Wednesday, August 15, 2007



Conference Report


CLIENT:              Ashland Schools

PROJECT:           Willowind

LOCATION:                        Ashland, Oregon

REPORT NO.     003

JOB NO.                               0716

DATE:                                   7 MAugust 15, 2007



PRESENT:  Ken, Debbie, Karl, Juli et. al.


I.                    PURPOSE OF MEETING:  Review parking lot layouts


II.                 GENERAL DISCUSSION


A.     Explore the use of angled stall spaces.

B.     Expand the drop-off area.  Make it contiguous if possible.  Route foot traffic from drop-off area to entry walk so that it is not necessary to enter vehicle traffic or parking areas.

C.     Explore the placement of two accessible parking stalls near the existing farmhouse building.  Explore the placement of accessible parking stalls in the drop-off area.

D.     Assume that existing roadway from East Main Street at the south end of the new parking lot will be designated one-way going north, that the parking lot will provide one-way traffic from north end of parking lot to south end to join existing roadway.

E.      Design parking lot so that no traffic has to back into existing roadway.

F.      Parking lot:  design for minimum of 65 stalls, required for barn use as performance building.

G.     Provide areas around and within parking lot for landscaping.  Provide sleeves from outside lot to inner areas for future irrigation and control wiring.  County requires that landscaping occur within parking lot at every seventh parking stall.

H.     Assume that parking lot will be paved, with attention given to alternative construction for surfacing of crushed rock or decomposed granite if paving proves to be too expensive.

I.        Screening:  Screening of both sides of parking lot may be required.  The west side is existing residential, the east existing field.  ORW to explore.

J.       Provide covered walkway as alternate over drop-off area.

K.    Parking lot could expand to the west 100 feet without getting into the existing wet area of the site.




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