHDA, JHF, JHFA, JHFC, JHFD, JHFE, JN, JO, JOA, and JOB. I further move that the following policies be deleted: JHFDA, JHHA, JI, JIA, JK, JL, JOC, and JP. A copy of said adopted policies are attached hereto and become a part of these minutes.

X. Announcements and Appointments

The next regular session will be held on December 8, 2003, at 7:30 p.m. in the Ashland Middle School Upper Library. This meeting will not be televised.

XI. Adjournment

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 10:30 p.m.

Jeanne Peterson, Executive Secretary

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